Causes of hair loss in men and diagnosis by AHLA

We come across variety of health issues in our day to day life. But, we don’t know the reason behind it. One among such issues is hair loss. Men too have the same issue. In this article we are going to speak about variety of hair loss issues. Some individuals have moderate hair fall problems whereas others have severe issues.  If you have bald head, no one will respect you. According to a study of AHLA or American Hair loss Association, hair loss is considered to be one of the major health issues. AHLA also said, it is a reason to cause mental disturbances of millions of individuals.  It is better to have head full of hair may it be moderate or thin. There was a time when men did not use to bother about their looks and attire. Whatever they do becomes a fashion. But these days there is a tough competition of them with those of women. Rather no female will accept them if their looks is not appropriate. Over here also hair plays an important role.

Causes of hair loss in men

Too much intake of vitamin A

How to prevent baldness in male

Vitamin A is good for your eyes. But it should also be taken in a limited amount. If you consume more than the prescribed amount, there will be a chance that you suffer from the hair fall issues.  Some men have tough schedule of work. Due to this they don’t get time to have healthy vegetables that is rich in vitamin A.  Thus they start taking the vitamin A supplement. There is a particular limit of vitamin A intake for every man. But, you exceed that limit; there will be a chance of getting hair loss.

Male pattern baldness

There is a pattern of every male with regards to wiping away a portion of hair. This is known as male pattern baldness. Now this takes place when male crosses 50 years of age. But these days the time of male pattern baldness has become quite near. It means that males who are younger than 50 years are also getting this issue. The reason is due to pollution and adulterated. Normally the male pattern baldness can take place with the combined effect of male sex hormones and genes.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress can be a reason due to which the males do suffer from the hair loss issues. Scientists have discovered that most of the hair loss issues in men take place due to the mental stress.


Hair packs to control baldness

Some people have thyroid issues from childhood. But some people gets it’s during the course of life. The male individuals who have the issues of underactive thyroid gland have some disruption over their hormonal area. Their metabolism becomes too much weak during this situation. The blood circulation over the scalp area also becomes limited. There is a stage when the body fails to pump out enough hormones. As a result you end up with hair loss issues.

Auto immune issue

This health condition is also known as alopecia areata. If your body takes up the condition of the overactive immune system, there will be good change that you go through an issue of hair loss. Here your immune system which is basically known for protecting your body from diseases acts in a negative way. But there is treatment for the same. You can avail it with physician’s advice.

Diagnosis of mens hair loss by AHLA

According to AHLA, people should not go for a hair care solution which is not been approved by FDA. You can go for the solutions that are approved by American Hair loss Association. The organization also provides a perfect list of solution to come back from the critical hair fall situation in men. Let us find out the diagnosis ways at first.

Androgenetic alopecia

How to prevent hair fall in men

Androgenetic alopecia is a disorder in men where the hair loss takes place. But whether the reason is specific or not needs to be found out with diagnosis. Generally when a male individual suffers from the issue of Androgenetic alopecia, they are seen with patterned distribution of hair. Thus, the mechanism of diagnosis will be quite easy.  The experts would go ahead with proper observation and examination before going for a conclusion. When there is a progressive decrease of hair shaft, the length of hair will depend upon androgen response.

Diffuse hair loss diagnosis

The expert dealing with the diffuse hair loss needs to face difficult situations.  The diagnosis is not a very easy task. When the male individual suffers from such a hair loss issue, they get the thinning of hair throughout the hair. Unlike the diagnosis of hair that is confined to a specific area.  The densitometry is also related to this hair loss pattern diagnosis.  Sometimes the procedure is not enough for the hair fall diagnosis. In such cases there are several other ways.  It is important to check whether the male individual is suffering from thyroid or anemia.

Hair pull test

Men have to go through a long step by step process where the testing takes place.  But sometimes this testing of the hair fall issue still remains uncertain.  Then another mechanism is allotted which is specifically known as the hair pull test.  A small portion of scalp around 5 diameter of skin is taken for a lab test. Culture takes place in laboratory whether there is any type of fungal infection or not.  There will be microscopic examination of the hair bulb as well. The sample is taken to get a biopsy report. Diagnosis will be done after the report.

Hair fall solution for men recognized by AHLA

How to treat male pattern baldness

As stated above, the experts of AHLA had asked not to go for the hair fall solutions that is not been recognized by AHLA, let us find out the following solutions recommended by American Hair fall Association.

Aldactone / Spironolactone

Both Aldactone and Spironolactone have the same combination in their content. They are the different brand names of medicines with potassium- sparing diuretics.  This is normally prescribed by the physician in order to maintain healthy potassium level in the body. But, the hair fall in men can also be reduced with the help of this. The brands are also really well known for reducing hypertension, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. But it is always better to speak to physician before using them.

Cyproterone acetate

This is another name recommended by AHLA. Since we know that one of the reason of hair fall in men is hormonal secretion and testosterone, this is a popular combination that will reduce the excessive sex drive in a man. Thus, this will be a wonderful formula to treat androgenetic alopecia. This will also block the DHT dihydrotestosterone to the receptors.  Even here, you need to speak to the physician before availing the same. The strong medicine must be used as a last option.

Ketoconazole (Nizoral)

AHLA also admits that one of the reasons of hair fall is due to the fungal infection. This combination is for all those who have been losing their hair due to the fungal infection. But before it, diagnosis must be done by taking out a small portion of skin from the scalp and testing in the diagnosis lab. But this medicine also can help reducing hair loss if the source is male hormonal issue. This can also suppress the effect of testosterone and improve the poor function of hair follicles.

Propecia (Proscar)

Homemade hair packs for hair growth

This is another drug name manufactured by other brands. It is quite similar to the medicine that is useful to cure the male patterned baldness. Sometimes men develop the hair follicles that kill DHT. Those follicles will be suppressed with this particular medicine.  This too has recommendation by AHLA. But you need to consult with physician even then.