Iron rich foods to grow long hair

Iron being a major constituent of the human blood is essential for smooth operation of the mind and the body.

When the body suffers from lack of iron, which is medically known as anemia, hairs are the first thing that gets the blow. Iron is very essential for hair health and hair growth.

So, taking in iron can be actually effective to get beautiful and long hairs. Iron capsules from every other pharmaceutical brand are available in the market, but all of them come with some side effects.

So, if you want to give your body and hairs a boost of iron without any side effects resorting to iron rich foods instead of artificially made iron capsules is certainly a better and wiser option. Let me tell you the foods that are rich in iron and can help you to grow long hairs.

Iron rich foods from animal sources

  • Liver of chicken: Chicken liver is one of the richest sources of heme iron and it is also rich in protein, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin A and C all of which are vital for hair growth.
    Liver of chicken
  • Oysters: Oysters are naturally rich in Iron, Vitamins, Niacin, Omega 3 fatty acids and protein thus making an ideal food for hair growth.
  • Clams: This rich source of iron, protein, multiple vitamins and Niacin can boost your hair growth as soon as you will include them in your regular diet.
  • Fishes: Fishes offer a good dose of iron along with protein, Omega 3 fatty acid and a number of other minerals.
  • Eggs: Rich in iron, protein, Vitamins and Minerals. Eggs are an ideal hair growth food.
  • Shrimp: Shrimps contain a good percentage of Iron. They also give Protein, Vitamins and Niacin which are vital for hair.

Iron rich foods from non-animal sources

Top iron high foods

  • Tofu: A rich source of non -animal iron. It also has high content of Omega 3 fatty acid, protein, a bunch of vitamins and minerals.
  • Beans: Beans contain high amount of iron along with folic acid, vitamins and minerals.
  • Lentils: They are good source of non-animal iron, and also gives protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Spinach: Spinach is extensively rich in iron and they contain Biotin which is essential for hair growth. So, include spinach in adequate amount in your diet for hair growth.
  • Lettuce: Rich in Iron, vitamins and folate, lettuce makes an excellent food for hair growth.
  • Chickpeas: Chickpeas are high in iron content and make a smart option for vegetarian people to include adequate iron to their daily meal.
  • Soybeans: Along with iron soybeans also offer protein, Omega 3 fatty acid and a bunch of vitamins and minerals, making an ideal food for hair health.
  • Oats: Oats are naturally rich in Iron. They also contain different minerals and dietary fibers in high percentage.
  • Molasses: Molasses, the byproduct of sugar manufacturing industry is a rich source of iron. Hence adding molasses to your meals and beverages can be effective to get extra iron.
  • Brown rice: Brown rice has high iron content and can be very helpful to fight iron deficiency and boost hair growth.
    Brown rice
  • Whole wheat bread: Good amount of iron along with dietary fibers and minerals is what you can get from whole wheat bread.
    Whole wheat bread
  • Peanut Butter: Peanut butter has high iron content. It is also a good source of protein and minerals.
    Peanut Butter
  • Sesame Butter: Sesame butter can efficiently add a good amount of iron to your daily food intake.
    Sesame Butter
  • Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds contain as much as 81% iron along with Vitamin E and minerals like copper and Zinc. Adding them to your salads or just munching on them can fill your daily quota of iron.
    Sesame seeds

Fruits rich in Iron

Foods rich in calcium & iron

  • Nuts: Nuts are naturally high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals. Include a good amount of nuts in your daily diet to get adequate iron.
  • Raisins: Raisins are known for their high iron content. They can be helpful to supply the required amount of iron to your body to boost hair growth.
  • Peaches: Peach fruit has a good amount of iron and they are also rich in folate and niacin.
  • Strawberries: Fresh strawberries can be highly effective to boost the level of iron in your body. They are also high in Vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron.
  • Apricots: Apricots are great to taste and they are also effective to make your body strong by supplying adequate amount of iron. They also contain vitamins that are useful for hair health.
  • Prunes: Prunes give good amount of iron along with Vitamin C, and can be very helpful for boosting hair growth.

While the iron rich foods can actually help your hairs to grow longer, you are sure to miss out on the best benefits of iron unless your diet also includes a bunch of other vitamins, minerals and essential protein.

To ensure the best hair growth, you need to opt for a balanced diet that is rich with all these nutrients along with iron.

The best thing is that, most of the iron rich foods are also equally high in the other vitamin and mineral contents that are needed for hair growth.

Get vitamin A, biotin and zinc along with iron for long hairs

Vitamin A and Biotin are considered as the most important vitamin and mineral for growth of hairs and you can get vitamin A from animal sources like eggs and plant sources like carrots, leafy green vegetables that also contain sufficient iron.

Biotin is available in plenty in the lentils, oats, peas and brown rice which are also a great source of iron.

Zinc is the other trace element that you need for healthy hairs. Oysters, cereals and red meat are some of the best known sources of zinc as well as iron.

Apart from the above, a proper dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Niacin are also important for proper growth and health of hairs.

Do not miss out on protein when you are trying to grow long hairs

So, when you populate your diet with foods that are rich in Iron, you automatically include lots of other essential vitamins and minerals too in your diet and these elements also have equally important effects in giving you longer hairs.

However, also keep in mind, that protein is also vital for better hair growth and along with all the vitamins and minerals, your diet should include sufficient amount of protein as well for better hair growth.