Is chocolate consumption a reason for acne?

Teen age girls and boys are very fond of chocolates. Especially when they wish to welcome or start a relationship, chocolate plays a wonderful role. You must have seen boys and girls exchanging chocolates during the occasions such as friendship day, valentine’s day etc. Even when you wish to make a depressed person happy, chocolate plays a wonderful role. In order to say sorry for your mistake, chocolate can easily create some ease. But, you also need to mark the side effects of consuming acne. People in that age have been experiencing the cane breakouts for a long time. Some people might not be in a state to understand the main reason behind it. But, according to the researchers, consumption of excess chocolate is one of the reasons behind acne.

God has created two genders in human being, male and female. We first came to know about these genders from the day of Adam and Eve’s creation. The feminine gender is always represented as a symbol of beauty. But these days the acne attack on female gender is more. Women being feminine gender have a beauty imbibed in every single move. But, acne is the reason for getting the beauty spoiled. For a group of people intrinsic beauty in important whereas other wishes to see whether the lady has beautiful looks with their outside look. Chocolate is something which every lady loves to consume. But, some of us have doubt whether chocolate is a reason for acne on skin.

Controversies on effect of chocolates on acne

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Whether chocolate is the prime reason behind formation of acne has various thoughts, which differ from one person to another. One group of people says that having chocolate gives rise to accumulation of excess fat. But, another group of people says that chocolate is very good for health. People in the society also have the evidence that one of the reasons behind acne and breakout is consumption of chocolate. Also, it is very important to note that, the food products that are rich in fat can easily increase the sebum production. Some people also get inflammation in their skin and have a positive response to inflammation.

Some people are also in the thought that fatty food with sugar contents cannot be direct cause of acne over the skin. Only those, these foods are effective in making the nutrient content in your food highly saturated. Thus, consumption of excess chocolate will be really critical to the skin health of an individual. Normally people with dry skin type hardly get acne breakouts in the skin. Rather, if you have oily skin type, acne can be your best friend.

It is true that, chocolate cannot be directly a reason behind acne, but since it falls under the category of high fat and high sugar, it can be an indirect reason for the cane breakout.

Role of milky and while chocolate in acne breakout

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It is quite common to find chocolates with chocolate brown color. People are constantly consuming chocolate of that type. But, have you ever thought about the pros and cons of while milky chocolates? According to the experts, these categories of chocolates have more sugar as well as additives as compared to the dark color chocolate available in the market. Even individuals consuming the same will go ahead with certain hormonal changes. Some people might get some inflammatory problems due to hormonal changes. If you are prone to acne, you must avoid the chocolates made up of white milk and sugar. Rather, the dark chocolates with high cocoa contents will be better for consumption. Even the cocoa contains high amount of flavonoids that helps in removing oxidants from your body in a gentle way.

By now, we are well versed with the fact that antioxidants are really beneficial in removing free radicals in your body. High concentration of antioxidants is very beneficial for people of all ages.

Chocolate during premenstrual period

Hormonal changes take place in the body of every woman when they go ahead with changes in the premenstrual period. They get mood swings quite often during this period. Even women with acne prone skin can easily experience the break out during such premenstrual period. This is the particular time when the estrogen level in female drops with an increase in androgens that helps in stimulating sebaceous glands. In this case, your menstrual cycle is the reason behind acne breakout and not the consumption of chocolate as a whole.

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People blame chocolate in creating acne breakout. But, this reason is not always true. There is logic behind avoiding consumption of chocolate. Since people fill up their appetite with chocolate and other food items that have high calorie, there remains absolutely no space for the food items that contains enough nutrients as well as irons. Thus, the food needed for the healthy skin of individuals hardly has room to stay in your body. Naturally, you are left with many health conditions. Acne is one of such conditions.

Is chocolate consumption gives rise to acne?

Connection between chocolate and acne

It is really a controversial question as even researchers are not sure whether chocolate is a reason for acne break out. Yet they have come across a strong connection between the acne and chocolate. But even then it is quite difficult to find whether chocolate is the only reason to have acne. Ladies who are consuming chocolate are not only consuming chocolate. Who knows whether they are consuming other sweets and that can be a reason too.

Sugar and saturated sweets

Researchers are sure about the effect of sugar consumption by individuals especially ladies. There has been some examination where a group of people were asked to consume sugar or saturated sweets for a month and another group was asked to consume simply chocolate, The Cadbury or milky white. After a month it has been observed that acne breakout is more among the ladies who have been consuming sugar. But those consuming chocolate especially the black ones developed relatively less breakouts.

Role of milk chocolates

It is better to have dark chocolates that have less milk but more cocoa powder. Those types of chocolates are really safe as it contains 6 percent less fat and sugar than the milk richer chocolate. Thus, you must consume dark chocolate if you really love eating chocolate. This will reduce the chance of acne in your skin.