Hair loss due to medication – Findings of American hair loss association (AHLA)

We all have come across different reasons for hair loss. One of the reasons can be taken as extra medication. There are proofs of side effect due to medications. We are going to discuss such ill effects of drug based treatment on hair. This can give rise to patterned baldness on both male and female. But, you cannot count the treatment through radiations or chemotherapy on this.  You can get further information on this through the magazines, newspaper as well as online articles of American Hair loss Association (AHLA).  If you are suffering from any tough medical problem, it is obvious that you are seeking doctor’s treatment. While sitting, you should speak to your doctor and ask him not to give you any medicine that has the side effect of hair fall. The recent findings of American Hair loss Association (AHLA) speaks about the following drugs used for several health conditions. You can now get hair loss due to medication by certain drugs.

List of drugs to treat particular conditions


Diagnosis of mens hair loss by AHLA

You must have heard about this disease. This was rare few years back. But today it is quite common. This is a neurological problem where the patient gets the episodes. Patient comes across vigorous shaking of their body. If proper care is not taken, some injuries of patient can take place. The drugs suggested to patients suffering from such disorder can give rise to hair loss as side effect. Following are the names.

  • Trinode / trimethadione
  • Anticonvulsants


Depression can take place in individuals belonging to different age range. This is a mood disorder in people that can take place due to anxiety, happening of an event, etc. These days most of the teens are getting affected to due depression. The drugs used to treat such patients are:

  • Adapin/ doxepin
  • Janimine/ imipramine
  • Haldol/ haloperidol
  • Elavil/ amitriptyline
  • Paxil/ paroxetine

You should check with your doctor on the drug that he is suggesting. Find out whether the drug for depression that he is prescribing will affect your hair health.

High cholesterol level

Causes of hair loss in women

You must be hearing about people suffering from high cholesterol level these days. This can give rise to heart disorder. Other related problems can also take place due to high level of cholesterol. Doctor suggests some drugs along with the regular diet and exercise. Following are some of the names:

  • Lopid/Gemfibrozil
  • Atronid- S ( Clofibrate)


This is a type of arthritis where you can get inflammation on your legs. Especially the knee portion gets affected due to this.  You can also experience tenderness on your knees. Excessive pain is also backed by the swollen joint in such a situation. The effect does not only stop here. Rather, it can affect your kidney and form the stone.  Below mentioned drugs treats patients suffering from gout.

  • Zyloprim/ allopurinol
  • Lopurin

Acne/ pimples

This is a very common skin problem where people get small bumpy formation over the skin. Normally people have an impression that pimples are common to the teenagers. Acne takes place where you pick the pimples over your skin. This makes a mark over the face. The small hole like surface makes you look unattractive. This is the reason why you are desperate to treat pimples. The dermatologists will definitely suggest you medicine and other treatment procedure. The popular name over here is:

  • Accutane/ isotretinoin


Hair packs to control baldness

Inflammation is not a disease. It is a condition in your body that can take place due to variety of issues. Some gets their body parts swollen due to an accident and wounds. Inflammation can also take place due to the cold attack in an individual. Inflammation is nothing but a biological response of your body that gives a signal of being harmful. Some of the drugs that can affect your hair health are as follows:

  • Indocin/ Indomethacin
  • Clinoril/ sulindac
  • Anaprox/ naproxen
  • Naprosyn/ naproxen

Treatment procedure by American Hair Loss Association (AHLA)

There are varieties of treatment procedures for hair loss. But, people might not get a considerable result due to this.  AHLA says, you should not avail the treatment procedure that is not been approved by FDA. Also you must see whether the treatment is approved by American Hair loss Association or not. If you don’t consider the recommendation of the well known hair fall research organization, you are going to waste your penny and time. Also the early diagnosis and clinical intervention is required for a good treatment procedure. Following are some of the valid drugs or treatment procedure approved by FDA and AHLA.

Finasteride, propecia/ proscar

This is a drug that has been used for treating the prostate issues in men. There has been variety of clinical trials associated with the same. However this drug is used to treat the male pattern baldness. In the year 1997, 22nd of December this drug was approved by the FDA. But the recommended dosage to treat male pattern baldness is only 1mg.

Working of finesteride/ propecia

How to control hair fall

Now let us find out how this drug works. The particular drug has a great name in the market. The season of success is its inhibiting type II 5 alpha reductase. You must be confused to hear this phrase. But don’t worry. It is nothing but a simple enzyme with great efficiency. Yes, this enzyme has the capability of converting the testosterone into the potent form. This DHT further gets an absorption in the hair follicles. Several trials have been conducted by taking both men and women participants.  It has been reported that people have experienced reduction of hair fall by 60%. The particular drug does not only stop here. Rather, it helps in increase in hair growth by 65%. Even when you are taking other medicines due to your other health conditions, this drug can be taken. Since this is approved by FDA and American Hair loss Association (AHLA) you don’t need to worry about its side effects.