What is the pregnancy to do list?

During pregnancy, there are many changes that you experience. When you are pregnant by every passing day your baby grows and you feel changes in you some changes are physical and some changes are hormonal that you experience.

There many things that you can do for you and your baby that make your pregnancy complications free and enjoyable. The better way between preparing for baby an staying healthy as possible, there are many things to do that includes should do’s for your baby’s better health and your health, think to name your baby and all other thing that can make your pregnancy healthy, smooth, and of course memorable.

Follow the list to do 9 months preparation to fall in love for a lifetime.

Drink plenty of water

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During pregnancy, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. You need more than 8-10 glasses of water plus additional fluids. Keep observing your urine color that can make you sure whether your body is hydrated or not. If your urine color is pale yellow or clear means your body is hydrated but if the color of urine is dark yellow or cloudy, you need to drink more.

Intake prenatal vitamin

Intake vitamin is necessary to get enough folic acid during pregnancy. Folic acid promotes the growth in your baby and reduces the risk of developing spina bifida that is a neural tube birth defect.

Get connected with healthcare provider

You need to stay connected with the healthcare provider to get the better knowledge about pregnancy. Better pieces of advice lead to the better pregnancy.

Prenatal appointment

There is a high demand of making prenatal appointment to make sure the better health of you and your baby. it is the fact that many healthcare provider will not examine you before you complete 8 weeks of your pregnancy. You need to make appointment for you before their calendar get fill up.

Making prenatal appointment is necessary because with the help of your healthcare provider you can get to know whether any complication is there in your pregnancy.


You need to be aware and cautious enough during pregnancy especially intake medication. If you are suffering from any chronic condition and taking medication to fight off then consult to your healthcare provider to prescribe the substitutive drug seeing the condition of your pregnancy.

Quit intoxications

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If you smoke OR drink alcohol then it is the best time to quit. Drinking alcohol and smoking promote the several problems in pregnancy. Intoxication lead to the premature birth, low birth weight, infant death, miscarriage as well as when it comes to learning then your baby can get slow.

Quitting the intoxication gives proper and healthy development to your baby and avoid the complications in your pregnancy.

Healthy diet

During pregnancy, you eat for your baby also, therefore, just you need to ensure the food that you are having in your meals should bacteria and toxin free. There is a high demand of healthy food that should be rich with all the nutrients that is required for your health and your baby’s health.

Think about health insurance

You should ensure what your health insurance plan cover whether your prenatal care and delivery cost is covered along with your new baby or not. You can get answers of these question by getting connected your health insurance companies.

Avoid caffeine

During pregnancy caffeine leads to the complications even miscarriage. If caffeine intake is moderate then it can be preferred.

Expectant mothers need to limit their caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day.

Take the tight sleep

During pregnancy, you may experience exhausted that you may have never imagined. You need to take good sleep to keep your health and your baby’s health better.

Educate your self of pregnancy problems

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There can be many strange feelings, pain, aches during pregnancy that can make you confuse to decide what’s normal and what’s not, therefore, it is necessary to educate your self about the occurrence of problems while pregnancy to secure the better growth and health of your child while avoiding the complications.

Get connected with your baby

You should start thinking about your baby by set aside five-to-ten minutes you can do so before going to the bed or after waking up. During this time gently put your hand on belly, sit quietly. Focus on your breathing and start thinking about your baby to create the bonding with your child that makes a healthy relation between you and your baby.

Make a list to name your baby

It will be great fun to decide your baby name and you have plenty of time to make a baby name list. You can write down the possibilities too.

Carry the stuffs

You should pack the healthy snacks because when your hunger attacks you would have nutritional punch ready to quench anywhere. It will also help you to ease nausea.

Get relaxed

You need to try the relaxation techniques like rhythmic breathing, prenatal yoga, and walking will promote your relaxation while boosting your energy level. You should start a regular prenatal-friendly workout. There are the classes of prenatal-exercises that include some water exercise. Prenatal Pilates, prenatal dance class or a walking group. Joining class will motivate you to stick with it as well as gives the support from other moms-to-be.

Purchase maternity wear

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During the 12 and 18 weeks of pregnancy you start looking pregnant. You will be more comfortable and stylish in maternity wear. Keep in mind you should choose the different types of maternity wear for different stages of your pregnancy.

Moisturize your belly

Start moisturizing your belly that will reduce itchiness and make you comfortable.

Do financial planning

Becoming parents increase your responsibilities and increase your budget also. You need to make financial planning like making a will, buying life and disability insurance, start the saving account for your baby as well as figure out how your child will affect the routine expenditures.

Understand the psychology of your older children

If you have older children or child, the new baby will also affect their life might be more than yours. There are things that you need to do help your older child or children set the stage for a new baby. Make sure you have lined up someone to care your children as your delivery date approaches.

Dental care

Cleaned teeth are highly recommended during pregnancy for the security purpose pf your baby. Women with good oral health during and after pregnancy can avoid transmit cavity-causing bacteria to their babies through the sharing.

Make a baby registry

You might feel a bit awkward when your friends and family asking the idea of specific gifts for your baby. If you make a registry, you will exactly know what to tell. You can borrow gently used baby gear from your friends and family members with young kids.

Plan your maternity leave

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If you are a working woman then during pregnancy you need to plan your maternity leave. Check in with your supervisor and find out what benefits you are eligible for and you can also fill out all the paperwork in advance. You need to understand how your leave will be set up if you need bed-rest, or you have some complications, or give birth prematurely that can affect your work. Make a plan when you need to stop working and before stopping how would you wrap up your work.

Say NO to unnecessary activities

You need to say NO all those activities that are unnecessary and unsafe. The activities that carry high risk to your pregnancy must be avoided like surfing, scuba diving, snowboarding, downhill skiing, as well as you need to avoid the unsafe travel.

Track your baby’s movements

It is quite important to track your baby’s movements like baby’s kicks, rolls and twitches if you find the less movement in your baby frequently consult from your doctor, healthcare provider, or your midwife because less movement may signal that you need testing to check your baby’s health.

Pack your bag for the birth center

As you get closer to your delivery time you need to be fully prepared and keep your bag packed with all the needed things n the hospital or birth center. Do keep your insurance card, comfy wear, and outfit for your baby, toiletries, and snacks after labor.

These all to-do list given above will help you to have comfortable and ease delivery and make your pregnancy period memorable.