Botox for hair growth – Benefits, price and how long it lasts

Botox for hair growth is a popular cosmetic treatment to revitalize the hair. In this treatment, the hair care experts apply a protein-rich formula containing a mixture of proteins, natural acids, healing agents, and antioxidants to fix hair damage and other issues.

What are the Benefits of Botox for Hair Growth?

Botox hair treatment

Botox treatment works by filling and coating hair fibers using a filler agent, such as Keratin. The filler covers up and repairs broken hair strands to make the hair look lustrous, smooth, and full.

You can use botox to treat split ends, damaged hair, frizzy, thin hair, which lack volume or to straighten your hair strands. Here are some proven benefits of botox for hair growth:

  • The treatment is completely safe and provides visible results in no time. The smoothening and conditioning agents used in the treatment are completely free of harmful chemicals like parabens or formaldehyde. Botox uses safe acidic compounds to restore hair health.
  • The treatment helps in regaining overall hair health. It restores moisture, recreates strength, cures split ends, treats dandruff, minimizes hair loss, and fixes other possible hair issues. In other words, your hair and scalp get a complete makeover in less than an hour.
  • The treatment eliminates frizz and leaves your hair shiny, silky, and flowy. Further, the conditioning procedure helps to intensify the natural hair texture, improves elasticity, restores strength, and promotes growth.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on Botox for Hair Growth?

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Botox hair treatment may cost you in between $70 to $300 or even more depending upon the cost of ingredients, quality of materials applied, the expertise of the professional, and the place where the procedure is performed.

Prices may vary at different salons depending on their geographic location and facility. Therefore, it is best to get a quote before finalizing an appointment. Although, you may perform an easy DIY at home with a little expertise and hair care skills.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Keratin hair treatment benefits

Generally, the effects of botox treatment for hair may last between 2-4 months. However, you can maximize the period with proper aftercare. Here are some tips on how to manage your hair after the botox treatment:

  • Avoid daily washing. The conditioning agents used in the botox treatment may get washed off with regular washing. Keeping a washing routine to a minimum of three days will help you scalp regulate sebum naturally.
  • Carefully rinse off your shampoo thoroughly from every hair strand and scalp. Always use natural sulfate-free and salt-free shampoo and conditioners.
  • Do not overheat your hair with a blow dryer or a flat iron. Use optimal heat to maintain type and texture.
  • Always apply heat protection gel while using a flat iron. That will help minimize the probable damage due to heat.
  • Do not detangle wet hair as they are prone to easy breakage and hair damage. It is always advisable to naturally air-dry your hair. Brush when your hair and scalp are entirely free of moisture.