How to lose fat on double chin

The extra layer of fat under your chin can easily steal away the taut look from your face giving you an older appearance. Double chin is common amongst both men and women and needs proper care to be eliminated. Obesity is one of the common reasons of having double chin. If you are overweight, you are sure to suffer from a double chin sooner or later. The other reason for a double chin involves loosening of the skin of the face and neck with age. It is best to take precautions for double chin right from your 30s because taking the right preventive measures from your 30s will keep the double chin away. However, if you have already got the extra layer of fat that is stealing away the firmness from your face, you can also follow the next measures to lose it.

Get the right diet

How to lose fat on chin

Being overweight is one of the common reasons of double chin and if you are overweight doing the chin and face exercises or even opting for the home remedies, without losing the extra weight will not help. So, if you are obese and you have a double chin that you want to lose, first start with moderating your diet.

Take a less calorie diet

The first step for losing weight is to take a diet that is less in calorie. Once you start taking a diet that supply less calories to the body than you burn on a day, automatically the stored fats will be burnt and you will lose weight. Decide a diet that is filled with vegetables and fruits, and discard trans fats, sugars, carbohydrate, and junk foods from your diet. The right diet taken in the right way can be most helpful to lose the extra weight and hence if your double chin is caused due to obesity, check your diet today and start losing weight.

Take the diet in the right way

While taking the right diet is important, having it the right way is also vital. Instead of big meals, opt for 4-5 small meals during the day and never eat to your heart’s content. Take your dinner not later than 7pm in the evening and completely skip any heavy meals after sunset. Take a 20 minutes’ walk after dinner and maintain sufficient gap between your dinner and bedtime. Also drink plenty of water at frequent intervals to keep your body metabolism rate high.

Stay away from booze

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Alcohol is a common source of high fat and if you drink, your chance of getting a double chin is certainly much higher. If you want to get rid of the double chin it is really important to stop or control your habit of drinking, otherwise it might be really impossible to get rid of the double chin fat even after taking the other measures.

Do cardiovascular exercises

For losing overall weight, which can be highly helpful for losing the double chin fat as well, start doing cardio exercises along with the right diet. For doing cardio exercises you need not to visit the gym, you can do enough cardio right at your home. Running in your garden, jogging, skipping the rope, playing with your dog, climbing the stairs quickly, all can add up as the best cardio exercises to lose fat. Any active sports like swimming, football, basketball or activities like dancing, aerobics will also give you the full benefit of cardio exercises. 60 minutes of cardio 5 days a week can be most helpful to reduce the extra fat from your body including the double chin.

Exercises for losing double chin

Having provided you with a brief instruction about how you should plan to reduce your total body fat, now let us get into the targeted exercises of neck and face that can be helpful to tone the muscles of the area and to lose the double chin fat.

Tongue press

Tongue press

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Sit with your back straight and tilt your head to the back, so that you can directly look at the ceiling of the room. At this position press your tongue on the roof of your mouth and lower your head to the front till your chin touches your chest. You should not round up the upper part of the back while holding your face down. Once you reach the maximum position, hold it for a moment. Now straighten your neck and relax your tongue. You need to do 20 reps of the same and at least 2 sets in each sitting.

The air kiss

The air kiss

Sit or stand according to your convenience. Tilt your head to the back so that you can look at the ceiling of the room. At this position contract your lips to get to the kissing posture and hold it for 5 seconds. Now relax your lips and get your head back to the normal position. You need to do 15 repetitions of the same and two sets in one sitting.

Tongue sticking out

Tongue sticking out

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You might have come over the age of sticking out your tongue to your friends or enemies, but sticking your tongue out not to anyone but just to the air is a great exercise for toning the chin area. Stand with a proper posture with your face at its normal position. Now open your mouth as wide as you can and stick your tongue out as far as possible. Hold the maximum position for 3-5 seconds and then relax. Repeat for at least 15 more times.

Mouth opening and closing

Something as simple as closing and opening your mouth sitting right on your favorite couch or in your office chair can help you lose the chin fat. Tilt your head to the back so that your eyes are fixed at the ceiling. Now repeatedly open and close your mouth slowly. While doing this you should feel the muscles of the neck area stretching. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 times for the best results.

Neck roll

Neck roll

Exercises to get rid of double chin

Neck roll is another easy and effective exercise for losing the double chin fat. While standing comfortably bring your neck down on your chest. Now roll your neck to the right and hold the maximum position for 5 seconds before bringing your neck back to the starting position. Now roll it to your left and hold for 5 seconds before returning to the middle. Complete at least 15 repetitions.

Side neck stretch

Side neck stretch

To do the side neck stretch sit on the floor comfortably with your one hand placed firmly to your side for providing support and balance. Now wrap the other hand from over your head to touch the ear of the other side. At this position, slowly but steadily pull your head down to one side and as you reach the maximum position hold it for 5 seconds before getting back to the starting position. Remove your hand and repeat with the other hand.

Chin slap

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Chin slap is an old technique of keeping the double chin away from your face. This is one of the simplest exercises you can do for toning the area. Slap the chin area with the back of your hands with less force but steadily. Continue the slapping for 1 minute at a stretch making it quicker with time. Chin slap can be effective to reduce the double chin fat.

Yoga poses for losing double chin fat

Some of the yoga poses that involves the stretching of the neck muscles can be effective to lose the chin fat. Some of these asanas include,

Salabhasana or locust

Salabhasana or locust

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Lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Join your legs at the back and stretch your hands to the front. Now push your legs and your torso upwards and backwards without bending them from your knees or from the waist, also keep your neck stretched to the front. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then relax.

Dhanurasana or bow

Dhanurasana or bow

To do the bow pose lie flat on your stomach and then bend your legs upwards and backwards, bending them from your knees as well. Bring your torso up and hold the ankles of your legs with your hands. You should be able to feel the tension all over your body including your neck region at the final bow position.

Matsyasana or fish

Matsyasana or fish

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Matsyasana can be a very effective yoga pose for losing the double chin. To do this yogasana, lie flat on your back with your legs stretched out and your hands at your sides. Now bend your torso upwards to touch the floor with the middle of your head as shown in the picture. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax.



To perform ustrasana stand on the yoga mat on your knees and then bend your torso backwards to hold your ankles with your hands. At the final position of this yogasana your neck should be stretched out fully. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then get back to the starting position slowly.

Home remedies for curing double chin

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There are some home remedies that might be effective to tone the double chin area and to tighten the skin thus giving a lifting effect. However, these remedies might not be effective to actually lose the fat of this region. If you can follow some of these home treatments along with the right diet and exercises, you might get results very quickly.

The egg and onion pack

If your double chin is caused more due to aging than excess fat, then along with the neck exercises and yoga asanas, take this treatment everyday to get quick results.

Mix the white of an egg with 2 spoons of fresh onion juice. Apply the mixture covering the whole of the chin area in layers. You should apply 3-4 layers of the same and let it dry to 90% before removing with a damp cotton cloth and washing off.

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil is believed to have the ability to boost the natural elasticity of the skin and hence might be effective to give quick lifting effect to the chin area.

Simply massage some Wheat germ oil onto the chin area before going to the bed at night. If not the oil, the massage will at least give you some good skin toning effects, helping you to lose the chin fat.

Chewing gums without sugar and using some form of face bands as available nowadays might also be helpful to ward of the double chin problem.