Step by step Keto / Ketogenic diet plan for beginners

For someone who is willing to lose weight, the ketogenic diet is very common and is prescribed by almost all doctors. The ketogenic diet is very different from the normal diet plan which people usually follow to lose weight and therefore there is a serious need to follow a step by step guide for someone who is new to the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is also known as keto diet and is followed by many people around the world to lose weight fast. In this article, we are sharing a step-by-step guide which is designed to help you kick-start your keto diet and reach your desired weight within just a few months. All these steps if followed religiously will give you one hundred percent positive result. So to know more about ketogenic diet in detail please keep on reading.

What is a keto diet?

Best keto diet recipes

The ketogenic diet contains a low amount of carbs but contains a high amount of fat. Which is perfect for losing weight fast.  Additionally, this diet also helps in reducing chances of diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke and much more. When ketogenic diet is followed religiously, our body turns into a metabolic state known as ketosis. When our body stays in this state it starts using ketone instead of glucose.

Benefits of ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet helps in losing more body weight and fat as compared to other diet plans. It helps in having better levels of good cholesterol in our body. Apart from it, the diet helps in decreasing appetite.

Currently, the ketogenic diet is the most effective diet which should be followed to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner. ketogenic diet apart from a day weight loss helps in lowering the risk factors of many commonly known diseases. The diet is very filling, however, the calorie intake is a very minimal. We can clearly tell that ketogenic diet helps in losing weight without even feeling hungry for once.

Other health benefits of Ketogenic diet

As mentioned above, ketogenic diet is beneficial for fast weight loss, however, there are several other benefits as well. Below we are listing other benefits of following the ketogenic diet:


According to current researchers, the ketogenic diet can also be used to treat cancer and diseases like a tumour.

Heart disease

Following the ketogenic diet, one will be able to prevent heart diseases which are results of body fat, high blood pressure and sugar level.


According to various resources, following a ketogenic diet helps in reducing the seizures of epileptic children.


Atkins diet side effects

Acne is a very common problem faced by most teenagers these days, following a ketogenic diet will lower down the insulin level which will help in clearing all acne.

Brain injuries

In a recent animal study, it was found that following a healthy diet helps in recovering brain injury.

How to start a ketogenic diet?

Step 1: Getting rid of the temptation

One of the biggest reason for gaining weight is the temptation of having unhealthy food items when we are back at home. This is also the reason why most people fail to start a diet and lose weight. To maximize the result of the ketogenic diet one must first start with getting rid of temptations or cravings of having unhealthy food items. This is a very crucial step and will prevent moments of weaknesses which might ruin your hard work.

Discard all refined sugar,  fruit juices, milk chocolate, candy bars and desserts which you might have in your refrigerator. Stop using vegetable oils and seed oil, for instance, sunflower oil and soybean oil.

Step 2:  Purchase new  food items

After you have cleaned out all the food items that you should not be eating, it’s time to purchase the food items that you should we eat. It’s time for you to stock your fridge with all delicious and wholesome keto friendly food which will accelerate your weight loss journey.

Below we are mentioning the food items which you should purchase:

Meat fish and eggs are essential and should be included in the ketogenic diet. It is a good idea to include different types of meat in a ketogenic diet to make it more interesting. One can include beef, chicken, pork, salmon, tuna and lamb in a Ketogenic diet. During the ketogenic diet, it is also advised to eat as many eggs as you want.

Step 3:  Meal plans for ketogenic diet

What is Atkins diet?

The very basic step to start a ketogenic diet is pre-plan the meals. These days you will get several ketogenic diet plans available online however not all of them are effective. A perfect ketogenic diet contains calorie 1600 calories per day. If you feel hungry during the initial days you can adjust accordingly by simply adding more ingredients to your ketogenic recipes. For instance, if you add one spoon extra butter to your food, it will now have 100 calories more.

The main aim of planning a ketogenic diet is to make sure that you do not consume more than 1600 calories per day. Further, if you want to make your diet more interesting, try out new recipes.

As mentioned earlier,  ketogenic diet consists of low carb, it will surely help you in losing weight very fast. Keep eating foods containing low carb, lose weight and feel good.

If the ketogenic diet is followed properly so you will be able to reach your desired weight and not only feel good but also look good at the same time.

A sample ketogenic diet


Tomatoes and Bacon or Ham and cheese omelette.


Chicken salad made using olive oil and feta cheese or Stir fry beef cooked in coconut oil.


Cheddar cheese and vegetable mix or eggs and steak along with a salad.