Causes of hair loss in women & diagnosis as per AHLA

Hair loss has diverse cause. There are some causes which are not yet discovered by common people. Did you ever image that the male hormone testosterone can be a reason behind hair loss cause? But it is a true fact. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is one of the reasons of hair loss. Being a derivative of male hormone, this can cause the hair loss to both male and female. Your hair follicles die due to this. This particular derivative can be a reason of not one but many variety of hair loss. This fact has been confirmed BY AHLA (American Hair Loss Association). You must have heard about the patterned baldness of male and females.

The medical term for this is known as Androgenetic alopecia. There was a time when people used to think this as a result of hereditary problem or genes. But, off late the scientists have discovered that, Androgenetic alopecia can be caused due to excessive collection of male sex hormone in an individual. This is not the problem with male only. Rather women also suffer from the same effect.  Let us find out more causes of women hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in women

Telogen effluvium

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Body of every woman goes through several traumatic situations at times. Time of pregnancy and childbirth is an extreme situation.  There are other situations such as going through a major surgery, suffering from malnutrition or too much stress in life. According to AHLA (American Hair Loss Association) these can be the causes the hair fall in women.  It is because shedding of Telogen takes place in such situation. After 6 weeks to few months of this situation, a stage known as Telogen Effluvium can take place easily. You will also suffer from shedding as much as hand full of hair.

Androgenetic alopecia

This is the situation that is likely to take place when male sex hormone and testosterone level in the body becomes more than what should be within the limit. One of the characteristic of this hair loss issue is thinning of hair over the scalp area.  The hair fall problem takes place due to the act of androgen. This condition can also take place not due to a reason. Rather variety of reasons can be associated with the same. If any of the women is suffering from the trouble of ovarian cysts, she will get excessive hair fall. Some women have a habit of consuming excessive pregnancy pills. They too are going to suffer with respect to their hair health.

Anagen effluvium

Sometimes women are not aware but directly or indirectly they are insulting their hair follicles. Anagen Effluvium is a result of the same.  This hair loss normally takes place when individual has to take chemotherapy. During this phase a cancer patient take rays. Those rays might slow down the process of cancer cell spread but is associated with number of side effects.  This is a critical situation where more than 90% of hair falls down due to this harmful ray. This also lead to tampering and fracture of hair shaft.

Traction alopecia

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Some of us have a tendency of getting new styles to our hair. The act of curling hair, making it straight in an artificial way can be a reason behind it. While doing so, the hair gets a lot of stress and also the chemical used in doing so can be highly responsible for trauma to the hair follicles.  Even if you are creating the right hairstyle, this can give rise to traction alopecia. Some people have a thought that making braid that too by pulling hair tight at night can increase hair growth. But, this is totally a wrong concept.  This can also lead to hair fall as the hair follicles are been strained.

Diagnosis of AHLA

There is a vast difference between the hair growth mechanisms of men with that of women. Naturally the hair fall is also going to be different way. There are multiple of conditions due to which hair fall in women takes place. But for men mostly it is due to genes. According to AHLA (American Hair Loss Association, test must be conducted to find out the actual reason of hair fall. People tries out number of ways to stop hair fall. But they don’t know the actual reason of same. Naturally in most of the cases the result is nil. But according to (American Hair Loss Association, every individual must know the actual cause of the hair fall issue. This can be effectively done when diagnosis test is conducted. The right way of treatment will be inculcated.

Diagnosis and test

  • Serum ferritin
  • VDRL ( a screening test for syphilis)
  • Total iron binding capacity
  • Serum Iron
  • Complete blood count (CBC)

Other varieties of tests for diagnosis


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This is a type of test through which you can find out why exactly your hair is falling. A hand held magnifying device is used. The name of the device is densitometer. Through this device the perfect miniaturization of the hair shaft takes place.

Biopsy of scalp

The reason for hair fall can also be found out with the help of scalp test. In medical term it is known as biopsy of scalp.  The process involves removing the small section of the scalp. The dept will be around 4 mm.  This portion is taken  and then taken to lab for biopsy. Microscope is used to get it examined. The result will give you the reason for hair loss.

Hair pull therapy

This is not a very difficult procedure or has complexity. Rather it is known as a diagnosis test that is really simple. The physician is involved in this procedure. He pulls out some hair and go ahead with the test. The amount of hair is around 90-100 in number. This will help you find out the reason for excessive hair loss. After you are able to find out the reason, the treatment can be easily done.