How to stop hair loss / hair fall

Women with long hair are quite likely to loss hair. But, these days even men with short hairs are vigorously losing their hair. The reasons behind hair loss are many. Women observe their hair getting thin and become very frustrated. It is also a reason behind demoralisation. Some people have very simple reasons such as deficiency or proteins and vitamins which can be cured easily. But, in the other hand another group of people have a complex reason behind hair loss. Before availing a treatment procedure you must know about several reasons that can give rise to hair loss. Also take a look at How to control hair loss with easy home remedies.

Top 20 reasons behind hair loss


How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

Women lose hair during the pregnancy period. This is quite normal for a lady who is carrying her baby inside her womb. During the period of pregnancy women suffers from physical stress which has a direct relationship with the hair loss. Hair loss problem due to pregnancy is viewed in women after delivery of the child rather than the period of pregnancy.

But here you don’t have to worry much as this process of hair loss will stay till 2 to three months of delivery.

Lack of protein

You must have heard that protein is very essential for the growth and development of our body. Similarly our hair also requires some protein for its growth and strength. If you consume less protein in your diet this can be one of the reasons of hair fall. If you don’t feel like consuming protein, you can apply protein such as egg, curd etc in your hair.

Emotional stress

If you are emotionally stressed out due to some reasons at home or in your personal life, this can give rise to hair fall. If you have problems in your relationship or usually end up with a fight with your wife, emotional stress will be quite likely to develop. Other reasons behind emotional stress is death of love one, divorce with a person whom you shared very beautiful moments etc

Deficiency of vitamin B

Home tips to prevent hair loss

Like other variety of nutrients in our diet, Vitamin B is also an important variation. You must consume right amount of vitamin B in your diet to avoid the problem of hair loss. You can now get the natural vitamin B in fish, non citrus fruits, starchy vegetables etc. You must try to consume balanced diet than that of only single type of nutrients.

Sudden and unexpected weight loss

Some individual has a tendency of losing their weight suddenly. This may be due to stress, lack of proper nutrition or any other reasons. The sudden and unexpected weight loss can be due to rise in blood sugar in an individual. Now this can be a reason behind your hair loss and thinning of hair. You might think that weight loss is good for your health but you might even not know that it is stressing your body which results in hair fall.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

This physical condition is seen in female due to imbalance of sex hormone. Cysts in the ovary take place due to excess of androgens. This will give rise to hair fall and hair loss. There will be complications and changes in your menstrual periods. This can be worse when women get more hair over their face. Hair fall is also typically viewed in this situation. The patient also suffers from infertility, diabetes and weight gain.

Use of antidepressant

How to stop hair loss due to dandruff

An individual staying depressed for a long time can be suggested by the physician to consume antidepressant. The side effects of the pills can lead to thinning of hair. Even if you are a patient of high blood pressure, excess of blood pressure dosage can lead to hair loss. Since these drugs contain methotrexate and lithium, there will be good chance of losing hair.


This is the name given to the individuals who suffers from impulse control disorder. Here the patient is forced to pull his/her hair out impulse. Here, the person seems to play and pull his or her hair without any reason. This is seen in the individuals before the age of 17 years. In order to cure this situation, antidepressants can be consumed.

Physical stress

People associated with the profession of physical labor have to exert a great pressure in accomplishing a task. This can lead to physical stress. Again other variety of physical trauma due to illness, surgery, flu and accident can lead to hair loss. These types of hair loss will be temporary and can be stopped after recovery from traumatic condition.

Excess of Vitamin A

Too much of anything is not good. If you have consumed too much of vitamin A, you may suffer from hair loss. You must speak to the dermatologists and overcome this situation. You must stop consuming vitamin A completely in your diet and get complete remedy from hair loss.


Best tips for hair loss prevention

Some people suffering from excess hair loss without any reason can also check their family history. This might be due their ancestral inheritance. Your fore father or family members might have suffered from excess hair loss and this is affecting you right now. If you are having such cause, try out minoxidil and get the source wash away.

Auto immune hair loss

This is probably a new term to many individuals who is reading this article related to hair loss. This hair loss is caused due to overactive immune system. Body loses its functionality and gets confused in such situation. Immune system views the hair as a foreign element makes it a target.

Medical science has found out its treatment as well. You can push steroid injection to the patient as a preliminary treatment. There are also other drugs that can be consumed such as Rogaine.


This is the name given to another type of auto immune disease. This is probably a horrific variety of health condition where the hair loss is really scary. Here, the hair cells of the patient are attacked with the overzealous immune cells.

In order to cover up the hair loss, you must try out a new type of hairstyle to complement your previous variety. If you can cut your hair short and adopt such a type of hair style that makes your hair bouncy by volume, patches of hair loss will be hardly seen.


Cancer patients are provided with a ray known as chemotherapy which affects the hair. This is also observed that such patients suffer from baldness after few days of regular chemotherapy. First of all the hair becomes very thin during chemo there after you can see the baldness of hair.


Best diet to prevent hair loss

Both men and women have the tendency to go ahead with styling option in order to show it off to the entire friends group and colleague. Little bit of styling is fine .But, if you constantly use dryers in your hair and put harmful chemicals as a hair dye, this may lead to hair fall. Some people go for hair curling. This will probably lead to split ends and hair break from the middle.

You can go ahead with hot oil treatment and use good conditioner at the type of shampooing your hair to stop hair fall due to this cause.


As soon as individuals get old, they become feeble and weak. They loss their muscle mass and energy which they have associated in themselves at the age of 20-30 years. Thus, hair loss is also a natural process in this situation. You can try out herbal methodologies to retain your hair.


This is the name given to individuals suffering from under active thyroid glands. A small gland that is seen in your neck is ideal for producing hormones which are critical for growth and development as well as metabolism. But, there can be situation when the gland does not pumps out enough hormones. This is the situation when people suffer from excessive hair loss. Synthetic thyroid medication will be a solution of this problem.

Female hormones

How to stop hair loss in teenagers

Change in pregnancy hormones can give rise to hair loss in female individuals. If you have been using birth control pills for a long time, this will be a reason behind hair loss. Female going through the emotional stress at the stage of menopause can also suffer from hair loss. You must consult with your doctor to get a solution.

Anabolic steroid

Some people take steroid to grow up their muscle mass. This is also seen in many weight lifter as well as athletes. This might make you look attractive within the crowd, but have you ever viewed about its side effects? You can easily suffer from the hair loss problem. Men can lose their hair and take up pattern baldness.

It is better to go ahead with tough exercise after consuming protein such as meat and egg rather than adopting anabolic steroid.


Fewer red blood cells in body can lead an individual to anemic. Also the deficiency of iron in women’s body can lead to anemia. Women are asked to consume iron substitutes in diet in order to stay healthy at all times. If you suffer from Anemia, the root of your hair will not be very strong and thus you can penalised with the hair loss. If you really think you are anemic, try out speaking with your doctor and eradicate the toot cause associated with this.

The above causes are genuine and are ideal to effect different type of people with different occupation as well as social status. If you are willing to eradicate the problem of hair loss, it is the time for you to find out the root cause and get a corrective solution immediately.