Curly hairstyles & haircuts for men 2019

Curly heads are always worried about getting some awesome high-fashioned hairstyles, especially when they find their curls difficult to work on. However, this is not exactly so, there are many amazing styles they can choose from and adopt, whatever they fancy or suit their face contours. Here are few curly hairstyles that would be popular in 2019.

15Curly skin fade

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Curly skin fade is a type of skin fade that allows the hair on top to stay but removes the hair on the back and sides. This is good haircut when you choose to highlight your curls only. Support this style with a light beard starting from the middle of the ear.

14Curly drop fade

This hairstyle makes impact with the messy hair and a chiseled fade, it’s a cool hairstyle that would make you the center of attraction anywhere and this hairstyle that’s would surely make a lasting impression. Curly top adds to the charm of this hairstyle, making it a high point of your personality.

13Short choppy curls

You may be a bit conscious of your curls and maybe you don’t want longer curls. Then this hairstyle of short choppy curls is designed just for you. The curls are cut short and left disheveled to give you a casual yet formal look.

12Curly faded undercut

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This hairstyle offers you a ‘devil may care’ look, at the same time it may offer you an immaculate look if the curls are used perfectly in voluminous and bouncy shape. To make a kill with your looks, support a close beard also to make an everlasting impact.

11Longer curls

If you are not keen for newer haircuts and styles as per your face, then this longer curls with beard is the best for you, as this gives you a relaxed look. Moreover, you spend less of your time and energy over it. Let curls make their own promotions, just try some ways to keep them at their place.

10Tousled top with short sides

Make your curls speak their own language with littlest efforts from your side. Trim the sides of your hair and keep them shorter than the top mane. This style works for you anywhere any time and offers you a youngish look.

9Long messy curls

If you love casual looks, leave your curls long and wave around your face. Your curls in this hairstyle create a magic if you choose to keep them smartly in order. Your long curly hair with this exciting easy style could give you an aura of a celebrity.

8Curls brushed and textured

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Adopt this cool hairstyle for the smarter looks while you brush your curls and leave them short on your crown, while around the sides keeping them light.  You just need to apply some hair products and texture, so they do stay there on top without fluttering.

7Simon baker’s carefree curly slick back

You do not need a cut or fade, when you have long thick curls. Rock with this amazing easy slick back look, while leaving the curls lightly combed back without any texture. Messy or wavy, this look always create an exclusive style. Just use some hairspray and let your style speak for yourself.

6Curly undercut

This is a great style that would carry you around to all the places at work, occasion or at any party. The trendier and neat undercut would highlight the textured, short, and well-kempt top. This hairstyle would make equal impression even being a shade messy.

5Soft short curls

This hairstyle offers you a more casual look, it works fine for those having loose curls or wavy hair. This style demands lesser time for you to maintain, just tousle your hair and let it be like that. There is hardly a need for gel or anything else.

4Loose curly hair combined with undercut fade

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Loose curly hair shaped up with undercut fade to leave voluminous mane on top is the style created just for you, if you like to experiment with a stylish beard also, it would be awesome. Use some hair product to maintain voluminous hair on top.

3Super curly undercut

Try this superbly designed super curly undercut, this will alter your persona altogether. Make-over with this curly crown of hair by keeping them all brushed up increasing its volume and good looks. A good style like this would enhance the confidence in you.

2Curly undercut with a disconnected fade

The curly mane of voluminous top with the bigger disheveled hair in front enhances unique good looks. Distinct lines of the undercut go well with the voluminous curls, thus creating a bold persona. You can have a greater impact with textured curls on top.

1Fade with sideburns and beard

Announce your own fashion statement with the curls sitting on top comfortably with brush back manageable hair mane. Try a fade on your head and on your beard that would offer you a dominating yet contemporary 2019 perfect looks. This hairstyle offers you a more dashing look.