Best fruits to control hair fall

Who don’t crave for a head full of hair but if the hair fall has cursed on you, you need to battle through many strong weapons. Well, some times those weapons could be fruits. Yes!! Collect an array of fruits to boost up the hair growth and to stop the hair fall.

The hair fall has become a major problem these days whether it is for women or that of men. With the change of season, the hair fall will effectively prop up. But, there are some fruits which will help you stay away from the problem of hair fall completely.

Instead of going for cosmetic products, it is always better to consume or use natural ways to control hair fall.  This article will speak about 5 best fruits. These fruits will invariably help controlling the hair fall.

Hair fall being one of the major problems of many ladies needs some fruit treatment. Yes, the healthy fruits that help boosting your health also are really beneficial to help your hair health. The vitamins, iron and healthy nutrients inside the fruits will be so effective that you can keep them in a proper grip and restrict hair fall completely.

Today most of the cosmetic manufacturing companies are including the fruit extract within the product so that they get some natural extract and get boosted with it. This article will speak about the best fruits which can help controlling hair fall.

Best fruits to control hair fall


How to control hair fall

The sweet juicy fruit which tempts with its looks and fragrance has stored many beauty and health benefits. Strawberry is rich at silica, an eminent compound required for the growth of hair and to ward off the baldness. Enjoy eating a bowl full of strawberries to improve the over health of the hair. Though it is a seasonal fruit which is abundant in the months from December to March you can get its flavor in the form of desserts and squashes.


An apple a day not just keeps the doctor away but also the hair fall problem too. Yes, Apple is definitely a wonderful fruit came into existence before several decades to save man kind from many general health, skin and hair problems. But never eat the fruit by peeling the skin, as its skin is loaded with soluble fiber and phenolic compounds. Along with those compounds apple also consists of rich vitamins and antioxidants that are necessary for the hair health. So, make them as your daily food to prevent the hair loss and to get the overall health benefits.

When you are buying the apples observe the shininess of them, if they looks too shiny it means they have been waxed heavily. If you have already bought a bag of apples, make sure to wash them with clean water for two times or you can also use fruit washes which you can grab from reputed supermarkets.


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Grape is another fruit which can show its magic in treating the hair fall. Many of you know the grape seed oil miracle in preventing the hair fall, similarly the working action of grapes are also great. Take a hand full of grapes and consume them, the rich antioxidants, natural sugars and vitamins will flushes the bad from the system and helps in preventing the hair loss.


Oranges-  the reputed name for vitamin C. it is not just a fruit with vitamin C but you can trace the good amounts of antioxidants, magnesium, flavonoids, beta-carotene, fiber, flavonoids and a set of essentials vitamins and minerals from them. So, try to consume good number of oranges to get the health and aesthetic benefits from this juicy fruit.


Banana is a potassium loaded fruit along with the rich amounts of vitamin B, fiber, magnesium, pectin, fiber and some other minerals that are necessary for the overall health of the hair. This fruit helps to maintain the thickness of the hair and helps in preventing the hair fall.

Amla or indian gooseberry

Aloe vera for hair

Indian gooseberry is a wonderful fruit that helps preventing the problem of hair fall for a long time. Our grand mothers have been using these remedies to stay away from such issues. You have to take Amla and make pieces of it. Dry them and crush to make powder. Now combine this with coconut oil and apply in your hair roots to stay away from hair fall.


Lemon is a fruit that is not having one but several benefits for every individual. Sometimes dandruff is a reason for making your scalp dry and hair root feeble. This gives rise to the problem of hair fall. But lemon is such a fruit that remove dandruff from your scalp. Apply it before going to bath and wash with mild shampoo.


You must have consumed much variety of berries from the fruit outlet. Now, you will be surprised to learn that even this can help in making your root strong and remove the problem of hair fall completely. This fruit is really rich in bio flavonoids. It will easily help you stay away from the problem of hair fall.


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Another Indian fruit with the goodness of eradicating hair fall problem is guava. This will not only stop hair fall but also helps providing wonderful growth of hair.  This also helps removing dandruff from your scalp and makes your scalp free from it.


The red color attractive cherries must have been one of the best fruits in the childhood. But, today you can learn about its benefit of removing dandruff completely from your hair.


Peaches are a type of fruit that are loaded with enough vitamins that is good for your hair health. You can consume this fruit during your breakfast hours or afternoon with your means or simply like that. Apart from consuming it, you can also create a hair mask out of it. Just make a pulp in a grinder of fruit juices and apply it over your scalp. Wait for 10 minutes and wash with mild shampoo.

Grape fruit

This is a wonderful fruit which is citrus in nature. Thus, it is loaded with vitamin C and a potential to fight with variety of skin problems. It is also loaded with antioxidants that will remove the effect of oxidants within your skin layer. Another benefit of the fruit is the increase of blood circulation which helps in reducing hair fall.


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The natural fruit named as Plum has wonderful benefits for your hair. If you have problems of hair fall, there is a tendency that you go for the cosmetic remedy with shampoo available in market. But, plums can also help giving you image of hair mask. You need to cut plum and take the pulp from it. Now apply around your head like a mask. This can really improve your hair health.


You must have known about variety of papaya health benefits. One of the health benefits is having control of hair fall. But for this you require a ripe papaya. Take out the seeds, peel it and cut half the papaya. Now make a pulp and mix it with 3 spoons of honey. The mixture must be applied over your hair covering your scalp. Wash away once it is dry.


During summer you must be inclined towards the juice fruits. The water content of fruit is beneficial for your body. Even your scalp needs the same treatment. Take out juice from the natural water melon and apply over your scalp and hair. You need to apply your fingertips to make this over your entire portion of hair. Wash it after 10 minutes.

The pollution in the environment, the usage of chemical based products and exposing the hair for heat-blow dryers makes the condition worse. So, along with taking rich amounts of fruits taking care about the hair helps a lot.