After shave tips for men

Shaving is one such routinely activity that men can’t run away from for long. And no matter how much you hide yourself; there will be a time when you will have to shave your beard yourself only.

Whether you walk to some salon or just towards your bathroom to get the shave done, there are some things that you always have to take care of to avoid any sort of irritation, redness and bumps after shaving!

There are particularly three parts of shaving process

Pre shave phase

How to treat bumps in men after shaving

This is the time when you prepare yourself to get the shave. It is important that you choose a right time of the day to begin shaving your facial hair. It is said that early morning or just after waking up is not the ideal time to foam your face up. Basically because the blood circulation is not in that much movement just after you wake up!

During shave

The quality and the brand of your shaving kit are going to be least effective if you do not take this phase seriously. Men have to be vigilant, aware and skilled with the techniques or art of shaving to keep their facial skin in good condition for long!

After shave

While some might think that once the shave is done, the battle has been won. But this is not the case, as your skin needs a lot more after you have chucked those locks off your face. Thinking why? It is necessary because facial skin is far more sensitive than any other part of the body. And shaving the hair from its surface can be a drill for it; ultimately there will be a need to sooth the skin. In other words, after shave regime is as important as the pre shave and during shave time.

Tips to achieve that perfect and clean after shaved look

Rinse it all

While shaving we tend to put on shaving cream or foam. Though, plenty of it gets wiped off during the process, some still sticks to the face. It is very important that you remove that product from all around the face and neck to being further process.

How to treat bumps after shaving

It is advised that men wash their face with cold water rather than very warm water. Mainly because the cold water helps in tightening the skin and closing the open pores. Also, do not rub your face after splashing water, pat dry it.

Cleansing and soothing

The facial skin is at the most vulnerable state just after shaving. It is important that you have a good range of products like a face wash with tea tree oil concentrates or aloe Vera that helps in healing any damage that your skin might have encountered while shaving.

Look for cuts and bits

Though, you should always be vigilant and careful while shaving and avoid the chances of cutting the skin, there can still be some chances that you get one! Make sure you go through your face and neck properly to find any of them. And pay special attention towards it, if found any

Use an alum block

Alum is found to be antiseptic and healing in nature. It allows the skin to feel refreshed and cooler after the shave. You can apply it with your hand by slowly moving across the face. Another benefit of alum is that it makes the skin recover from cuts really fast.

Apply a toner

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Many men do not finding following these steps essential after shave but a toner can do wonders to improve the texture or feel of your skin after shave. It helps in getting rid of the oily contents left after shaving and makes the skin stronger.

Finish off with an after shave lotion or moisturizer

Moisturizing after shave is most important than any other point of time. The facial skin goes through harsh blades during shave; it also clears of a layer of skin present on the surface. So it is very important is gets the proper supply of moisture and other contents to regain the softness.

Your bathroom should always be equipped of all these above mentioned necessities before you perform shaving next time. All these essentials are easily available at skin care shops and online shopping websites. What next? Get ready to flaunt a smooth, rash free and glowing skin!