Summer face packs to protect your skin from heat and tan

During summer when your skin remains open to the sun exposure, there will be exclusive way through which you can protect your skin from tan and heat.

Today people are mostly considering home remedies in order to stay away from variety of skin problem and other skin distortions, you must go ahead with the home remedies and the face packs made up of herbs.

This is also a wonderful way to stay safe from all types of harmful cosmetics that are available in the market. You can now choose among the list of home remedies and adopt few for your skin.

Healthy and glowing skin can be disrupted due to the extreme weather condition during the summer season. But, in order to avoid tan skin, you also have variety of face packs which will keep your skin glowing and healthy even in summer.

If you are feeling the sun rays in the morning like burning flame? This is the time to get some tips about skin care techniques.

If you are happy about spending your summer vacation, proper protection of your skin will also be an important consideration. If you don’t take good care of your skin, this can even lead to skin burn as well as allergies in your skin.

Summer face packs are vital to consider when the season is knocking the door. Even if it is not too hot yet, you must be ready with all your tools that will keep you healthy and sound during the bad weather condition of summer.

The heat and tan affecting your skin can easily create damage. The healthy homemade face packs will be a wonderful consideration when you are willing to stay away from the heat effect and other skin disorders that are likely by the sun to cause your skin directly or indirectly.

The summer face packs will be of your help. This will help you stay away from heat. Also you can get a wonderful treatment of tan.

Summer face packs to protect skin from heat and tan

Multani mitti face pack

Best multani mitti face packs

It is one of the most powerful ingredients in the world of cosmetics. You may also call it as Fuller’s Earth.

Multani mitti has the potential of affecting dry skin. You can better use rose water with it to moisturize your skin.

Blend these two components and apply them to the face. After it becomes dried, you can rinse the face. Get a fresh and soothing sensation from it.

Banana and papaya

We know that these two are nutritional foods. However, for skin also, they give you the best solution.

Smash the banana and papaya to make your paste. Add honey into this paste. After preparing the pack, you can apply it all over the facial skin.

To get more glows in your skin, you can rely on this pack. The oil content of your skin will be controlled with this pack, and that is why it is best in summer.

Honey and egg

Egg contains lots of healthy nutrients that are good to our skin, hair and overall condition. To prepare the face mask, you can add egg white, honey and lime juice. These three components work effectively to make your skin bright and oil-free.

Turmeric and rice flour

In addition to these two ingredients, you can blend cucumber juice to honey for better results. Three tablespoons of flour should be blended with a little amount of turmeric. However, you can increase the amount to apply the paste to different parts of your body.

Watermelon, cucumber and yogurt

Watermelon contains multivitamins. As ninety three percent of this fruit comprises water, it helps in the hydration of skin. Moreover, it also protects you from different skin issues. The face mask, containing this fruit, gives you radiant face and soothing sensation.

Take watermelon sap (2 tbsp), yogurt, cucumber juice(1 tbsp) and milk powder. Apply this mask to the face, and wash it after twenty minutes.

Gram flour with curd

Homemade Green tea face packs

People have a tendency of consuming curd during summer whenever they feel hot. Now this fact can also be true with regards to your skin.

You can now make a wonderful summer face pack for your skin to beat the heat of summer once it is combined with gram flour. Curd has the nutrients such as magnesium as well as calcium which will be deal for your skin health.

If you have got skin tan, gram flour works really well in removing tan from your skin. Just take a spoon of gram flour as well as and same quantity of curd, mix well and apply it over your face.

Rose water with sandalwood powder

You must know the positive effects of sandalwood powder during the season of heat blast. Your skin will naturally get a cool and soothing effect after application of sandalwood powder.

You can now make a wonderful face pack with a spoon of sandalwood powder and rose water such that it makes a wonderful paste. Mix it with a spoon and apply it over your face where you wish to feel the soothing effect.

Aloe Vera with lemon

Aloe Vera plant was not very prioritized by people few years ago as people were not aware of its benefits at all. Rather, they used to treat it among the useless plants.

But today with the awareness of natural product and their utility people have known about its positive effects. Along with Aloe Vera, lemon is also a citrus fruit which might not harm your skin but will naturally change your skin color from dark to light.

You can extract Aloe Vera gel from the leaf and combine it with few drops of lemon to make a wonderful face pack that can be used in summer. If you can apply it over your skin, this can remove the effect of bacteria and fungal infection from your skin.

Honey and turmeric face pack

People with health cautiousness would definitely have honey at home as this is a wonderful substitute of sugar. Even turmeric powder will be easily available in your kitchen as it adds color to curries and also helps you to heal very fast if you have wound.

Now, you can make a wonderful face pack with a combination of  two spoons of honey and a pinch of turmeric powder. This will bring a natural glow to your skin and even keep your skin very well moisturized during summer.

Cucumber face pack

Cucumber is a very simple and watery fruit that can be consumed as salad or just like a fruit. You can now make a wonderful face pack to get relief from the scorching sun rays of summer.

