Best diet to prevent, control Hair loss / Hair fall

People have the habit of doing everything externally. For example they will apply a hair pack, good shampoo, conditioner etc. But, very few people think about the diet. But, to be frank even the diet plays an important role to prevent hair loss.

There is some food to be avoided. Also some food should be consumed to get good hair growth. In this article we are going to discuss the same. We normally miss the healthy food like vegetables and other natural by products of Mother Nature.

We have a tendency to consume the oily and spicy food. That might be tasty but can harm you in variety of ways. Even you cannot know how it can harm your hair healthy.

Best diet to control hair loss/ hair fall

Poultry meat

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It is better to have lean meat than the red meats. For your hair health, you absolutely require protein. You can get two types of protein. One is plant protein and the other one is the animal protein.

Sometimes the animal protein is also essential for making your hair follicles act. You must have poultry meat in your diet. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, this meat will easily replace it by 50-100 hairs.


Best fruits to control hair fall

The nuts available from the nature also have a great contribution to the hair health. Pistachios are one among the healthy variety of nuts that is having good amount of beta sitosterol.

If you are suffering from the problem of male pattern baldness, this can be a great remedy for you. This nut is little rare. But, today it is easily available in variety of places. The super markets or super malls provide this particular nut. This will make your hair away from breaking. Your hair will be elastic in nature.

Pumpkin seeds

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You must be consuming pumpkin as a vegetable. Did you ever think that the seeds from the pumpkin can be consumed? Can it be one among the eatables? Your body requires adequate amount of minerals on a regular basis.

This pumpkin seeds is one among the richest form of food ingredient that has adequate quantity of zinc. If you scalp is flaky, this can also be a reason for your disoriented hair health. Now, if you can consume roasted pumpkin seeds regularly, this problem of yours can be sorted.

Bok choy

As I have already mentioned that the natural vegetables are really advantageous for your hair. Bok Choy is one among the vegetables that you can get from the market. You must have heard this name for the first time. Very few people know that, this vegetable is really good for restricting hair fall.

You must have consulted with the well known dermatologist. You even spoke about the hair loss problem. If your blood contains less ferritin, this can give rise to the issue of hair fall. But, you can easily get it developed if you can consume bok choy in your diet. Since this is iron rich food, you will be beneficial with regards to hair loss.


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You must have observed variety of fishes that has good amount of Omega 3 fatty acid.  This is one of the foods that has good amount of magnesium. Your hair health absolutely requires magnesium.

Your hair will stay away from hair fall. This is one of the minerals that will make your hair follicles strong. You must have aimed about shiny and lustrous hair. Halibut is one of such foods that will keep your hair strong, long and beautiful.

Shiitake mushrooms

Some people really like consuming mushroom. But, some consume it very less. There is another group of people who does not consume it at all. But today even doctors and dietitian prescribes people to have mushroom. Dermatologists also have said that it is a good source of copper.

You must have come across situations when your hair is becoming dull. Rather it is losing its natural color. But, copper content in mushroom helps in retaining the natural color of hair. Experts say that it is necessary for every individual to consume 1.5 mg of copper in a day. This will be fulfilled if you have shiitake mushroom in regular basis.