How to prevent baldness in male

Hair fall, hair thinning and baldness are quickly becoming common problems for most of the people irrespective of their age or social background. Baldness in male is often genetical, which is known as Androgenic Alopecia or more commonly as male patterned baldness. Treating this type of baldness completely might not be possible without going under the knife, but the hair fall can be controlled with proper measures, which can push back the balding to an older age. The key to prevent baldness in male lies in taking preventions before the symptoms start to show on your hairs.

Proper intervention, from the very beginning, can be the only effective solution to prevent baldness in male. The processes mentioned in this article can be highly helpful to restrict the hair fall and promote new hair growth, but in case your hair fall is not controlled even after undertaking all these measures, it is best to consult with a dermatologist to know about the best options at your hand. Currently there are medicated hair tonics that can be helpful to control hair fall and also to grow new hairs even on the bald patches. So, if the home remedies are not able to control your hair fall and balding, consult a dermatologist.

Hair fall in men can be triggered due to many reasons. Starting from excess stress to vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body or a new hair care product, anything can work as the cause to trigger your hair fall. So, as soon as you notice more than normal hair on your hairbrush, start looking around for the cause. If you are able to find it, eliminate it at the earliest and you are sure to see improvements in your hair condition.Here is some prevention that can be highly helpful to control hair fall and to prevent baldness in men,

Eat right

Hair packs to control baldness

The right food can be vital for proper hair growth and hair health. So, ensuring that you are taking a diet that can provide your body all the essential nutrients it needs is vital. Minerals like iron, zinc and vitamins like Biotin, Niacin, Vitamin C and E can be highly helpful for better hair health and hair growth. So, when you are facing hair loss, include foods that are rich with these vitamins and minerals, in your regular diet. More of fruits and vegetables can be actually helpful to give you all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs for nourishment. Sprouts can also be a good diet for ensuring that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity.

Also make sure that your diet is high in dietary fibers, which can ensure a better digestive health. Digestion and absorption is directly related with overall well-being of the body and can severely affect the hairs too. So, take care of what you eat.

Fight stress

Stress can easily trigger hair fall and balding in male. When you are stressed out, the normal hormonal balance of your body is disrupted, which naturally leads to stress on your bodily systems; hair fall and balding comes as a side effect of that stress. So, make sure that you are not stressed in your daily life. Practice yoga, sleep adequately and follow your hobbies to ensure that you are not over stressed.

Ensure that you are not suffering from any ailments

Physical ailments, like anemia, intestinal infections, vitamin or mineral deficiency in the body or any other ailment can quickly trigger hair fall in any one. Hence, if you have certainly started to notice much more hair fall, visit your doctor and ensure that you are not suffering from any ailment that needs immediate medical attention.

Check your hair care products

How to treat male pattern baldness

Your shampoo or the styling gel all can be a cause of your hair fall. If you are using any chemical based products on your hairs, there is every chance that it might be triggering your hair fall. So, it is best to shift to a natural herbal or homemade cleanser. Using styling gels and hair color on your hairs are never good. If you use any of these and have suddenly started to notice hair fall, stop using these chemicals on your hairs completely.

Take proper care of your hairs

In order to control hair fall and prevent baldness it is really important to take the right care of your hairs in the right way. Here is how you should ensure the best care for your hairs,

Keep your scalp and hairs clean

This is one of the first things that you need to ensure to prevent baldness. Dirty scalp and hairs are a common cause of hair fall that can lead to complete baldness over time. So, make it a point to wash your hairs every other day with a mild cleanser and do not touch your hairs with dirty hands. If you have dandruff or you are suffering from itchy scalp, take immediate measures to control the problem.

Keep your pillow cover, towel and hair brush clean

In order to prevent hair fall and baldness maintaining the best hygiene is necessary and only keeping your hairs and scalp clean is not all. You also have to make sure that the pillow-cover, bathing towel as well as the hair brush you use are maintained and cleaned regularly, so that they do not serve as a source of infection or dirt for your hairs.

Wash and comb your hairs in the right way

How to prevent hair fall in men

Most of the times men are not careful about how they are washing their hairs or combing it afterwards; however, even these minimal things can have a serious impact on the health of your hairs. Never pour the cleanser directly on your hairs, mix it with a bit of water and then use it. While using the cleanser on your hairs, use gentle, circular motion to massage the scalp with the cleanser. Wash your hairs with sufficient amount of water to ensure that there is no trace of the cleanser on your hairs. While toweling your hairs go gentle and do not use comb until the hairs are at least 60% dry. Let your hairs get dry naturally and at the time of combing ensure that there is no pulling or tugging.

Soak away the sweat

The scalp of many male sweats a lot, particularly the ones who live in hot, humid climates. Keeping your hairs dry can be helpful to reduce hair fall and hence whenever you are sweating, make it a point to soak up your scalp and hairs gently with a soft cotton cloth. You should take this measure during and after exercising as well as when you are wearing a helmet.

Here are some easy treatments that can be highly helpful to maintain a healthy scalp and hairs. These treatments can also work miraculously to prevent balding and to boost new hair growth. Only make sure that you follow these treatments religiously for sufficient time along with the suggestion mentioned above,

Ginger for a healthy scalp

Using ginger juice on your scalp can be highly effective to cure any kind of scalp infections that might be causing the hair fall. It can cure problems like dandruff and scalp itching. Grate some ginger, squeeze out the juice and apply it onto your scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off with a mild cleanser. Repeat once every week.

Essential oil treatment for preventing balding

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Essential oil treatment can be one of the most effective solutions to treat balding. Studies have shown that essential oils like rosemary and lavender can be effective even for growing hairs on bald patches. Take 20 drops of coconut or olive oil and add 6-8 drops of the essential oil in it. Blend well and then massage your scalp and hairs with this oil mixture. Let it stay on your hairs for the night; wash off with a mild cleanser in the morning. Repeat this treatment every alternate night and you are sure to see improvements.

Aloe vera for baldness prevention

Aloe Vera can be the other effective home treatment to prevent baldness. Collect the fresh Aloe Vera pulp from Aloe Vera leaves and apply it directly onto your scalp and hairs. If you have already started to see hair thinning at some areas of your head, then massage the Aloe Vera gel focusing on those areas. Let it set for 1 hour, but do not let it get dry. Wash off with plenty of water. Repeat everyday.

Onion for male baldness prevention

Onion has a bunch of sulfur based compounds and it is said to be highly effective not only in controlling hair fall but also to trigger hair growth when used religiously. Prepare the extract from one onion by crushing and squeezing it. Apply the extract onto your scalp lavishly and then leave on for an hour before washing off with a mild cleanser. Repeat every alternate day.

Fenugreek seeds to treat male baldness

Fenugreek seeds are the other ingredient that can be very helpful to trigger hair growth and stop hair fall. The arginine present in fenugreek seeds can be effective to fight baldness in male. Soak a handful of cleaned fenugreek seeds in 1 cup water overnight. In the morning make a paste with the seeds and apply the paste mixed with 1 tsp of coconut oil onto your scalp. Leave on for 1 hour, covering your head with a shower cap and then wash off with a mild cleanser. Repeat every alternate day.