Drinking green tea during pregnancy

Green tea is considered one of the best traditional medicines that help with control bleeding, proper digestion, and regulate blood sugar.

Due to the medical benefits of green tea, it is quite popular in many countries. Though green tea beneficial for health, it does contain caffeine, therefore, it is urged for pregnant women to drink green tea in moderation.

Green tea during pregnancy is safe?

Green tea is OKAY for pregnant women but in moderation. Many doctors and healthcare consider two to three cups of green tea is a sensible amount.

Too much green tea does have its harmful effects as well. You should be aware if you are pregnant.

There are various benefits of green tea. It has anti-cancer fighting and antioxidant properties.

Due to the antioxidant properties of green tea, it is more potent than black tea.

Green tea consumption can reduce the risk of cancer. Green tea is also enriched with phytochemicals, minerals like manganese, chromium, and zinc as well as ascorbic acid.

It is proven with research studies that green tea may help to reduce a person’s risk, strokes and heart attack, kidney stones, dental cavity, and cancer. Studies also suggest that green tea may improve intellectual function.

There are pros and cons both of green tea and you should be well-known of them before taking it in pregnancy.

The benefits of green tea in pregnancy

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Green tea has antioxidants, which are the chemical compound that helps preclude free radicals from harming the cells in our body. Green may fight off high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

High blood pressure can put pregnancy in danger and it is a serious complication for a pregnant woman. Due to this reason, green tea is considered beneficial for pregnant women in moderation.

Indigestion and upset stomach is a common problem in pregnancy. green tea contains digestion properties too that helps to good digestion function.

Green tea is also enriched with antioxidant which helps stabilize your mood swings and may speed up your metabolism rate as well as it boosts your immune system in pregnancy is oppressed which help to fight off illness.

Green tea also improves your oral health and bone strength which is quite important in pregnancy.

For pregnant women, it becomes necessary to know the amount of caffeine in the product you prefer. Seeing the label that is given in the piece of information, you can get to know whether it is healthy or not.

There is no need to avoid drinking tea during nine months if the intake of green tea has only 20 mg caffeine.

Risks of green tea in pregnancy

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Green tea does contain caffeine, some experts warn from drinking green tea in pregnancy.

Pregnant women are suggested to reduce as much as possible their caffeine intake during pregnancy.

Keeping your body hydrated is necessary during pregnancy, as caffeine cause body release more water than usual through urinating, and the common symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination.

With the high amount of caffeine, you will urinate more than you are. This can lead you to dehydration.

There is substance available in caffeine that crosses the placenta which is quite harmful to developing baby as it can decrease the blood flow. Consumption of high amount of caffeine leads to stillbirth, low birth weight babies, and even miscarriage.

Drinking too much green tea in pregnancy may lead to neural tube defects, like Spina Bifida as it may reduce the folate level in your body that can cause lack of enough folic acid which can help boost your fertility.

There are other reasons too that prove green tea can be harmful during pregnancy if not taken in moderation.

Folic acid consumption

It is uttermost important to consume folic acid during pregnancy which helps preclude neural tube defects in the baby. Due to the lack of folic acid can lead the baby to Spina Bifida.

Folic acid is too important during pregnancy, especially in first 12 weeks. Over intake of green tea can trammel in the process of consumption of vitamins, if you are pregnant.

Metabolism rate

Green tea helps boost up metabolism rate which is already high during pregnancy. Intake of excessive green tea can increase metabolic rate further, which is not good for pregnant women, as it can lead to some dangerous result.