Medical tests every man should have

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Health checkups are a must for men and women at all ages. You must see the doctor and go for the checkups as per his suggestions.

This can help you remain healthy for a longer time and if there is any ailment starting up within your body, you will find it faster with regular checkups.

Check up for men is a must for different diseases and the most important are cardiovascular disease, cancers at different parts of the body and diabetic condition of the body.

You will have to keep proper records of these diagnostic tests and update the history to show your doctor at any point of time. The weight, height and food habits often show some inner problems of your body.

The need to discard smoking or taking up different exercises can be advised by the physician for your betterment. Family history is also another factor that the doctor needs to know so that he can guide you to take precaution against certain diseases that your family has got a tendency to get.

Cholesterol screening

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A kind of fatty protein present in the blood and build up in the arteries is known as cholesterol. Depending up on the level of cholesterol the risk of heart diseases can be predicted. There are two types of cholesterols: HDL or good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol.

In the blood test there will be total cholesterol reading, which is the combination of the both good and bad cholesterol. A number that represents you are healthy is 220 and this medical test is recommended from the age of 20.

Blood pressure check

Regularly checking the blood pressure is a good way to protect your present and future. One in every five adults has affected by blood pressure, not just the adults it also affects the children.

When the blood pressure reading is more than to the cut off value 140/90, it represents that your heart is at risk, leads to heart attack and stroke.


Being over weighted, having high blood pressure and other factors such as family history are the contributors of the diabetics.

The test for diabetics moves with checking the tolerance for glucose absorption, it represents how your body is readily digesting sugar. It is good to be diagnosed in the younger age for the better future.

Bone density test

Osteoporosis, a disease reflects the loss of bone strength is nearly affecting 10 million people every year, surveys according to National Osteoporosis Foundation.

It is mostly treated as a women’s disease but 6% of men after their age of 50 are experiencing a hip break and 5 % are experiencing vertebral fracture due to the osteoporosis.

The disease osteoporosis effects due to the loss of calcium mineral in the bones with aging factor.

Vitamin D

Recently doctors have found the importance of vitamin D. It helps to maintain the strong bones, protects from the risk of cancer, infections and some other health conditions. Recent studies have noticed, men with low vitamin D are close to heart attacks.

Most of the men don’t have the idea of whether they are deficient with vitamin D or not, with the help of a simple blood test you can know the level of vitamin D in the blood.

Generally it is recommended to get diagnosed in the age of 40 but testing as early as possible if you develop any of such symptoms is a perfect idea.

Colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy

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Colorectal cancer, a type of cancer that affects the intestines lower part can be cured when it is caught in the early stage but nearly 39% of the people who are been with the disease were identified the problem only in the stage of III or IV.

Screening tests that check the inside of the colon called colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy are the tests to be done to identify the problem.

Depending on the family history you need to be get tested, if you have a family member who had colon cancer before the age of 50 then you are required to begin colonoscopy screening at the age of 10 itself.

Health care for everyday precautions

The art of staying well is mastered by all and still there are small things that each one must check out. These things help you in staying in a hearty condition. These checks are good for you to do at home.

  • Skins must be checked for unusual freckles or patches. If you notice any change in coloration or the skin or some eruptions, you must notice them and if they do not reduce, you must talk to your doctor. You should also take a visit to your dermatologist each year if you workout of doors most of the time of the day.
  • Testicles are to be checked also. This can be started from your puberty. Notice any small lumps or breakouts that persist for some days. See your doctor is you think it is not healing itself.
  • Checking of the teeth and gums are also important. This will help you notice any discoloration of the gums or plaque at the edge of the teeth. A low sugar diet will help you to keep your teeth at a good condition but if you find any deposition of food or pus formation in the gums then you should see your dentist.

Eye conditions: If you wear glasses or lens or if you already have any surgery done on your eyes, it becomes a must to check your eyes. Even if you do not wear glasses, you should visit the ophthalmologists to know how good your eyes are. When you age, your eyesight tends to decrease and there are some diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or cataract that must be kept away by regular checkups. You should find from your ophthalmologist about such conditions in your eyes. When you are above 60, you should visit him once each year for detecting any risk factors. If you have a family history for eye diseases, then also you should visit the doctor for regular checking of the eyes.

Health checkup related to heart diseases

There are few things that you should check up if you have a family history for heart diseases. Even if you do not have a family history, a stressful life or a job that needs to be up and about at odd hours should also knock you to get regular checkups. These should be:

  • Blood test: Blood examination checks the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. When these are high, they denote health problems and a risk for the heart. Even if there is a normal level of cholesterol and triglycerides, you should get these tests done once in a year from the time you are 40.
  • Check blood pressure: The blood pressure level shows how good your heart is and so it is a must that you get the pressure checked each year. You should make it a ritual from the time you reach 40. If you find the pressure level remains on the higher side, or if you have a family history then you should consult your doctor regularly regarding the results of these tests.
  • Electrocardiogram or ECG: This is another test that is to make sure of the condition of the heart. This measure the electrical contraction of the heart and you should take this test once in two years after you are 60 years of age.
  • Testing for extra fat in the body: This is another such test that indicates the condition of the heart. When one is overweight, there is risk for the heart. You can grow diabetes or any cardiovascular ailments. Consult doctor for this test.