Top antioxidant foods for skin care

Oxidants inside your body are really harmful as it is the main reason behind variety of disease and even the signs of aging. Too much of sun exposure can also damage your skin from outside. But, if your body has adequate quantity of antioxidants, fighting with the sun damage will be easily possible. Since the food rich in antioxidants has capacity of sunscreen, people moving out early in the morning gets wonderful benefit. You can easily gain strong defense against various signs of aging, tan skin tone as well as dullness.  If you can consume right food that includes antioxidants, there will be a chance of cellular repair as well as healing.
Healthy and attractive skin is an aim of every individual around the world. Now if you have oxidants inside your body, this can give rise to accumulation of free radicals. This in turn will make your skin tone dull and unattractive. The antioxidants would be an important factor for each individual’s body which will transfer the molecules and oxidation that will prevent the cell damage. Also this will give rise to healthy variety of skin. Let us explore the antioxidant foods that are good for skin care.

Choice of antioxidants

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Antioxidant is not a single word or particular category that people uses or intakes. Rather these antioxidants have variety of categories. You won’t need to have the category of antioxidant that has good marketing history. The only thing which you would require would be ideally making your skin free from free radicals and pollutants that have got inside through the environmental pollution and adulteration that you have been consuming.

But, it is also a true fact that, your skin will only get benefited if all types of antioxidants are applied together. For example, if you eat a single fruit or vegetables that has good antioxidant portion inside it, the effect will be less than if you consume variety of fruits and vegetables together in your meal as, this will help you to get different types of antioxidants at the same time.

Your skin always needs extra care and attention. Pamper your skin in the best way to get those thousands eye all over you. Skin is highly prone to the environmental pollution, dust and other internal hormones of the body. What you eat show up on your skin, there is no second thought about it. Wrinkles and fine lines appear due to age but certain food supplements could help to achieve that everlasting charm and younger skin. Eating the right anti-aging food is the number one defense against wrinkles and fine lines. In order to achieve a radiant skin following a proper diet of antioxidants helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. There are list of various food supplements which are rich in antioxidant to provide a complete skin care.
1. Spinach: We all have been associated with the high health benefits of spinach. It is one of the best anti-aging food which is full of antioxidants. It prevents skin from wrinkles as well as from sun damage. It contains certain phytonutrients which are responsible for slowing down the aging process. It is rich in lutein, which hydrates the skin and improves its elasticity.

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2. Olive oil: It is one of the most sought after natural oils for skin care. It is comprised of anti-aging polyphenols, supports the elasticity blood vessels. Olive oil has high capacity to slow down the aging process. It is helpful in combating inflammation and wrinkles. It is great when applied over skin to prevent sagging and dry skin.

3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are the best antioxidant food which can helps in maintaining a distance from wrinkles and assist to achieve a younger looking skin throughout. It is widely renowned as a great skin food due to the content of lycopene in it, and also prevents darkening of skin from sunlight.

4. Flax seeds: Flax Seeds are easily available and a great fiber source. Beside that, it is a great skin care agent. Flaxseeds and its oil is one of the great anti-wrinkle super food. Flaxseeds are enriched with antioxidants and a good source of other nutrients. Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are found in flaxseeds which makes it a great skin care remedy.

5. Berries: Berries of all types whether blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, are rich in antioxidants. To enhance your glow and younger looking skin, do not forget to inculcate this juicy fruit in your diet plan, as it is full of ellagic acid which keeps wrinkles and dark spots at bay.

6. Pomegranate: A complete blood purifier amongst fruits is undoubtedly pomegranate. It is highly packed with antioxidants. A glass of this juice could keep the wrinkles away. It not only prevents the wrinkles to occur, but existing wrinkles gets diminished too and becomes less noticeable. It is with the combination of both vitamin A and vitamin E that makes it a great skin care agent.

