Health benefits of losing weight

If you are already maintaining a proper body weight, there is certainly no reason for you to lose more weight because losing more weight than you actually need to can result into other health complications and is not healthy for your body as a whole.

However, the current problem in our society is that some people are obese and they are not serious enough about losing weight and on the other hand, some people, particularly girls who are already thin, are planning to lose more weight.

Weight loss certainly has a lot of health benefits but only when you lose it to reach the right weight, not to become underweight which is a fashion tad nowadays.

This article will provide you with a bunch of health benefits that you can avail by losing weight in case you are overweight.

To know if you are overweight and you need to lose weight to become healthy, use an online BMI calculator and just by putting your height and weight in the calculator you can know if you need to lose weight to become healthy or if your body weight is perfect for your height and gender.

Now let us get to the original topic of this article that is the health benefits of losing weight if you are overweight,

Promotes better cardiovascular health

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The primary benefit of weight loss is felt by your cardiovascular system. As you lose weight, more fat is burnt out from your body which naturally reduces the amount of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.

Less cholesterol not only eliminates the risk of artery blockage but also ensures better flexibility of the arteries, which directly helps in the reduction of the blood pressure.

Reduced blood pressure reduces your risk of arterial damage and thrombosis. Losing weight can also promote a better heart health.  It makes circulation of blood much easier in the body and the effects are sure to be felt by all your internal organs.

Reduces the risk of stroke

Losing weight affects your blood pressure positively, which also reduces your risk of getting brain stroke.

High blood pressure invites a number of health conditions including stroke, and by maintaining a healthier weight you can easily reduce the risk of getting a stroke.

Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

When sufficient amount of insulin needed for regulating the glucose levels in the body is not produced in the body or when the body cells lose their sensitivity to the insulin produced, it is called type 2 diabetes.

Being overweight directly adds to the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The extra fat in the body works as a layer on the cells and thus reduces the sensitivity of these cells to the produced insulin.

If you are prediabetic you can prevent getting to the diabetic limit by simply maintaining a proper body weight.

Promotes better sleep

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Overweight people often suffer from added fats around the airways and they also tend to have more soft tissues in their neck which adds to the problem of snoring.

Snoring can also result into sleep apnea which is directly related to oxygen deprivation of the body and can be one of the primary reasons of a disturbed sleep.

Improper sleep is directly related to stress build up and can work as a cause of many other health and mental problems.

Losing weight helps in losing the fats from around the airways as well as the soft tissues of the neck, which reduces the problem of snoring, the risk of sleep apnea and promotes better quality of sleep.

Reduces joint problems and osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis and joint problems are directly related to your body weight.

To put it in simple words, if you are overweight your joints have to carry more weight than they are designed for and hence naturally the degeneration of the bones at the joints as well as the pain is increased due to more weight.

So as soon as you lose weight your bones and your joints are relieved from the excess weight they had to carry and hence naturally your risk of arthritis or joint problems is reduced.

We are not saying that people maintaining the right body weight will never suffer from a joint problem, but the problem for them is sure to be less serious compared to the overweight people. Losing weight can be ideal for reducing knee problems and back ache.

Promotes energy and vitality

Losing excess weight can quickly make you more energetic allowing you to live a better life.

Losing weight promotes a healthy heart, which supports a healthy body and mind and all these together can easily make you more energetic at your daily life.

If you feel tired or weak all the time, being overweight might be a primary reason behind it. So, lose the extra weight and start living your life more.

Cures depression

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How you look has a direct role in your confidence level and if you are overweight it is sure to affect you emotionally.

Studies have found that most of the obese people tend to be alone and depressed as they feel less confident in public.

By losing weight you can make yourself more presentable and it is sure to affect your self-confidence positively which is the best way to fight depression.

Moreover, exercises that you will perform for losing weight will also boost the secretion of feel good hormones in the body, which helps in curing depression.

As depression is becoming a major problem in every society, hence being cautious about not being overweight is important.

Promotes fertility

Studies have shown that there is a relation between obesity and infertility.

It is believed that the excess amount of fat in the body can hinder the metabolism of the sex hormones which can affect the fertility of both males and females negatively.

Being overweight can cause problems in conception as well as complications during pregnancy and also at the time of delivery.

Losing even 5-10% of body weight can be helpful for an improved fertility as well as better sex drive.