Best diet for blood pressure/ hypertension – Foods that reduces BP

High blood pressure is the major contributor for the heart attacks and strokes in many cases and also for the kidneys problems too. To keep the blood pressure in control and to discard the other problems follow the best list of foods.

Chilli pepper can reduce BP

Cayenne present in the chilli peppers is good for minimizing the blood pressure though it doesn’t feel like that way. Doctors suggested that consuming a tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder that is mixed in water can foster the complete heart health and many.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus or Jamaica tea is one of the refreshing drinks for the high blood pressure. A study conducted on the people also gave results in a positive way: It lowers the high blood pressure.
To prepare the hibiscus tea, you need dried hibiscus flower petals. Few stores that are stored with health food products contain them or you can get them online easily.


Take a handful of hibiscus dried petals and pour them in a jar, add hot water to it and steep for around 20 to 30 minutes. That’s it, your hibiscus tea is ready. Before you going to drink, strain it and pour in a glass. You can preserve it by keeping in a refrigerator.


Researchers have proved that taking three servings of raisins in a day will help to reduce the blood pressure levels among the people who are having pre-hypertension. They have used the raisins among the processed food too.


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A heart research association gave a report that, eating three kiwis in a day can lowers the blood pressure. So eat kiwi fruits frequently to control your BP.

Potassium rich foods can lower BP

Watermelon is having the capability to lower the blood pressure with its potassium and specific amino acids. As the like the watermelon, banana‘s are also the good sources of potassium. It is suggested to consume the potassium nitrate encompassed food to lower the high blood pressure rather than working with the supplements that have potassium chloride.

Dark chocolates

Chocolates are one of the good items to decrease the risk of blood pressure. Take a dark chocolate bar that is not having milk and with very little amount of sugar. Yes, researchers found that certain compounds present in cacao have the ability to dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure.

Skim milk

Skim milk or one percent milk will offer vitamin D and calcium: These two best nutrients helps to minimize the blood pressure by 3 to 10 percent. To the above addition, it reduces up to 15 percent of the cardiovascular diseases.

Spinach to reduce BP

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A leafy punch that is binded with the heart healthy nutrients such as folate, magnesium and potassium. These three nutrients are the keys to lower and to regulate blood pressure levels. It is a born low calorie food with rich fiber content. Eat the adequate amounts of spinach by adding them in salads and or to rotties.

Unsalted sunflower seeds

To get the good amount of magnesium, consume a handful of sunflower seeds. But keep a point that they are not salted, if it is salted it increases the sodium quantity which is truly need to avoid.

White beans

30% of the calcium, 24% of the potassium and 13% of the calcium is provided by one cup of white beans which you in need of everyday.

Tip: This comfort food can be use in side dishes, soups and entrees. It is a very good choice for vegetarians as it is a meatless protein source. Always choose beans with no salt added or canned white beans which have low-sodium content or if you want you can overnight cook dried beans using a slow cooker.


9% of the calcium, 9% of the potassium and 6% of the magnesium is provided by one cup of kale, either raw or cooked. You need this everyday.

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Tip: Kale has a low amount of calories, a big amount of antioxidants which protects the cells and a plant-base fat known as alpha-linoleic acid which helps in the cooling down of inflammation. Baby kale leaves which are thin and delicate can be eaten in place of salad.


14% of potassium, 8% of magnesium and 6% of calcium is being provided by a cup of cooked broccoli which you need everyday.

Tip: Broccoli is a great source of cancer-fighting phytonutrients known as glucosinolates. You can use broccoli in cooked entrees and side dishes.

Quinoa for BP patients

15% of magnesium, 4.5% of potassium and 1.5% of calcium can be provided by a ½ cup of cooked quinoa which we are in need of everyday.

Tip: The year 2013 was announced as the International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations. This whole grain which is high in protein content has a mild nutty flavor, it also contains different varieties of phytonutrients which protects your health and also contains a high amount of magnesium. Quinoa takes only half the time of what brown rice take while being cooked. If you are intolerant of gluten or have celiac disease then Quinoa is a very good option as it is gluten free. The golden beige color of Quinoa is the one which is widely available, other than that there is a red and black variety too which is good in a high pressure diet.


10% of potassium, 5% of magnesium and 1% of calcium is provided by one half of an avocado which we are in need of everyday.

Tip: Along with pressure controlling minerals and heart healthy monounsaturated fats, health promoting carotenoids is also present in Avocado. Peel it off very carefully as it is full of disease fighting compounds in the dark green flesh which is under its brittle skin.

Sweet potato to reduce blood pressure

One medium sized sweet potato which has its skin on contains 15% of potassium (10% without the skin), 8% of magnesium (7% without skin) and 4% of calcium which is needed by us everyday.

Tip: Sweet potato can be used as a dessert since it is so sweet, it is used in smoothies. If you bake several sweet potatoes then you’ll have a continuous supply of sweet potato for all the recipes you want to make.


8% of magnesium along with 8% of potassium is provided by four ounces of tilapia which you are in need of everyday.

Home remedies to control blood pressure

Tip: It’s a mild white colored fish which present in the supermarket and fish stores throughout the year, both fresh and in frozen fillets. If you want you can roast it, bake it, sauté it or flavor it using various kinds of seasoning or you can also top it rich in mineral kiwi-avocado salsa. Tilapia contains a very low amount of environmental toxins such as mercury and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and every one consider it to be a sustainable, friendly of environment choice. Most of the US raised Tilapia is grown in closed-system farms based on plant diets, which is not threatening towards the stocks of wild fish according to the non-profit Food and Water Watch.

Pork tenderloin

15% of potassium along with 6% of magnesium which you are in need of everyday is provided by three ounces of pork tenderloin.

Tip: Pork tenderloins have a meaty flavor without the saturated fat which is found the fatty kinds of beef and pork. Cook the tenderloins or cook several altogether on a grill or oven and store it in the refrigerator so that you can have quick week night meal.