Herbal supplements for dandruff


People are struggling to get rid of annoying white flaky skin on the scalp and yet unsuccessful at achieving it. Various products claim to do their best at treating dandruff but a 100% success rate is a nightmare for some. Everything that is seen on the outer appearance of the body is somehow connected to the inner system conditions. Even though our body is craving for nutrients through dandruff, we are unable to understand it. It is our responsibility to feed the body with essential supplements to foster hair and scalp health. Below are some supplements, you should consider while treating dandruff.

Hair Vital Glow

Each capsule of this bottle contains the goodness of Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi, Ashwagandha and shankhpushpi. The combination of these powerful herbal ingredients will enhance your hair growth, ward off dandruff, thicken hair and give you lustrous hair. Bringraj is used as an anti-dandruff care and conditioning herb on hair. The magical effects of bringraj can revitalize hair, prevent early ageing signs and fosters hair growth. Shikakai is very good for scalp health, it has anti-fungal properties that reduces itchy scalp and thereby wards off dandruff. Shankhpushpi cures bacterial infections nourishes the dry scalp and helps the body to elevate hair health. Ashwagandha, Brahmi and amla together improves blood circulation, prevents premature greying, promotes hair growth and cures dandruff.

This hair solution is completely herbal and effective in treating various hair disorders. For dosage details, consult a healthcare expert nearby.

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Tea tree oil

This household oil is one of the prominent treatment for scalp ailments. Dandruff is mainly caused due to overproduction of skin cells by the bacteria on the scalp. Tea tree oil possesses antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that target the microorganisms that stimulate various hair problems. People with dry scalp can see wonders on the use of tea tree oil. It replenishes the scalp moisture, cleans dirt and sets a perfect stage for the growth of healthy hair. This oil eliminates excess sebum secretion on the scalp and hence treats oily hair.

Massage this oil on the scalp and rest it for 15 – 20 minutes and wash off. If possible, you can also leave the oil overnight and wash it off the next morning. Repeat the process regularly to cure dandruff.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E capsules are widely used for treating hair ailments such as hair fall, fungal infections, dandruff, Slip ends etc. It provides complete nourishment to hair and aids in healing scalp problems. The antioxidants support the body to foster blood circulation and hence the whole body is energized.

Vitamin E capsules can be added to your daily diet or it can be used for external application on the infected area. Peirce a capsule and massage the oozing vitamin E oil on the scalp to drive away dandruff. Dosage for daily consumption is 400 IU. Improvements will be seen in two weeks, the white flakes will gradually reduce on the scalp.

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Evening primrose oil

This is used traditionally over the years for treating inflammation on the scalp. Evening primrose oil can be taken as a capsule or can be applied externally on the scalp. It enriches the scalp with nutrients, hence reduces dandruff and hair loss. It has a quality to impede the process of transformation of Testosterone to DHT in hair follicles which lead to baldness.

Massage your scalp with 2 tablespoons of evening primrose oil until it perforates deep into the follicles. You can consume 200mg capsule every day to see improvements in two weeks.


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