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7. Beetroot: Beetroot is also responsible for providing you a glowing and younger looking skin. It is an anti-aging super food that prevents wrinkles and fine lines as it is low in calories and high in fiber. It helps in producing more collagen along with high antioxidants. A prior step then to maintain a healthy and younger skin can counterpart all the dullness, wrinkles and age spots from your skin. All that can happen when you pursue a diet full of antioxidants that removes the toxins out of your body and soothes your skin.

Antioxidant foods for skin care

You can now get the list of natural fruits which will be rich in anti oxidants in the vegetable market. Some of the foods are:

  • Variety of green leafy vegetables including spinach
  • Blueberries
  • Mackerel, fatty fish and salmon
  • The range of yellow and orange fruits such as apricots, carrots etc.
  • Tomatoes
  • Lentils, beans and peas
  • Nuts

Whole food

If you have to have healthy diet, whole food are the best option for you. If you go to a dietitian, he/she will always advise you to have whole food instead of breakdown or processed food. Along with antioxidant’s supplies, this is also good for patient suffering from skin disease, heart disease as well as cancer. According to the recent research, it has been proved that people consuming more whole food such as egg, vegetables, fruits etc have less wrinkles than others.

Vitamin A rich foods

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The foods that are rich in vitamin A is also a source of antioxidant that develops proper eye sight of an individual. Today, people have major works through laptop screen and mobile screen. But, staying in front of such screen for long hours will be really harmful for your eyes. But, at the same time you cannot stop working. What you can do is consume the food that is rich in vitamin A. These food also works well in making your blood as well as skin condition better. Consume good amount of potatoes, spinach, kale, mangoes etc.

Vitamin E rich foods

Consuming vitamin E rich foods are also equally important to get a wonderful skin tone. These groups of food include olives, vegetable oils, asparagus, vegetable oil, etc. You need to have something or each one by one to fulfill the need to Vitamin E in your body.


Pomegranate is such a wonderful food which is having antioxidant which is really good for all those who are having the problem of getting premature aging. This is a fruit that contains vitamin B5, potassium as well as vitamin C. You can also consume this particular fruit to get a healthy skin like always.

Red delicious apple

You must have heard about the saying, ‘An apple a day keeps doctor away. This is a true fact even when you are considering your skin health. These have been proved to carry good amount of antioxidant properties within which will get into your flesh and create a different layer of skin with youthful glow.

Dark chocolate

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You might have heard parents stopping their children from consuming limitless chocolates. But, those are not the dark chocolates. Since the dark chocolates are high in epicatechin which is a particular type of antioxidant, your skin will stay well with removal of oxidants from your body.

Green tea

You must have heard about the health benefits of green tea. People must be consuming variety of foods that are rich in antioxidants. Green tea is really one among them that works really well for all health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants that eradicate all harmful elements within your skin layer and make your skin glow with attractiveness.


It is also said that vitamin E is really very beneficial for driving away the unwanted oxidants from the skin layer. Avocado is also a fruit that is loaded with vitamin E. It is very beneficial for the repairing and maintenance of skin. The collagen in your skin can be damaged with free radicals. This fruit that is rich in vitamin E will react with free radicals and make your skin stay healthy. Also the fine line, wrinkles on your skin will be removed with this remedy.

Vitamin B

You can now get variety of vitamin B in food that you are consuming during day to day in life. The vegetables with wide range of colors such as green, yellow, red etc will collectively be essential in your diet to supply adequate quantity of vitamin B. You can easily get healthy, skin and spontaneous skill of striving activity with adequate intake of antioxidant through the vitamin B supplied inside your body. Try this and see how well your skin responds.


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One among the delicious fruit available in the fruit market is the grapes. This is such a fruit which you don’t need to peel or cut. Just need to pick up and put it in your mouth. It works really well with the load of antioxidants in the body. You would be glad to know that consuming grapes regularly will bring a natural glow to your skin. Try this and let the oxidants stay away.