How to lose weight with cycling

There are numerous reasons why people love cycling and everybody has their own. But, there are two benefits which remain the same for all – saying fit and trimming the body. On the other hand, it needs maintenance and has to be followed with a proper diet. Most beginners start eating more, as they think that overeating will not affect their body, since they have started cycling. It isn’t true, since any form of exercise, no matter how vigorous, has to be accompanied by a proper diet and fitness regime.

Benefits of cycling

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  • There are many exercises which can damage your joints, but cycling nurtures them.
  • Cycling adds strength to hip muscles, glutes, hamstrings and quads. They become easier to reduce fat content.
  • Cycling is better than walking or jogging, and helps you reduce faster than these.
  • Your body keeps releasing calories for a long time, after having cycled well.

How to lose weight with cycling?

  • Have your breakfast before exercising: Unlike yoga or even gym, you need a heavy breakfast to boost your metabolism every morning. Skipping breakfast will reduce the fuel your body would have had. You also hold onto the reserved fat than burning them. Starving your body will reverse the metabolic process where you body starts saving what it retains than burning the fat down.
  • Don’t over dress to increase sweat: French people overdress themselves due to the cold and to make their body sweat while they ride. They might also lose their weight quicker but that isn’t a very favorable way to do so. Our body starts getting dehydrated. Leg warmers and jackets are fine during mild cold. They will maintain the hydration of the body and also help you lose your calories.

Shortcut methods to weight loss

  • Set yourself a goal: Now that you have decided to take this up as the main exercise, for losing weight, you have to set a proper routine and stick to it. Once you get your desired cycle, you need to manage the configurations it gives you. Check your speed and see how far you ride everyday. Start small but make sure you don’t stop. There will be times when you feel tired, especially the initial days, but you need to keep calm and keep moving ahead. Keeping following a proper routine and don’t deviate.
  • No more excuses: After having chosen this form of exercise, you have to make sure that you don’t have anymore excuses. Cycling is one of the easiest and monotonous exercises, which don’t include switching over from one machine to another, like you do at a gym. Cycling is fun and gives you faster results than what you’d get by skipping, jumping or jogging. Stop giving excuses and continue working on the process speedy improvements.
  • Reduce gluten consumption: You get to face so many unwanted situations by over consumption of gluten. Try to reduce the amount of processed wheat that you eat, to double up health benefits. Reducing gluten consumption will not make you feel bloated too. This will also make your ride smooth and comfortable. Replace gluten will bananas and oranges instead.

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  • Don’t consume dietary supplements: Avoid supplements which claim to reduce your weight quickly. These don’t workout in the long run and makes your body weak. The fat that reduces for the time being flushes out vital minerals along with it. This is in turn going to weaken your health and make it incompatible for exercising.
  • Consume more of veggies and protein: The staple food for every cyclist include vegetables, lean protein, fishes and chicken. Instead of loading your body with nutritional supplements, get most vitamins and proteins from the food you consume. These have a better absorption rate and give your body the desired food. Make your body feel healthier while you burn your calories through the ride. This also reduces the craving of junk food.
  • Consume as your ride: New cyclists often choose to skip meals while they ride. You might be riding quite far, but you cannot skip your meals. Eating during rides is known to provide improved performance and it necessary for longer rides. It also helps you curb overeating at a later hour, as you have been eating small, all through.
  • Limit portion of consumption: When you try to start a healthy diet, you might want to cut down on food you love to eat. Avoiding chocolates and beer will worsen the cravings and you might lead to a night where you drink or eat heavily instead. Rather than starving your body, give it occasional treats and in limited portions. It is important to treat yourself for the hard-work you put in too!
  • Hard efforts to be put in at last: Researches have stated that more oxygen consumption towards the end of exercise and post exercise increases burning of fat. Add more effort towards the end so that you give your body that last kick! This will make you consume more oxygen and help you reduce calories faster!