What is botox hair treatment, cost, pros & cons

Botox is known to be one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for cosmetic enhancement. It works by smoothening the skin and relaxing the facial muscles. On similar grounds, Botox hair treatment rejuvenates the hair by filling individual hair strands making them smooth and full.

Botox hair treatment is a revolutionary procedure to put back your hair into their best form. No surprise, Botox hair treatment is a new generation cosmetic procedure showing great results and gaining popularity even amongst Hollywood celebrities.

Tips to maintain hair Botox for a longer time

The hair wash magic

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If you want the Botox to be absorbed deeply by your scalp then it is advised to wash your hair 2-3 days after the treatment.

Post the first hair wash try to reduce the frequency of your hair wash, which can be done every 4-5 days. In case, you find your hair very greasy during this time, using a dry shampoo is highly recommended.

Avoid heating your hair too much

If you have undergone Botox treatment try to avoid heating your hair as much as you can. Let your hair dry naturally instead of drying it with a blow dryer. Also, try to reduce the use of hair straightening machine. In case you wish to style your hair, do not forget to apply a heat protection spray.

Choose the right pillow

Many of you are not aware about this but cotton absorbs moisture very quickly. Hence, if you are using cotton pillows replaced it with microfiber material in order to maintain Botox for long time.

Apply hair masks at least once a week

Hair masks work magic in protecting your hair and the Botox. Hence try use sulphate and parabens free hair mask or you can also make it at home using natural ingredients like coconut oil. Apply hair mask before hair wash, leave it for some time and rinse with your daily care shampoo.

Select the right shampoo

You cannot use normal shampoos on Botox hair as it can destroy the whole purpose of the treatment. Be very careful while selecting a shampoo, see to it that there are no harmful chemicals like sodium chloride, sulphate, mercury etc. in the product.

Avoid dyeing your hair

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It you wish to dye your hair, it is highly recommended to dye it before the Botox treatment, as doing it after the treatment will deposit more chemicals on your hair. If you desperately want to dye your hair post Botox go for chemical free and natural dyes.

What is botox hair treatment?

Botox hair treatment is a corrective procedure to manage split ends, frizzy, damaged hair, or fine hair lacking luster and volume.

The method provides deep conditioning by coating the hair fibers with a protein filler like keratin. Botox hair treatment fills any thin or broken areas within every hair strand thereby making them look lustrous and full.

Although the ingredients may differ for different products; ideally, the fillers are flexible, soft fibers. They help create an appearance of smoother, fuller hair. Some products use a patented mix of ingredients like caviar oil, vitamins, BONT-L peptide, and collagen complex.

Your hairstylist may apply a conditioning agent directly to your hair strands during the Botox hair treatment. A shampoo before conditioning helps in opening hair cuticles.

The treatment takes around 20–90 minutes before your stylist can rinse out the product. The procedure shows immediate results once your hair strands are dry.

Cost of the treatment

Botox hair treatment can cost you something around $150–$300 or more depending on whether you want the procedure to be done at the salon or purchase the ingredients for at home setup. Prices may vary by geographic locations. Consult your hairstylist before making an appointment for the treatment at a salon.

Pros and cons of botox hair treatment

Causes of hair thinning & hair loss

The acidic compounds applied in Botox hair treatment do not contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde or parabens and are entirely safe to use.

The procedure minimizes hair loss and protects against psoriasis, dandruff, or other scalp conditions. The treatment helps in restoring the health of your hair making them look shinier, silkier, and stronger.

The procedure hydrates the hair and repairs roots by restoring their strength. Botox hair treatment boosts hair growth and resolves split ends problem without any damage-causing dangerous chemicals. Botox treatment decreases frizziness by making your hair healthy, shiny, flowy and silky.

The treatment does not have any reported side effects so far. The only downside of the procedure is that it is quite expensive. You should try the method for curing critical hair problems and maintaining a healthy scalp for the long term.

The treatment is extremely safe without any toxic fumes or vapors. You do not require wearing any gas masks during the procedure.

In any case, you should not try the treatment more than thrice or four times a year. Frequent repetition of the procedure may cause dullness, thinning, and hair breakage. Multiple frequent exposures of the scalp to Botox injections may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.