Tips to get rid of double chin – Tips to cover double chin

Double Chin is one general problem girls or women face as how much you try to be confident in your body you sure look forward to your appearance where your face draws attention and a double chin will be the last thing grabbing all the attention if you are meeting someone new as one always follows an old age principle which is the First Impression is the Last Impression.

There are some successful tips that can help you get rid of an extra chin, they are as follows:- 

Exercise The need to exercise is a must for every individual even if you possess a fit body and there are so many exercises which wave a goodbye to double chin such as Swimming, Running and Cycling or any other cardio activities.

There are so many double chins concerned exercises such as

  • Tongue Out Open your mouth wide and put your tongue out as far as possible and count unto five and then put it back inside the mouth and repeat it for another ten minutes or so.
  • Jaw Jut Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling pushing your lower jaw upward in a manner that you feel a stretch at the chin and hold the position for around ten minutes. Continue this exercise for ten minutes minus regular intervals of rest to your head and chin.
  • Roll it The Neck-Place your head in a way your chin drops forward to your chest, and in that position, rotate your head to the right then back to your chest and then to your left and so forth for thirty seconds slowly and steadily.

Gym work One can also enroll oneself in a gym and hire themselves a trainer and work for their strength and muscles. 

Diet or Calorie Restrictions- Lower your calorie intake by restricting your intake of junk food. Put yourself to a diet as that will ensure your calorie intake in a proper order. Eat more and more of fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat fibrous food and drink more and more water. 

Chewing Gums: You can always choose a gum and chew it right while you are enjoying the flavor, it is actually helping you exercise as it keeps your chin muscles strong thereby a way to hide a double chin. 

Self-love In spite of the fact that looks matter, you should love yourself for the way you are and you have always been because that amount of self-love will build your confidence to walk down the aisle of your office or college or school with absolutely no worries of how you look with a double chin of yours.

Irrespective of the tips you read to get rid of Double Chin, you can get over the hard work and try a few tips listed below to cover your double chin, such as:- 

Makeup, an art: Makeup is surely an art as it can hide all your acne, dark spots, wrinkles and make you look so attractive and beautiful and this is how it can be firmly used to hide an extra chin. Wearing a bold eyeliner and mascara will make your eyes look large and more attractive, which will draw all the attention. Wear nude lipstick shades, avoid dark shades as it will eventually follow up towards chin attention. 

Hairstyles or Haircuts: One should change one’s hairstyle by keeping long locks at the front ending right at the level of your chin. You can opt for hairstyles such as a long bob or a layer cut. 

Say No to choker necklaces: For all the girls who have a double chin should avoid wearing chokers and even necklaces which are choker like. 

Posture Alert: Look at yourself in the mirror, examine yourself on how you walk and the way you stand as standing tall with your head up and shoulders firm at the back makes you look appealing and confidently gorgeous with no double chin alert. 

Pair it up right: Your clothes too play a vital role in hiding the double chin. If you spot your clothes in a manner that it catches attention and also makes you look good just like wearing a bright collar shirt or pants or even a hat.

Whatever you choose whether to get rid of it or hiding it, don’t forget to keep calm and be confident.