Small / short beard styles 2019

Beards are considered short when they are up to 2 inches or less in length below the chin, and they can be very convenient to have for many men and for a multitude of reasons.

Some of the reasons include the fact that some men cannot grow a lot of hair; the low maintenance required to upkeep some styles of short beard; the reduced risk of having food stuck on it and etc.

We also know that the longer the beard, the hotter and maybe itchier it may become. Therefore, choose to keep it elegant, stylish and simple this year with these awesome short beard styles.

7Stubble Beards

Beard styles according to face shape guide

This trendy style of beard can be achieved by shaving and letting the hair grow back naturally in a few days. You can then style if you wish to although it’s optional.

Other benefits to having a stubble beard style also include its low maintenance. Here, you can simply shave and go for days without having to repeat the process. It’s about as practical as you can get.

6Stable Style

This beard style is awesome because you can let grow for almost a week. It is ideal for men with baby faces as well as men with a weak jawline, as it can give off the impression of a stronger jaw.

5Uniform Style

Celebrity beard styles for men

This particular short beard style will keep the hair neat and at a uniform length all around, thus, giving off a smooth look. The beard tends to usually be more rounded around the chin.

4Balbo Style

This style is perfect for men that have narrower chins. It usually has no sideburns and is characterized by a short and trimmed mustache with no hair connecting it to the rest of the beard. To achieve this look you must first grow out a full beard for a few weeks to only then trim it down to resemble the picture above. The wait is worth it, don´t give up.

3Circle Beard Style

How to hide white hair in beard

This is the outcome of a mustache with a goatee beard style where the mustache is connected to the chin’s hair, different than the Balbo style cited above. The cheeks here remain bare. While it is often known as a unique style, it can enhance faces that have a round or oval shape.

2Extended Goatee Style

It’s nothing more than a mustache with a goatee along with sideburns that are well trimmed. The length to this beard is considered “medium” and generally suits oval and square shaped faces.

1Short Beard with a Mustache Style

How to take care of your beard

This look is composed of a defined mustache that is generally longer than the rest of the beard. The beard is proportional all around and well-trimmed.

How to Upkeep Short Beards

Depending on what style you´re going for, your beard can be maintained daily or every few days. Washing the beard is very important. You can do this every 3 days by using a natural soap or beard shampoo. After the wash you can dry it out and then apply a few drops of beard oil and massage it deep onto the skin and hair. This will allow for your beard to grow healthier by also stimulating the blood flow. An important note is to not use regular soaps to wash your beard. It can end up drying out your skin and damaging the hair.

Note: If your beard starts to itch, it is likely due to its short length once you have recently shaved it. Under these conditions, applying beard oil will be helpful to soothe the skin.

If you would like to style your beard yourself, the suggestion would be for you to make your way down to the barber and have them do your desired beard style for the first time. You may then ask them for tips as to how to style your own beard at home. This will give you a better chance of getting it right, instead of making a mistake and end up having to wait for your beard to grow, to only then, try the same style all over again.

This is it, I hope you have enjoyed these tips and tricks to having a short, trendy and easy to maintain beard style this year. Enjoy!