What is keratin hair treatment & Its benefits

Keratin hair treatment is an astounding procedure that has revolutionized the beauty industry, which it’s huge clientele and impressive success rate. It is among the most popular hair-straightening treatment options you can have at salons. However, before you think about making an appointment to get your hair treated, let us learn more about the Keratin hair treatment:

What is Keratin hair treatment?

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Keratin is an essential protein present naturally in our hairs. Human hairs contain Keratin along with other associated proteins. It usually provides internal structural strength and external protection to the hair strands. However, keratin content of the hairs may start depleting by exposure to external factors such as pollution, sun, chemicals, and lifestyle changes. Excess loss of Keratin leads to dull, dry, and damaged hair.

Keratin treatment works by artificially introducing the protein back into the hairs making them shiny, smooth, and frizz free. The treatment fills any porous spots in the hairs appearing due to excess loss of Keratin. The over-porous hairs are subject to tangles, frizz, and damage. Keratin treatment rebuilds the inner strength of the hair strands by recovering the protein loss.

Keratin hair treatment benefits

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Keratin treatment helps you get back silky smooth hair. It is not like other similar straightening or rebonding processes. It will neither completely flatten your hair without any volume, nor allow your roots to grow into sleek, curly ends. Keratin serves as a super strong deep conditioner for your hairs.

The results of the Keratin treatment may vary from person to person. Primarily, it works by rebuilding damaged areas of your hair. Some benefits of the therapy include shiny, frizz-free, easily manageable hair. In some cases with extremely curly hairs, patients may end up having mildly straight ringlets with fewer curls. Other people having wavy hair may end up with polished straight hairs.

The treatment affects everyone differently depending on the type and condition of the hairs. In spite of having curly or straight hair, the procedure is more about having smooth, manageable, and fuss-free hairs. Keratin treatment promises a salon-worthy blow-dry appearance in place of sticky, straight, unmanageable, and unnatural hairs.

Pre-treatment and post-treatment care

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Before taking up the Keratin treatment, it is essential to figure out its suitability and feasibility for your hairs. It is not something to be taken up for the sake of a best friend or to follow a trend. Leading hairstylists suggest that the treatment is best for curly or frizzy hairs. On the contrary, people with fine, moderately straight hairs should completely avoid the procedure.

Make sure to consult your hairstylist before undergoing the treatment. Remember to choose an experienced and trusted hairstylist for the procedure. A consultation session will ensure that you get the best-suited formula for your hair. Not all Keratin treatments are created equal. This fact makes consultation even more critical.

Never forget to read about the treatment to get an idea about what to expect post-treatment. Post-treatment, all you need is to invest in good sulfate free hair care products to maintain the silky smooth hair for long.