How to stop snoring – best tips to stop, relieve from the snoring

Snoring can be a great headache, less for you but more for your spouse or other family members who share the same bedroom with you. There are people who snore occasionally, as well as there are the ones who snore every time they fall asleep.

According to studies, 45% of normal adults snore, occasionally or regularly. Snoring can affect the quantity as well as the quality of the sleep of your near ones and can even affect your relationships in an adverse way.

The good thing is that, a little more care can be helpful to cure or at least control the problem of snoring.

So, if you snore or you know someone who snores it is best to check out the next tips to stop snoring. These tips are easy to follow and can be actually effective if you stick to them religiously.

Finding out the cause of snoring is important to cure or at least to control it. Snoring is essentially caused when the air getting in or coming out through the nasal passage or mouth during breathing is obstructed by the relaxed muscles in the throat and nose. There can be many reasons working behind it.

Having nasal blockage, sinus infections, being overweight, improper sleeping positions, drinking habits, any or all of these can make you snore while sleeping.

So, if any of the above or all are right for you, your first aim should be to get rid of that. The best ways to stop snoring naturally include,

Lose weight

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You must have noticed that most of the times it is the overweight people who suffer from acute snoring problem.

We are not saying that people with a perfect body weight cannot snore, but it is certainly more common amongst the overweight people. Excess fat around the neck can put pressure on the air passage blocking it partially, causing the snoring sound

. So, if you are fat and you have snoring problem, the first thing you need to do is to slim down and it is most expected that you will see improvements in your snoring.

Treat the nasal congestion and infection

Nasal congestion and sinus infection are some of the other common reasons of snoring. The best thing is that, if your snoring is caused due to any of these two, treating them will automatically cure the problem of snoring.

Both nasal congestion and sinus infection can be treated with proper medications and lifestyle changes. So, take care to maintain a perfect respiratory health to ensure that nasal congestion or infection is not making you snore unnaturally.

Avoid alcohol as well as sedatives

If you are quite friendly with alcohol or if you use sedatives regularly there are high chances that you will have the snoring issue. Alcohol as well as the sleeping pills affects your central nervous system relaxing the muscles in your jaws, throat and nasal passage.

Once these muscles are relaxed they can result into air blockage which will naturally make you to snore. So, if you have noticed that you have certainly started snoring, cut off the alcohol and sedatives from your life to ensure that they are not causing you to snore.

Talk to an ENT specialist

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Snoring can also be caused due to allergies. Dust, germs, pollen and other pollutants can cause allergy in the nasal passage which will result in some form of inflammation, blocking the air passage.

The best way to know if an allergy is causing the nasal blockage and it is working as the primary reason behind your snoring, is to visit an ENT specialist as soon as you notice the problem of regular snoring.

In most of the cases, these allergies can be treated with simple medications and it will give you relief from snoring too.

Quit smoking today to stop snoring

Smoking has been directly related to snoring. However, it does not mean that non-smokers do not snore, but the chance of snoring is much higher amongst the smokers.

Smoking is directly related with irritation and inflammation in the upper airway which can certainly lead to blockage of the air passage causing the person to snore.

So, if you are a smoker and you are serious about getting rid of snoring, quitting smoking can give you affective and quick results.

Check your sleeping position

A wrong sleeping position is often the cause of infrequent snoring. If you sleep in a position that places more pressure on your throat and chest area you are more prone to snore.

People often snore badly while sleeping on their back, as it places more pressure on the throat. Sleeping on your sides can be effective to ensure that the air passage is not choked which can cause snoring.

Use a humidifier in the room while sleeping

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It is said that dry air might cause one to snore more as the dry air is often related to nasal irritation.

So, if you are suffering with the problem of snoring, you can try sleeping with the humidifier “on” in your bedroom for a few days to check if that helps in controlling your snoring problem.

Start a regular exercise regime

It has been observed that maintaining a regular exercise regimen can be highly helpful to minimize the problem of snoring. If you are suffering from this problem, pick the exercises that help in building the muscles of your throat and chest area.

Once these muscles are well built, the chances of the air getting blocked in the airway are naturally minimized giving you relief from the problem of snoring.

Practice yoga

Practicing yoga can also be highly helpful to cure the problem of snoring.  There are different types of yoga that will teach you to control and moderate your breathing in different ways and these practices can be effective to cure any problem related with breathing and the respiratory system.  However, it is really essential that you learn these yoga practices from the right master.