Male birth control gel a birth control alternative by lowers sperm count

Market is flooded with various types of products that helps in restricting birth or reduce the effect of hormones that boost fertilization. Both for male and females, various ways of controlling birth are easily found out. Gel is a new form of birth control technique for males where they won’t have to wear the condom. After having intercourse, there is a risk of conceiving either by accident or with the chance. Some ladies keep on consuming contraceptive pills on a regular basis as they don’t want to get pregnant after enjoying the sex. But, excessive use of contraceptive pills will be very harmful for your health. This can even lead to complications in reproductive organ and menstrual flow. But, if male birth control gel is adopted, this will easily reduce the sperm count in male personality and the partner will also not affected.

A gel encompassing a new hormone combination could make male birth control as very simple as applying aftershave. In initial checking, the gel—which contains testosterone and a new version of progestin—was effective in decreasing sperm count up to 90% of men to much reduced levels.

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Progestin is a synthetic type of a naturally happening hormone, progesterone. In this study, researchers used a new form of progestin Nestorone with fewer edge consequences such as acne and changes in cholesterol grades. When blended, progestin and testosterone turn off the creation of hormones to blame for sperm output. Previous tests of these hormones have involved tablets, implants, or shots.

In this study, men were asked to request one of three gels to their skin each day for six months. Eighty-eight to 89 per hundred of men using a combination of testosterone and Nestorone evolved a much reduced sperm enumerate, compared to only 22% of men use testosterone-only gel.

Some men 69% to 78% using the new blend gel displayed no sperm at all. This was the case in only 22% of men use just testosterone. One benefit of a male birth control gel is that it would be reversible—sperm production would start afresh when men stopped applying the gel. If verified effective by bigger tests, the new gel could furthermore be effortlessly directed at home.

Getting men to put on the gel each day, could be another dispute. In this study, only 56 % of men attached with the program for least 20 weeks.

There was a time when every remedy is made for the women. Even for the birth control remedy the condoms and pills are made for women use and consumption. It is due to the fact that women are the birth giver who holds the baby in their womb. But, now the several manufacturing companies are making the birth control accessories for males as well. Yes, the male birth control gels are now available for the male as well.

Advantages of male birth control gel

Restricts sperm movement

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As soon as the birth control gel is applied on a male reproductive organ, the vigorous movement of the sperm will eventually stop. Even if you insert it deep inside your vagina, sperm cannot get inside from the penis to the vagina.

No need of prescription

While getting a male birth control gel from the store, it is not required to have a prescription like other medicines.  You can get such gels at the drug stores or that of the super markets.  Neither you have to inform your doctor nor is it required for you get a prescription from your doctor while you are going to get a birth control gel.

Similarity with vasectomy

You can now get variety of birth control gels in the market most of which are known as the non hormonal contraceptives.  It acts exactly like vasectomy when applied over the reproductive organ of a male individual. The gel is injected inside the vas deferens which is also known as the tube where the sperms keep on swimming.

Getting back normal sperm movement

After some month the male personality may also wish to get back his normal sperm count so that he can become father. Now, it is also possible to reverse the movement of sperm count with another injection that will flush out the polymer from the vas.

Good replacement for contraceptive

If you don’t want your partner to become pregnant after having regular sex, apply the male birth control gel. Contraceptive pills can restrict the birth of new born baby, but since variety of complications in birth control and hormonal responses have been found out, replacement of it with male birth control gel will be a great attempt.

Facts about male birth control gel

Polymer gel is injected inside the Vas deferens of the male personality which can restrict your sperm count as long as you want it to get restricted. But, when you are willing to get back the normal sperm count, another injection can be applied to get back the state of fertilization.

Once the gel gets inside the Vas deferens, the travel path of the sperm before ejaculation gets restricted as the sperm movement is less.  This acts exactly like vasectomy where the procedure invariably makes a block within the sperm flow.

You also need to know that, this procedure will not protect you from HIV infection, STIs and viral infection.  According to the research, most of the virus of HIV also stays in seminal fluid. But, even after few flaws, this gel also has various benefits one of which is restriction of sperm count and stopping pregnancy. Researchers are working on this particular way of birth control with trials and improvement of flaws.

Wonder birth control

With the invention of birth control gel, a revolution has come up with regards to the attempt of birth control. When a male personality wishes to get birth control, they either choose for surgical vasectomy or uses condoms. Apart from these two options, they don’t have any other ways of restricting the birth control.  But, after invention of birth control gel for male, the sperms are not only blocked but are also filtered adequately. This is known as one of the best ways in restricting the birth control attempt.

Significant facts on birth control gels

Couples going for intercourse and at the same time wishes to have birth control have to go for either birth control pills by female or else the male need to use the condoms. But today the technology and inventions has taken a better turn and proceeded with improvement in a step higher. Yes, the male birth control gel is having wider importance in this regard. It is basically a polymer gel that is injected into the vas different of a male personality. If you can use this gel, there will be no need to go for vasectomy operation.

Regaining fertility

Couple or individual too would like to gain back the fertility sometime of the other their life. The period can be after a year or few months. Rather, the mind set can be easily changed for those individual. You must be thinking how to remove such infertility in such period. But, you don’t need to worry at all as this technique is very safe and is also really wonderful to change the set of your reproductive capability. Whenever you wish to give birth to a baby, an injection will be pushed in your body that will easily flush out the gel that has been restricting your fertility so long.

Affordable pricing

It is also important to know about the pricing of the particular product as not all families will be able to afford a very expensive treatment process. Since this has been developed for a social venture, it aims to benefit people staying in society belonging to several economic backgrounds. Thus, the price will be really affordable.