Just slice a cucumber and rub it slowly over your face to get a soothing effect. You can also make a pulp out of cucumber with a grinder and apply the pulp over your skin. Keep this for a period of 10 minutes and then remove it after the time limit is over.

Papaya face pack

Natural face packs for dry skin

Take a ripe papaya and peel the skin of the fruit. You can take 1/4th portion of a single papaya and smash it by using a spoon.

You can also use your hand such as papaya is quite soft if in the ripe form. You can combine it with little curd and apply it over your skin during the summer season.

You can easily get a lighter skin tone along with glowing skin with this papaya face pack. This will also eradicated your sun tan completely from your face without any side effects at all.

Yogurt and turmeric

Yogurt is an excellent food during summer especially when you are facing the scorching sun rays as well as heat. Turmeric is one of the basic ingredients readily available at your home.

Along with being a wonderful home remedy for beauty, this particular ingredient is also antiseptic in nature which will remove the chance of getting sun tan over your skin.

At the same time a combination of it with yogurt will create a wonderful moisturizing effect. This will create elasticity and suppleness in your skin for a longer period of time.

Fresh tomato juice

If you have tomato at home, nothing will be better than this as it carries great capability to remove sun tan layer from your skin with its lactic acid in natural form.

Also applying tomato on your skin is very easy. Once you are back from outside where you have face scorching sun rays, take a tomato and have a slice of it where you can get good amount of juice.

Now rub the juicy part over your skin where you have formed the sun tan. After applying it you may find some burning sensation over your skin. Do not be afraid of it as this will be over by 5-6 minutes.

If you feel the sensation that means the natural ingredient is working to remove your sun tan. Keep this for 10 minutes and wash with cold water.

Cabbage and turmeric pack for tan removal

Do not be afraid by viewing the name as cabbage as vegetables growing in specific seasons can be easily available in all seasons. Cabbage though known to grow during the winter season can also be available during the summers.

The antioxidants and photochemical present in cabbage works really well and is really very beneficial for our skin. Even you will be saved from skin damage due to vitamin C content in it.

First of all you need to cut raw cabbages into pieces and add a pinch of turmeric and a spoon of honey in it. Now get it in a grinder and make a pulp of it. Apply the pulp over the skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. There after you can wash it away with warm water.

Oats and butter milk

If you are suffering from tan skin layer once you are exposed to sunlight, there are some effective home remedies to avoid the negative effect of sunlight. One among such home remedies include a combination of oats and butter milk.

Since oatmeal contains amino acid and also is high in silica natural moisturizer can be easily restored with this remedy. Oatmeal also works well as a wonderful exfoliate.

To make this remedy you need two teaspoon of oatmeal, one teaspoon of honey and three tablespoons of butter milk.

You need to mix up all these ingredients and apply it over your face where you have black spots and tan skin layer. Keep this for 15 to 20 minutes and then remove it with cold water. Also apply the moisturizer after this remedy.

Potato face pack

Best homemade honey face packs

You can now make a wonderful potato face pack for your skin in order to remove excessive tan mark that is the result of the sun exposure.

You need to peel some potatoes and slice it. There after you can rub it against your skin especially your face so that the dark layer so formed on your skin can be easily removed. You can also make potato pulp and add some lemon juice over it.

Apply it over your face and keep it for 20 minutes. Now wash it once the time period is over. You can get lovely fair and beautiful skin tone without any disruption.  Since potato is readily available at home, you can make it a grand success when it comes to skin whitening effect.

Milk and saffron for tan removal

Though saffron is an expensive herb available in the market, the effect of it can be carried on for a long time. Saffron provides number of health benefits along with the beauty benefits.

For this, you have to take 4- 5 teaspoon of warm milk, few drops of lime juice and few strands of saffron. First of all you need to heat the milk in such a form that it is mildly warm.

Now add few strands of saffron and few drops of lemon juice in it. This is the face pack you have prepared which you can apply over your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Once it is done wash with cold water.

Mint and turmeric pack

During summer everyone wishes to stay cool and soothing. This particular face pack will make your face and skin appear really cool. Turmeric has antibacterial properties and the mint will keep your skin stay cool.

The combination of both will be refreshing. You need to take a handful of mint leaves, a pinch of turmeric and warm water. Make a paste and apply on your face.

Simply milk pack

The raw milk extracted from cow has a wonderful property of cleansing milk. This will clear your tan layer and beat the effect of heat. You have to dip cotton inside milk container and pick it out. Now apply it slowly on your face. Wait till it is dry and then wash with cold water.

Masoor dal and soya bean

You must be hearing about this remedy for the first time. This will bring glow on your face by slowing the effect of aging. You have to soak 25 grams each of soybean and masoor dal over night. Once it is morning take it in grinder and make paste.

Apply it simply over your face. Keep this for some time and wash it with simple plain water. This will definitely keep you away from the sun tan that you have developed during the summer. Try it today and see the result.