Reasons for painful urination / dysuria in men and women

Men and women both experience pain, discomfort and burning sensation while urinating. This condition is known as dysuria.  It is common in women of all ages but in men it is noticed more in older men than young ones.

Do you experience some kind of intense pain while urinating? Are you genital parts always itching and causes burning sensation very often? Do you feel some sort of uneasiness while you urinate? If your answer is a yes for all these questions then there are possibilities that it might be caused due to Dysuria, which is a medical terminology used for painful urination.
It will be really irritating when you suffer from the issue of painful urination. This can cause to both men and women. They really feel helpless in such a situation. It is important to take the call and visit doctor if you are suffering from such a painful condition. The condition does not take place over the parts of your body that can be kept visible or exposed. Rather it takes place in such a part of your body which we generally hide from the mass. Now if you get irritation or pain in that particular part in front of public, it will be really shameful. There can be several reasons due to which people suffers from painful urination issue. We are going to discuss them here.

Dysuria/painful urination is very common in women than in men. When a women is going through her menopause erios is in the reproductive stage then this is a common issue. Most of them women find the pain to be quite intense. The uneasy feeling, burning sensation and the pain while urinating leaves them in a bad condition, both physically and mentally, throughout the day. Few women also suffer from excess white discharge while suffering from Dysuria. The genital parts being wet all day on not only leads to irritation but also worsens the infection, thereby leaving it more painful.

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Dysuria/painful urination, though is prevalent in men as well, yet it is way too less in comparison to men. This kind of urinary infection is seen commonly in older men than the younger ones. Unhealthy habits and improper care could be one of the reasons for such infection.

UTI acronym of Urinary tract infection is a common genital issue. It is the most common cause for painful urination. UTI occurs when harmful bacteria gets into the urinary tract from the urethra. This is the reason it becomes very important for individual to take proper care of their genital parts and keep them clean.

Causes of dysuria

Infections are the most common cause of dysuria .is infection of the urinary tract, bladder infection and kidney infection

The other causes include

  • Bladder Infection also known as Cystitis
  • Genital Herpes
  • Bladder Stones
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Infection
  • STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Prostate Inflammation also known as Prostatitis
  • Vaginal Infection (Vaginitis)
  • Infection of Urethra (Urethritis)
  • Yeast Infection
  • Drugs used during cancer treatment could also could irritation and lead to urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • Chemicals used in products like perfumes. deodorants, soaps and so on, can also cause Painful Urination/Dysuria

Any part of urinary tract can be infected by UTI. These include

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  • Bladder
  • Kidneys
  • Ureters (It is a tube through which the urine is sent from kidneys to bladder)
  • Urethra (It is a tube through which Urine is sent out of the body from the bladder)

UTI can be developed due to many factors, like

  • First and foremost factor is, being a women. Though it may sound unfair, yet its the truth. The hormonal changes that happens during times of pregnancy and menopause are the most common factors for the occurrence of UTI in women.
  • Being diabetic causes urinary tract infection
  • Advanced age, especially in men leads to UTI
  • Urinary Catheter
  • Kidney stones
  • Enlarged prostate


Other than painful urination the other symptoms of urinary tract infection include:

  • intense burning sensation
  • itching
  • abnormal white discharge from your vaginal area or penis
  • sores or blisters for genital herpes
  • high temperature (fever)
  • back pain or flank pain (pain in the side)
  • blood in the urine
  • cloudy urine
  • foul smelling urine
  • the urge to go to urine
  • Increase in the frequency of urination
  • pass a bladder or kidney stone

When you feel that you are infected with UTI or even see any symptom related to it, then seeing the doctor immediately is the best thing to do. There may be a few who would resort to home remedies, which is good in its own way. However if the infection persists beyond a day then its advisable to take proper medication before the situation worsens.


