5 Different diets for weight loss

So many of us try to lose weight everyday and for the same reason try out the different diet plans. Well, these days you will get not only work but various diet plans which are effective for weight loss. However, even if we give our level best, yet time and again, different type plans fail us.

We become so indulged in trying out different diet plans that we skip the one which is perfect for us. We must understand that nutrition was never same and will never be same for all. Therefore there is a serious need for us to understand the benefits of each diet plan and choose the one which is suitable for us.

Keep reading the article as we are sharing 5 different diet plans which are effective for weight loss.

Atkins 40

How to lose weight fast

The Atkins 40 is very effective for losing weight loss fast. According to various studies, this diet is low in carbohydrate and Is helpful in improving neurological conditions and type 2 diabetes. Atkins is a low-carb diet and helps in reducing appetite and as a result it accelerates the weight loss process. The main aim of this diet is to lose weight, as much as you want just by cutting carbs from your diet, however, eating fat and protein is allowed.

Also, we would like to state Atkins 40 is basically a less restrictive version Atkins 20 and helps in counting carbohydrates consumed each day. A person who is following this diet can consume only 40 pounds of carb and it is perfect for someone who wants to lose 40 pounds.

As the total amount of carbohydrate which can be consumed daily is only 40 grams, you need take 15 grams of Carbohydrate from vegetables containing high fibre and the rest should come from sources like greek yoghurt, nuts, fruits and various whole grains. Also remember that as you start getting closer to your desired goal you can incorporate more carbohydrate in your diet.

This diet is followed by many as it encourages in having a variety of vegetables, carbohydrates which are rich in nutrients and also focuses on portion control. Apart from this, as this diet allowance variety, there is no need to consume same food everyday. Additional, Atkins 40 promotes balanced meal which focuses on fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Also, Atkins diet in general is splitted into four stages where the first stage includes consuming only 20 grams of carbs everyday. The other three phases focuses on introducing healthy carbs in the diet.

ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet focuses on including high amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein and very low amount of carbohydrates in regular food plan. The food ratio which needs to be followed by people following the ketogenic diet for is 4:1 which means 90% fat, 8% protein and 2% carbohydrate.

According to various research, consuming less amount of carbohydrates reduces the level of insulin and fat accumulation. Therefore, you can follow any diet which contains 10% carbohydrate.

Ketogenic diet plan for beginners

When this diet is followed for some days the level of carbohydrate present in the body decreases and therefore it cannot fuel the central nervous system and as a result, the liver starts producing ketone bodies from fatty acids and this process is known as ketogenesis.

The ketogenic diet is not only used for losing weight but also helps in managing epilepsy. According to various researchers, keto diet helps in dealing with food cravings and is therefore very useful for people with obesity. Apart from this, it also useful for people having type 2 diabetes. This diet puts our body into ketosis state which allows our body to lose fat automatically. One of the very important reason for choosing the keto diet is it helps in improving the overall health. Ketogenic diets reduces unnecessary food cravings and increases self control. It also helps in increasing energy which helps in performing more physical activities.

While new studies show that high-fat ketogenic diet is beneficial for people suffering from Alzheimer and cancer.

Also, we can say that ketogenic diet is easy to follow as one can eat food items like high-fat dairy products and meet. For getting best results, focus on consuming olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil.

The GOLO diet

Back in 2016, The GOLO diet was Googled the most amongst other variants of diet available for losing weight. This diet focuses on stabilizing blood sugar and insulin level and this concept is supported by many recent types of research. According to the company, controlling insulin is more effective as compared to consuming low-calorie food items.

For many people high blood sugar and insulin level contribute to weight gain. And as you already know that consuming refined carbs, for instance, white bread and pasta increase the blood sugar level very quickly which in turn leads to increase in insulin production. Insulin is a hormone which helps in storing fat in our body.

Even if the program clearly explains the link between weight gain and high level of insulin, it is not validated by in research. It is a claim made by the company but is not supported by any published research or study.

People following the GOLO diet are allowed to eat fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. Also, consuming bread, butter and pasta is allowed.

Military diet

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This particular diet is a low-calorie weight loss plan and according to many people by following this diet religiously, one can lose up to 10 pounds within just 3 days without practicing any exercise. We can clearly state that currently it is one of the most popular diets in the world. This diet is comparatively cheaper as there is no need to purchase any expensive food or supplements.

The main aim of this diet plan is to eliminate sugar and non-nutritive sweeteners. It is also a good idea to prepare your own food at home and skip eating outside while following this diet plan. The total amount of calorie that one can consume while following this diet is around 1,100 to 1,400.

However, this diet comes with three limitations and the greatest limitation is that the diet offers very less variety in food choices. As this diet takes into consideration the number of calories consumed each day, it does not focus on the calorie quality.

For instance, the food list of this that contain items like apple, broccoli and eggs, it will also include vanilla ice cream and hot dogs.

The taco diet

With the name only we can understand that this diet includes consuming tacos. Well yes, people following this diet will have to have tacos regularly for 30 days and it is proven to change their life. This protocol was established by a taco scientist who lived in Austin Texas. According to him, eating one to two tacos for every meal with Margherita is necessary for losing weight. Also, according to several recent researches, following this diet helps in increasing the energy level and multiplies your nutrimatter contents.

Although this diet plan is not advised by researchers, the website claims it to be healthy. People following this diet will have to eat tacos made out of beer batter, macaroni and cheese and we can clearly understand that it is not at all nutritious.

People can easily lose weight by cutting out junk food from the regular diet. Weight loss should be the result of following a healthy diet plan. A diet should focus on making a person healthy and it does not seem to be the same with the Taco diet.

So these are some of the top diet plans which when followed religiously will result in weight loss. These diets are followed by many and many of them have received positive results. However, it is also very necessary to practice exercise on a regular basis in order to accelerate the process. These diets when combined with exercise, results in drastic weight loss within just a few days. Also, not to forget that these diets are not expensive as well.