How to get rid of double chin with exercises

A double chin is seen in aged or obese people wherein a sagging fat is formed around the neck as a result of hereditary, aging, or overweight. The best way to tone your flagging muscles around your neck is to work on your neck muscle. It won’t vanish in a day but can reduce the fatty bags if you follow this double chin exercises:
Whether your double chin is the result of hereditary, regular aging, or overweight, there are non-surgical ways of tightening the facial muscles. There are products that are available with varying results, but why spend your hard earned money when you can do these exercises for free?

How to lose fat on double chin

Take a few moments to determine at what level your television /computer is positioned at.

  • Make sure you raise TV or desktop a few inches up so that you look straight or look up an inch which helps you tone your neck muscles.
  • Keep your mouth wide open. Bring lower lip over to cover bottom teeth. Raise head. Now let move your lower jaw up and down as though you were trying to ‘shovel’ or chew up something with your jaw.
  • Raise your eyebrows. Place three fingers below the eyebrow resting the palm of the hand on your chin. Push your forehead down with the fingers in place to the count of ten. You will feel the muscle in the forehead area with this exercise.
  • Take a deep breath and relax. Face your head up toward the ceiling. Pucker your lips tight and feel as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling and count ten.
  • Stand straight. Raise your head and tilt it back as far as you are comfortable and close your mouth tight. You will feel the tightening of neck muscles. Now bring your head straight forward. Repeat 5-8 times.
  • Facial Exercise No. 1- Sit upright in your chair and tilt your head up till you are looking up at the ceiling. Pucker your lips and try to kiss the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds then come back to the original position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Stand straight, take a deep breath and relax. Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Hold for ten seconds and then relax. Repeat 5 times.
  • Rotate your head slowly, 5 times clockwise and then 5 times anticlockwise. Do it very slowly feeling the stretch of your neck muscles. You will sure enjoy doing this. A great relief for neck aches too.

I have put the best exercise at the bottom – a terrific way to tone up your neck muscles – laugh, smile and enjoy!!!!

How to lose fat on chin

Double chin, this is a common phenomenon which has become so cliché these days! Have you noticed recently a layer of extra fat under your chin? The one which has been ruining all your recent pictures and selfies? This is called double chin. Under this condition, there is a visible layer of extra bulge in between the neck area and the chin. However this layer of fat can be easily dealt with, through some easy techniques. Double chin is the result of a lack of elasticity and collagen tissues of the skin, and thus the skin around the neck and chin area become really saggy. But there are tons of ways to tone this double chin problem. The different sorts of techniques are as followed:

Sugar free gum

The first and foremost basic way to get rid of double chin is to focus on the proper movement of the jaw

line and the facial muscle in order to burn the excess fat by breaking down the calorie. So chewing sugar free gym ensures in the healthy workout by engaging the facial muscle for a better toning of the double chin muscle. This helps a lot and is a proven effective way for toning up the saggy skin, providing an effective reduction in the loose saggy skin of the double chin area. Also it ensure in having a healthy oral health as well. Chewing gum is not only easy but it can be done several times a day too!

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is another effective way to reduce the double chin fat within a considerate amount of time. Cocoa butter is known for its beneficial qualities in treating the saggy skin by improving the elasticity of the skin and tightens the collage tissue of the skin cell. Thus, it is very effective for toning up double chin fat. All we need to do is follow a very simple beauty regime:

Tips to cover double chin

  • Firstly, all we need to do is take a few tablespoon of cocoa butter and warm it up for few seconds in a microwave.
  • Then gently pop out the warm cocoa butter and use it to massage it over your neck and double chin in circular motions for few minutes. It should be massaged in gentle strokes in first clockwise direction and then in the same manner it should be done in an anti-clockwise motion.
  • Repeat this procedure at least two times a day, and you will start to notice a positive difference within few weeks.

Wheat germ oil

Enriched with the goodness of vitamin E and antioxidants, wheat germ oil is very effective for curing the fat of double chin area. Wheat germ oil just like cocoa butter acts as a very good skin tightening agent, working on the loose collagen tissues of the skin cell and bringing back the proper elasticity of the skin. All we need to do is to follow a simple routine which would involve the correct usages of wheat germ oil for toning the facial muscles and the jaw line. The steps are as followed:

  • Due to the benefits vitamin E, it helps in providing a proper nourishment of the skin by skin tightening.
  • Every night before going to sleep, take some generous amount of wheat germ oil and subtly massage it all over the neck and jaw line area using gentle strokes of your thumb and fingers in a long stokes.
  • Continue massaging the area in a vertical and a horizontal way for about 20 minutes.
  • Keep the wheat germ oil on the affected area overnight.
  • Keep on following this simple beauty regime for few weeks and you will surely start to notice a visible difference.

Egg whites

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Another very effective remedy for toning up saggy skin is egg whites. Egg whites have an innate quality for treating loose skin by acting as an agent of skin tightening. Thus, a face pack made out of egg whites is very beneficial for getting rid of double chin fat. It also enhances the overall skin texture and quality as well. All we need to do is follow a very simple routine which goes something like:

  1. Firstly in a small mixing bowl, take 2 egg whites along with about a tablespoon of milk, with a pinch of lemon juice and honey. Now whisk all the ingredients nicely, until they all mix well together.
  2. Now, you can mix about two to three drops of peppermint essential oil for enhancing the effectively of the face mask but this is completely optional. Add a few drops of peppermint essential oil.
  3. Gently put on this mask on your double chin area.
  4. Keep the face mask on for about good time duration, say 30 minutes.
  5. Now clean off the face mask after keeping it on for 30 minutes with lukewarm water and gently pat he dry skin with a soft towel.
  6. Continue this regime for few weeks for getting the best visible results.


Another very effective way to get rid of double chin fat is to massage the area with glycerin. All we need to do is follow a planned routine:

Exercises to get rid of double chin

  1. Create a face mask out of one tablespoon of glycerin, then add to the mixture about half tablespoon of  Epsom salt along with a few generous drops of peppermint oil. Then simply mix well all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl.
  2. Then gently apply the mask on your neck and chin area using a soft cotton ball.
  3. Now keep on the mixture on your skin for about 20 minutes until the skin pores absorb the glycerin.
  4. Now rinse off the glycerin using cold water.
  5. Repeat this procedure for four to five days a week for the best visible results.

Chin exercises

Apart from using DIY home remedies in the form of several external application related products, there are in fact, many exercises that are well known to treat the double chin fat effectively. Not only will this help in getting rid of double chin fat but it will ensure a better strengthening of the neck muscles too!

  • The first exercise goes something like, firstly by keeping your spine erect you need to tilt your head in the backward direction and stare at the ceiling. Now pucker your lips just like pouting. Hold this position for few seconds and come back to the normal position now. Continue doing this for five to ten times at one go. Repeating this exercise daily for about two weeks will ensure in a sure reduction of the double chin fat.
  • The second exercise is all about rotating your head in a clockwise and in an anti-clockwise motion by keeping the spine erect. Continue this exercise about ten times in a row, thrice a day for several weeks. You will surely start noticing a difference.