  • Urinary tract infection which can occur in any part of the tract is the primary cause of dysuria. Other parts affected by infection include bladder, kidneys, ureter and urethra. The bacteria causing infection enter the tract through the urethra which is a tube carrying the urine out of the body.
  • Developing the chances of urinary tract infection UTI increase with factors like diabetes, enlarged prostate, kidney stones,and pregnancy. Symptoms of UTI are normally painful urination, fever, bloody or hazyurine and frequent urge for urination.
  • Vaginal infection in women can also lead to painful urination which can be due to yeast and fungal infection. Symptoms for vaginal infection are whitish discharge and peculiar odor.
  • Sexually transmitted infections can also be a reason for painful urination. These infections are gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes. Symptoms of STI (sexually transmitted diseases include burning,itching, blisters, sores and discharge besides painful urination.

Inflammation and irritation

There are several  problems that lead to inflammation or irritation of genital area, which also cause symptom of painful urination.  Other cause of inflammation can be traced to stones in urinary tract, irritation resulting from sexual actions, menopause and development of cystitis and tumors in the urinary tract. Sometimes riding on horsebacks   cycling for long hours and use some cosmetic products and medicines can also create irritation in the genital area.

Local injury due to placement of catheter, sexual relation or injury can also cause irritation and pain in urination.

Obstruction in the tract which can be due malformation or enlarged prostate is another cause.

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Use of cosmetic products containing harmful chemicals can also cause irritation on the genitals.

Skin dryness is a major cause of irritation which can be caused by hormonal changes during menstrual cycle and menopause in women.

Certain neurological problems also create pain while clearing the bladder. 

Diagnosis of painful urination

  • Blood and urine test will be able to reveal the clear picture of the cause of painful urination. Dysuria is a condition that requires medical treatment after the analysis of the blood and urine sample. White blood cells in blood are an indication that there is bacterial infection. Urine culture is done to will reveal the type of bacteria causing infection and will guide the doctor as to which antibiotic will be more effective in treating the condition.
  • Prostate and bladder tests need to be carried out if urine test does not reveal any sign.
  • Swab test of the vagina secretion can be done for women to check the symptoms of infection.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can also be diagnosed with certain tests.

Treatment of painful urination

  • The first step of treatment for painful urination is to determine the cause of the condition. The treatment depends after determining whether it is caused by infection, inflammation, prostate or sexually transmitted diseases. Antibiotics are the main medicines given to treat urinary tract infection.
  • Irritation on the skin can be skin can be avoided by discontinuing the use of the irritant.
  • Bladder and prostate conditions have to be treated before treating painful urination caused in this condition.
  • Pain relievers may be prescribed to get relief shooting pain during urination.
  • Drink lots of water to clear the toxics caused by excess urination.
  • Good bacteria in curds can help to kill bad bacteria causing urinary irritation. Regular eating of curd will help in curing painful urination.
  • The inflammation, irritation and pain in the pubic area during UTI can be controlled by applying heating pads.
  • A cup of water in which a spoon of baking soda is added is an effective cure for the painful sensation of UTI.
  • Spicy food, carbonated drinks, caffeine and alcohol have the tendency to irritate the bladder. Healthy foods like carbohydrates rich in fibre and healthy fats like olive oil are a better option.
  • Home remedies can be tried initially but in case of severe infection doctor must be consulted. Home remedies are good to prevent the condition.

Reasons for painful urination / dysuria

Bladder emptying

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When our bladder is full we have an urge or urinating. Rather it becomes really important to go ahead with urination when your bladder is full. But while going through the process of bladder emptying you can get painful urination/ dysuria. Thus , it really important for you to check the place where you are urinating. Try to avoid public urinals as bacteria or germs will be maximum to cause you such infection.

Hereditary problem

Yes, it is true that if anyone in your family has the trouble of bladder infection or painful urination, you can easily inherit the same from him/ her. Thus, it is really important to check whether you have any history of the bladder infection. If you have the same it will be important to do ahead with medication immediately. Early examination and treatment can help you stay away from this painful condition of your body.

Not drinking water

Some of us have the serious problem of not drinking water. This is going to create a great trouble of your total body system. The harmful particles in your body cannot pass away if you don’t drink water. Thus, it is very important for all of you to drink at least 8 glass of water in a day to flush out harmful substances and staying away from urinary pain.