Top Android & IOS Apps for Fitness

Nowadays, it is not even necessary to go to a gym to work out. There are so many apps that are available on our Android and iOS mobile phones that it has made our work even easier. Mobile technology has made a huge impact on our daily lives.

There are innumerable apps that will guide us through the procedures, just as you would get from a gym trainer. The services provided, ranges from yoga to running or strength training may come for free or may cost very little.

These workouts are quite a fun and sure to make you healthy. Some of the best apps for yoga and workouts are as follows:

Daily yoga


Yoga, as we all know coordinates our body, mind, and soul. This app is for beginners as well as those who are at the advanced level. One can get a firsthand knowledge from the various classes that teach yoga, gives instructions about meditation and pilates and other workouts as well. These classes can help you follow instructions to safely perform many tricky poses like the full splits, or the shoulder stand.  To get the benefits of this app one has to buy a monthly plan or can pay on a yearly basis too.

Pocket yoga


This app helps you practice yoga at your will and in your home. You just have to get ready for your mat, keep the phone in front so that it can guide you through the procedures. There are so many different types of classes of different levels of difficulty and timings to choose from. It also explains the poses and its benefits, demonstrates the correct posture including the right way to inhale and exhale. These have all been created by yoga teachers who are very experienced in their field.

My fitness pal

My fitness palGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app Is free to download and can be accessed on androids, on the ioS, and on Windows Phones too. My fitness pal app can keep track and even change food habits like a nutritionist. It can also help in losing and maintaining the right weight or can plan a new diet. It boasts of a wide variety of foods in its database which includes food choices from across the globe. There are millions of barcodes to scan from. It also helps you to log into your favorite items at the most liked eating option. You learn to choose healthier food options from the food insights provided by the app. The app keeps track of the calories and other nutrients in your meals.



You can download this app for free and use this app to help you to ride, run or walk, and many other things with the help of this highly popular fitness tracker app. This app uses the GPS to check on workouts and helps reach the fitness goals. You can keep an eye on the speed time calorie intake in the summary related to the workout done. Indoor workouts have to log into manually. It can also monitor heart rates when working with special Bluetooth devices. The app helps to keep a training log to analyze and check your performance each day. You can also set your own goals regarding the time or about your calorie intake and you will find your coach helping you reach it.



Download and use this app for free. It also has a premium option that comes for a price. It can keep a track of whole day activity, your weight, workouts, and distance covered, even sleep, calories that have been burnt in the process,  and much more when the app is used on the phone or is connected to one of the Fitbit trackers. A fit bit tracker helps to keep a track on your exercise regime, and rates your performance. With the help of this app, we can set goals regarding weight and exercise. One can also plan a new food habit to stay healthy. You can also find out the time spent on sleep or while you are awake, or set goals for sleep too.



This is also a free app and is easily accessible on the Android or iPhone or Windows Phone. As we all know that Spotify is quite popular as a music playing app while doing workouts, but most people are unaware that Spotify Running can sense and match the rhythm at which you are running and play songs that go with it.

To make your body fit and strong, you can check apps and use it wisely.