Best shaving tips for men for his cool smooth shave

Shaving is the part of most men’s daily routine. Most men copy the art of shaving that their father followed.  There are different types of shaving products and tools in the market.  The   right or wrong technique of shaving depends on the skin condition and personal care routine of the person. Here are some tips and steps to give a smooth, easy and less irritating shave.

Wet shaving is the most adopted technique of shaving which gives a perfect shave and a better looking face. This shave is done by keeping the face wet before during the whole shaving process. Shaving is recommended after a shower with hot water. The layer of water between the skin and foam eases the process of skimming the blade over the skin which helps in preventing redness, shave bumps and irritation on the skin. The facial muscles relax and the pores open in with the hot water which eases in cutting the hair. A perfect shave requires a razor, brush, and glycerin-based shaving cream but the use of the brush makes the entire difference between the normal shaving and the wet shaving technique. The brush mixes the water and shaving cream and spreads a thick lather on the skin. The movement of the brush also helps in removing the dead skin from the face to allow a proper shave. The up and down brushing makes the whiskers stand upright on the lather which can be easily removed with the blade

Forget everything you know

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Plenty of lather doesn’t equal an excellent shave. Foam sitting ahead your pores and skin does practically nothing so proceed!

Don’t shave whenever you get way up

Have lunch first. Give your skin a chance to wake way up!

Spend some time preparing your skin

Prime your skin for a great shave using a deep detoxification non-soapy encounter wash in addition to alternate twice every week with a gentle encounter scrub. Spend a while massaging your chosen shaving getting ready into that person as this specific again will help to soften in addition to lift this bristles.

Ideally, shave inside shower as well as bath

Your hot, steamy environment of the shower as well as bath will help to soften this bristles, doing shaving easier. On average it takes 3 or 4 minutes with regard to stubble for you to ‘wet out’ properly which makes it easier for you to shave. When you prefer the old fashioned water in a very bowl (or torpedo! ) method, wash that person first with lots of hot water to be sure those bristles are usually soft.

Ensure you have a clean pointed blade in addition to shave using short cerebral vascular accidents

It’s key to shave in direction of your hairs’ growth – usually this is down around the cheeks in addition to chin in addition to upwards around the neck. Should you be at almost all unsure, run the finger around your stubble to discover which path the hair keeps growing. Shaving from the direction of hair regrowth is the leading cause of razor burn, redness in addition to rashes. Take special care whenever shaving throughout the sensitive throat area.

Rinse out the sharp edge regularly

Rinse this blade thoroughly because you shave in addition to don’t media to hard from the skin.

Rinse that person thoroughly

If utilizing a shaving gel, foam as well as serum; rinse that person thoroughly using cool drinking water and dab dry (don’t rub). If utilizing a King of Shaves shaving essential oil, simply pat that person dry.

Employ a publish shave item

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Afterwards protect your skin with a moisturizer as well as face cream as this can leave your skin feeling easy, supple in addition to soft – definitely not tight in addition to dry!

Top shaving tips

  • Keeping the face wet before shaving is one of the best features to get a close shave without any cuts and irritation. The facial hair must be fully moisturized before shaving by taking a warm shower or by moistening the face with a warm wet towel. The water makes them swollen and weak which can be easily cut.
  • The main function of the shaving cream is to allow the free movement of the razor. It also makes the whiskers soft and makes them stand upright for a smooth cut. It is advised that shaving foams and gels packed in cans should not be used. It is better to use shaving gels and creams from tubes and jars.
  • Shaving brush is one of the most important tools for shaving. It helps to create a creamy lather with the shaving cream and help the hair to remain upright for a closer cut. It is also a good exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells from the face. The brush should be used in a circular motion that should end in an upward stroke.
  • Razor is another key tool in the shaving process. The blades of the razor must be sharp and must be changed at regular intervals depending on the toughness of the beard or whenever it feels dull on the skin. The razor must lubricate and cleaned several times during the shave by dipping it in hot water. Disposable razors are flimsy  and do not give a proper shave
  • The movements of the razor must be in the direction of the hair growth. The direction of growth is different in each individual. The razor must be glided from the sides to the moustache and then towards the chin in a gentle manner.
  • The face must be cleansed well with hot water   after shave and a natural antiseptic like tea tree oil or any astringent be applied to prevent the development of any skin rash.
  • The last part of the shaving process is to moisturize the face with a good after shave lotion or a soothing balm.
  • Hands and face must be kept clean while shaving to prevent any type of infection.
  • The tricky spots like the hair round the rear and chin must be given special attention and must be done at the end. These areas have a tough skin which takes more time to lubricate.
  • In the recent times colognes and aftershaves containing alcohol should be avoided. There are several post shave gels available in the market which do not burn or give a sting on the skin and are made to effectively moisturize and keep the skin smooth.


Shave burns, irritation and cuts can be easily prevented by using good quality products and tools. The right movement of the brush and razor also plays a primary role in giving a cool smooth shave.