Ridiculously Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Every guy wants to look handsome. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of time to spend styling our hair. There are many reasons for this; probably you are a student, a busy single parent or an employee. So, what do you do to look great while spending little time on your hair?

There is a way out. With so many low maintenance haircuts for men now available, you require little time to style them and also maintain them. As a bonus, many of these haircuts are effortless to cut at home. That means you will save a lot of money and also time.

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men In 2019

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

Taper Fade

Best men’s fringe hairstyles

This is a great option for the men who need a short and neat haircut. Styling this haircut involves leaving the hair at the top longer while tapering the remaining hair on the sides until it beautifully blends with your skin to give an easy and straightforward hairstyle.

Classic Taper

A short taper style is not only low maintenance but also sophisticated. The side hair on your head and also that on the back is melted beautifully, and that on the top is trimmed to longer lengths compared to the back and the sides. This haircut for men looks great on any hair length.

This is an excellent style for guys who are fashionistas and don’t want to compromise the aesthetic of their style for low maintenance. If you keep the haircut short enough, you will not need any styling product, but that is still an option if you want. You can incorporate a side part to this haircut too.

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men 1

Ivy League

Curly hairstyles & haircuts for men

This is one of the best men’s haircuts of all the time, and we cannot get enough of it. It is an ideal look for men who need a professional look. It is a classic and a high-end take on the crew haircut that allows just enough hair on top for parting.

Just as the classic taper style, the Ivy league is a short haircut that allows incorporating a side part. However, it tidier and cleaner look that the classic taper, as the locks are maintained more uniform in most cases. It an ideal look for men with the angular face shape.

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Caesar Cut

There are many reasons why man men like this haircut for men. Though we cannot say it is among the modern men’s haircuts, Caesar haircut is a simple style that needs almost zero effort to maintain. If you need to keep your hair super short, the Caesar hairstyle is an ideal haircut to start with.

In this haircut, the hair is maintained the same length entirely. This comes with many benefits especially if you are an active person. You can get this beautiful style at home or style it at the comfort of your home.

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men 2

Butch Cut

Face shape guide for men hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will give you a buzzed look, but that is not too short, then you should opt for a butch men’s haircuts. It incorporates a medium-length clipper setting, so you can be assured your hair will always remain clean and tidy, but not as short as most military cuts.

The butch hairstyle for men can be styled in all salons and barbershops. But it can also be done at home. If you need shorter hair to rock for the first time, the butch offers the best place for you to start experimenting a new short style.

Crew Cut

Whereas a butch, ivy league, and a Caesar cut come up with a uniform look, the crew cut uses a different design. In crew cut, the hair is faded in a nice pattern that makes it unique and different from all the other men’s haircuts.

In this style, the hair is long at the front and then faded to the back, coming to its shortest length at the nape. The hair on the sides of the head is then tapered to a very short length.