Beard styles according to face shape guide

Having the right style of beard for your specific face shape can make you look sexier, more polished, professional, trustworthy and etc. The options are quite endless.

However, if you’re not careful, you can also look like this:

Vince Vaughn

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Unlike Vince Vaughn (in the picture above), we know that specific beards styles will look better or worse on certain faces—and let´s face it, on certain eras too right Vince? Hehe.

Therefore, we can now instruct you as to which face shape you have and what are the best beard styles for you. Here we go.

Measuring your face

  1. Step one: Measure your forehead by holding the tape measure to one brow´s arch and placing the other end on the opposite arch. Write the number down.
  2. Step two: Measure your cheekbones by placing the tape measure from one peak of the cheekbone to the other. You can also use the corner of the eye as reference by measuring beneath it at the bulgiest part. Record the number.
  3. Step three: Measure from the tip of the ear to the corner angle of the jaw and times that number by 2. That is your jawline measurement.
  4. Step four: Measure the length of your face by holding the tape measure from the middle edge of your hairline down to the peak of your chin.
  5. Step five: Keep the measurements in mind as you go through the different face shapes below to find out which category you fall under.

Oval face shape

Oval face shape

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Characterized by face that is longer than the cheekbones are wide, and forehead that is larger than the line of the jaw which has rounded angles.

While other men are restricted to few beard styles, the oval faced man is privileged as they hold a more symmetrical face that will suit a wide variety of styles.

Suggested style: Chevron, 3-day stubble beard, original Stache mustache.

What to avoid: Creating sharp angles.

Square face shape

Square face shape

Characterized by wide foreheads, similar measurements, prominent features and sharp jawline angles. These men will look best with beard that will soften out the sharpness of their features.

Suggested style: Goatees, Circle beards and any other that will round out the chin.

Avoid: Right angles and sharpness of lines, full beards.

Diamond face shape

Diamond face shape

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Characterized by a tapered jaw line with wide cheekbones and narrow forehead. Here it is essential to maintain hair on the chin, this way, taking attention away from the cheekbones. Also, make sure to keep the sides always short

Suggested style: Full beard, Chin strap and mustache, Balbo, Goatees.

Heart face shape

Heart face shape

Characterized by pointed chin, larger forehead and a narrowing of the jawline and cheekbones. These men have strong chin and smaller face than normal. Here we want to create more of a squared jawline.

Suggested style: Mutton chops, extended goatee, chin curtain.

Avoid: Full beard

Rectangle face shape

Rectangle face shape

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With equal sized jawline, cheekbones and forehead as well as a long face. Here it comes in handy to keep more hairs on the cheek as this will take attention away from the length of the face.

Suggested style: Gunslinger with mustache, Chin strip, Mutton chops, Chin Strap Style

Avoid: Triangular, Pointy or Long Beards.

Triangle face shape

Triangle face shape

Characterized by prominent chin, larger jawline and narrower cheekbones that are in turn, bigger than the forehead.

Because the chin draws excessive attention, the ideal strategy here is to distract people from noticing it by keeping more hair towards the top portion of the face.

Suggested style: Beard Stache.

Avoid: Full / thick cheeks.

Round face shape

Round face shape

Round face shape1

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The jaws here are softly angled with similar sized cheekbones and length of face that is also bigger than both jawline and forehead.

We must elongate this face more to cut the roundedness. Such look can be achieved through having longer hair on the chin as well as shorter hair on the cheeks.

Suggested style: Anchor, Short Boxed, Goatee with Stubble Cheeks, Balbo, Short Boxed and Van Dyke beard.

Avoid: Full beard and anything rounded.

These are our simple tips for keeping the best style of beard. As long as you follow the instructions above for your specific face shape, we are confident that you will look your best version and stay always in style. Enjoy!