How to stop hair thinning in males?

Life is never easy in this 21st century. Work load and family, friends and socializing, people hardly have time to think about themselves. Gone are those days when men used to take good care of their health. And when we talk of health, a very important thing that comes to your mind is hair and body. Hair thinning is a common problem in men these days. Be it due to the changing weather or the changing lifestyle, men are facing hair problems everywhere. This makes them look older than they actually are and at the same time reduces their self-confidence as well. However, as they say, there is a solution to every problem. You can’t stop thinking of your hair. Don’t let your hair be an obstacle to your success. Let’s see how.

Ways to stop your hair from thinning

Pay attention to your diet

Does high testosterone causes hair loss in men

Your body will show the results of what you are consuming. When your diet lacks nutrients then the strands of your hair will start to loosen and fall due to breakage. Choose food that has a high concentration of Vitamin – B that is needed for hair growth. Consumption of fish, chicken, eggs, spinach, pork and leafy vegetables will be perfect.

Massage your scalp

The loss of hair in men is caused due to the poor circulation of blood. If you massage your head on a daily basis this problem will be solved and the growth of new hair follicles will be seen. When you massage your scalp it brings back oxygen which maintains and stimulates the growth of hair.

Choose coconut milk

Rich in vitamins and nutrients coconut milk can reduce the problems of hair fall. You will have healthier and better hair if you apply coconut oil to your hair.


To keep your hair from falling apply protein-rich components like that of eggs. Eggs can keep your hair strong and thick. Increase the volume of you hair and add natural shine to it by making a hair pack of eggs. Apply it on your scalp, roots and tips. Keep it on for fifteen minutes and then wash it off.

Black pepper’s trick

Mix one teaspoon of black pepper with two tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this on your hair and scalp and wash it off after a few minutes.

The magic of vinegar

Male hair fall control tips

Vinegar possesses a lot of benefits as it has enzymes that stimulate the growth of hair and washes off the presence of dandruff which causes hair fall. Dandruff closes the pores of the hair and stops the growth of new hair. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar in two tablespoons of water and wash your scalp with it. Maintain the same ratio if you need more of this mixture. Rinse your hair with cold water after this. Do this twice a week to see results.

Use green tea

Rich in antioxidants Green tea is one of the best cures for hair health. Brew a cup of tea and let it cool. Rinse your scalp with this and then wash it off with cold water after one hour. Carry out this procedure everyday to see best results.

No sweat, no hair fall

Men who have an oily scalp experience a lot of sweat which is one of the causes of hair fall. Use Aloe Vera gel to keep your scalp clean and fresh. You should always cover your hair with a bandanna or scarf before wearing a helmet. This will prevent the loss of hair due to sweat.

Saw palmetto

A plant which bears this kind of berries can help to reduce the loss of hair in men. Studies show that Saw palmetto can cure the problem of hair thinning in men by treating the problems of an enlarged prostate.


Know it or not there are medicines which causes hair to fall. So, keep an eye on that.

What are the dos?

Say hi to mild shampoo

How to control hair fall in men

Men have a tendency of using strong shampoos. This results in hair loss as the chemicals in strong shampoo are not favorable for your hair. Make sure you use mild shampoos which are made of natural ingredient. This will not only make your hair better but also stop hair fall.

Use homemade solutions

We spend so much on parlors and hair designers. However, we forget that we have so many type of homemade solutions from natural ingredients that help in reducing thinking of hair.

  • Onion juice: Smash some onion, take the juice and gently rub on your scalp, especially the areas where you have less hair. You will notice hair growth in no time.
  • Coconut oil massage: Hot coconut oil massage has always been the best way to keep hair healthy and strong. A regular massage can do wonders as far as hair growth is concerned.
  • Castor oil: Known for hair growth, castor oil massage is another way of regrowing hair.

Keep your hair clean

It’s very important to keep your hair clean always. Be it at home or outside, you need to cover your head whenever you feel it’s getting dusty. Wash your hair frequently and make sure you don’t expose it much to the sun. This might make the hair roots loose.

Consumption of water

Keep yourself hydrated and half your problems will be solved. Blood circulation increases in your body that goes to the root as well. The roots become stronger and hair fall reduces.

Intake of proteins

Home tips to control hair fall

Proteins are required for reducing hair fall. Intake of proteins, be that supplements or through food items, one should intake proteins everyday. This helps to make your hair roots stronger. Food items like eggs, pulses, meat, fish and many other things are rich in protein and are good for your hair.

What are they don’t?

Say no to extra styling

Using straighteners and blow dryers should be avoided on a daily basis. This causes damage to your hair. It’s Better to keep it natural.

Don’t comb wet hair

Simple yet important, you shouldn’t comb your hair when it is wet. This causes hair to break. Wait till it dries up and then comb it.

Say no to alcohol and cigarettes

These are the main reasons why you get stressed out and stress causes hair fall and hair thinning. Do avoid this, make sure you lead a healthy life to avoid hair fall.

Don’t use hair gels or hair colors

Hair gels and hair colors might lead to thinning of hair. Make sure that you don’t use much of the either. Natural hair stays strong and nice. Only if you want to color your hair, you should use natural colors like vegetable or fruit colors.

All this and a bit of care can help in reducing hair thinning. There are a few other reasons like heredity or hormonal imbalances that might cause hair fall in men. This cannot be dealt with natural ways and it’s better if you go to a doctor or a specialist regarding this.

There are a few ways by which you can get your hair back. That can be through hair transplants. However, if you don’t want such complex or expensive methods, start taking care of your hair from today. Healthy hair can turn tables, you never know.