Discover the foods to cut the fat from body

People have been trying many techniques through which fat can be reduced from the body. But, not all process will be ideal as you can come across variety of foods that will help cutting extra flab from your body. All you have to do is know some effective tipswhich will make you fit and fine without flabbiness over your body layers. Some people have a misconception that skipping of food can make them reduce fat. But, it is totally a wrong concept; rather consuming some healthy food can lead to fat cut in the body. Along with exercise and healthy lifestyle, you can also get some effective tips that will cut fat from your body. You should also leave some harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol drinking with this process.

Individuals are always trying out ways to stay free from fat. Rather, they constantly boost themselves to have fit body all the time. Exercise is that they have been carrying on for long in order to get success in staying fit. But, there are ways to get fat less by consuming the best food that cuts fat. The hot and spicy food have a tendency of increasing your body metabolism and help in providing fat free body. Let us find out the fat burning foods that will ideally give rise to metabolic fire.

Best foods to cut the fat from body


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The golden colored honey has the power of fire to kill fat, it increase the movement of the fat that got deposited in the body and turns it into usable energy for regular functions. Try starting the intake of honey with less amounts rather bearing high in the early stage. In the early morning take a table spoon of honey and add it to hot water.

Dark chocolate

The anti-inflammatory properties, flavonoids and antioxidants existing in the dark chocolate helps to control the cholesterol levels in the blood. It cut down the fat and promotes the growth of serotonin in the blood.


Apples are the builded with powerful antioxidants and many supplements. It also contains pectin which helps to burn the fat cells present in the body.

Green tea

Green tea works effectively to lose the weight. The antioxidants stabilizes the weight and helps to control it. You can take two cups of green averagely in a day.

Green chillies

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Green chillies not only burns our tongue when we bite, but also they burn the calories through its capsaicin.


The slight aroma giving simple food oats not only stops your hunger with in minutes but controls the cholesterol levels with its rich fiber content.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves flushes out the waste toxins and fats in the body as well as lowers the bad cholesterol density. If you are under a weight loss program make sure to admit the curry leaves in any form. Try munching through curry or butter milk to bring down your weight.


Butter milk is an ideal choice for the dieters as it is filled with low calories and rich nutrients. The regular intake adds up all the necessary nutrients to the body by quitting the calories and fat, hence substitute butter milk with high fat whole milk and other dairy products.


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The portable food loaded with many proteins is having only few calories, eggs develop good cholesterol levels and build our muscles.


One of the active component of the turmeric ‘curcumin’ blocks certain genes which are promoting the heart enlargement. Regular consumption may help to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol, hypertension, regulates blood circulation and restricts the blood clotting, which helps to prevent heart attacks.


The cute little tomatoes cuts the body fats with in a short span of time, they also keep us safe from the cancer causing agents.


Cabbage plays a good role in lowering the body fats, it inhibits the sugar and other carbohydrates transmission in to fats. It’s your choice to take it either in raw or cooked form.


Top best healthiest foods

Garlic is enriched with the allicin, which is a sulphur compound. This compound has got anti- bacterial effects and inhibits the unhealthy fats and cholesterol levels.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is the best to kitchen with its properties of low saturated fats.
It has fatty acid, erucic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid. It also comprises of antioxidants, essential vitamins which are good for heart.

Citrus fruits

Since citrus fruits have natural acid that burns excess fat from your body, consume it daily to reduce your body flab. Some of the citrus fruits are lemon, orange etc which are juicy in nature. If you don’t want to have entire fruit, it will also be effective to have only the juice out of it. Drink a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon to stay fit with cutting of flab totally.

Whole grains

When you are consuming food, rice or grains in refined form will be really harmful for your body s this will give rise to accumulation of excess fat in your body. Instead, if you can consume the cereals with whole grains, removing some flab from your body will be ideal. There are variety of whole grains that has calorie breaking attempt such as brown rice and oatmeal. If you are fond of rice, do not go for the refined form of as this will make you bulky in appearance instead go for brown rice which has good amount of fibers and is really wonderful in reducing excess flab.

Lean meats

Natural foods to reduce weight

Even meats are an effective way to remove excess flab from your body but do not ever go for red meat, rather concentrate on the lean meat. It includes protein with thermogenic effect. If you are consuming chicken, go for the breast part of the chicken as it will be effective in breaking good amount of fat layer from your skin.

Cucumber salad

You must have known about some of the diet routines of your favorite film stars who have been maintaining a slim body throughout. Cucumber salad is what they consume with all of their meals as this helps in digestion very easily. Also you can consume only cucumbers with little salt and pepper at night when you are putting on weight. Consuming this will keep your skin beautiful without allowing you to gain fat.

Omega 6 fatty acid

You should also consume sea food in your diet as it ideally helps in wiping off bad fats from the skin layer replacing the same with good fat. You will get cod liver oil while consuming this food. You can now get this in any of the departmental store with packed and sealed packing. If you can get fresh sea fishes in the market, there is nothing like it but if not you can get it in preserved form inside the tin. These are very well preserved and you can even consume it for many days. Get your body enough of Omega 6 fatty acid and wipe out excessive flab from your skin layer.

Low fat dairy products

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The products like cheese and butter are known to replace more fat over your body, but  if you can get double toned milk or low fat dietary fibers, this will give you a boost in energy without depositing excess fat over skin layer. Since it is rich in Vitamin D ad calcium, every individual must consume it without the fear of accumulating excess fat over their body. This will increase your metabolism and help you remove excessive fat that exists over your body in layered form.  Get it today and learn how it is your best friend in removing excess fat from your skin layer. Consume these products with regular exercise to get a boost in your flab free skin.

Brown rice

If you want to reduce fat in your body, the best way will be to consume the foods that are rich in fiber. The brown rice also contains good amount of fibers that helps in increasing the bowel movement. If you have proper digestion, getting fat free body will be easy.


You can also stay fat free with an increase in body metabolism. Through meat from chicken this can be easily done. The protein present in it will be ideal for boosting your body and heat production. This will make your sweat and the body heat fat will penetrate through this.

Hot peppers

Peppers work in a wonderful way to boost your body metabolism. You can make a habit of spreading it over your food and get wonderful benefit.  This is also known as a wonderful food that helps in controlling fat in your body. Try this out and enjoy the benefit.


This juicy fruit has been helping people around the world to get a fit body all the time. All you have to do is take a glass of water preferably Luke warm and squeeze half the lemon in it.  Drink this water early in the morning and see the difference after few weeks. It helps making your body free from the fat affect. You can also squeeze lemon in the food that you consume on a regular basis so that you get taste and the benefit of staying fit for long.