Reasons for underweight and tips to get away from them

You must have viewed different people in the community with the problem of underweight. There are many reasons for which underweight are caused. The causes can vary from one individual to another. People suffering from illness such as typhoid, malaria etc can be a reason of underweight in an individual. Even the flue effect can be a reason for underweight in individual. But, these are all temporary weight loss. Once you regain your body immunity to fight with diseases after the recovery, it will be natural to get back the normal weight. But, some people are underweight by birth.

People getting underweight are not a very good sign. It is as bad as that of overweight people. Many individuals keep on skipping meals as they think they are gaining weight. But this is not a good practice. There is many more healthy and natural way to treat people with weight gain. If you are underweight right from your birth, this might be a hereditary cause. Also there are problems like lack of protein and vitamins which leads to underweight. Now, people have found out much more ways through which you can treat underweight problems.

The common reasons for underweight


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Most of the people suffering from underweight must check their thyroxine hormone. This can be a major reason for underweight. The body metabolism will be normal if the production of thyroxine hormone is adequate. Even your health will be normal and you will remain fresh and fit for your lifetime. If you are facing problem due to thyroid, it is probably a reason for your getting underweight. It is important to treat thyroid immediately.


It has become mandatory for kids to get some injection few days or months after their birth. This vaccination protects the new born babies from variety of illness which may also include Tuberculosis. Individuals suffering from this disease may suffer from the problem of underweight. This is probably a side effect of this disease.


A person suffering from high glucose level in his/her blood suffers from diabetes. Today, people are going through variety of treatment procedure for getting away from the trouble of diabetes. One of the reasons of underweight is diabetes. Diabetic patients generally suffer from conditions like tiredness, thirst, frequent urination etc.  Causes of underweight can also be diabetes.

How to overcome underweight problem?

Creation of food journal

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Individuals suffering from the problem of underweight must create a food journal and determine how much calorie you are taking presently. After consuming every meals and snacks, you must create a record of calorie you are consuming. You must add 500 calories to the daily consumption of calorie.

Nutritious food

Some people lack nutrition in their diet which can also cause underweight. It is important to consume some nutritious food items which contains appropriate amount of protein, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins. You must consume whole grains that are composed of complex carbohydrates. You can also add some nuts in your diet which may be effective in adding more calories to your diet chart. If you can consume fish and chicken, this will be a wonderful source of protein to you.

Avoid processed foods

Many people prefer consuming processed food such as fine rice and filtered sugar etc. This may be good in taste and look better, but is a harmful food product all together. You must consume brown rice, UN processed sugar in order to remain healthy. If you are having a problem of underweight, consuming adequate amount of unprocessed food will be better. You can see the difference in a month or two.

Reasons for underweight


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If one or more of your parents or ancestors have trouble of getting underweight or staying underweight for years, this can also be a reason behind your getting underweight for a long time.

Cancer patients

Sometimes you can see cancer patient becoming sinking and reducing weight enormously. This is just because the effect of cancer cells and its spreading properties. This can lead to underweight.

Excess stress

These days stress is one of the major reasons why people suffer from the trouble of underweight. The stress at home and in workplace won’t allow people to eat and this lead to underweight problem.

Tips to stay away from underweight

Healthy calories

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Most people have a misconception that calorie intake can make them fat. But, this is totally a wrong fact. Rather if you consume right amount of calorie this can lead to your staying healthy without increasing much weight. Rather shifting from underweight to healthy health condition will be easy.

Small meals frequently

It is always better to go ahead with the consumption of small meals instead of going for large meals. Take small meals and increase the frequency of your meal. This will easily help you get better scope of health. You can easily stay healthy without being underweight. If you are hungry with small meals, it will be better to have meals frequently.

Snacks away

It is better for you to remove oily snacks from your diet routine or else this will create an unhealthy appearance. Instead go for healthy juices, nuts, milk shakes and other healthy food.