Mumps in children – Effective home remedies and symptoms of mumps

Mumps are known as viral infections, which leads to the swelling and pain in the salivary glands, particularly the parotid gland, it also accompanied with fever, fatigue and appetite loss. It mostly affects the children between 2-12 who didn’t go for vaccination.

Symptoms of mumps

The common symptoms of mumps appear after 14 days of its start.
– There will be painful swelling on the side of the face, in some cases its effects on one face side and few kids get it on both the sides.
– Temperature of the body will be increased with gradual change in headache.
– In males other symptoms appear are: testicle pain, testicle lump and scrotal swelling.

Best remedies to treat the mumps in children

Saltwater to prevent pumps

To give relief from the swollen pain, add a tablespoon of salt to the hot water and let the kid to gargle it, it provides some relaxation from the pain.

Alternatively, take one cup of rice and boil them in 2 cups of water. Then, filter the solution and give it to the kid as the water is filled with full of starch. Saltwater provides required nutrition to the person who is affected from mumps. If you want, you can add a dash of salt and a spoon of clarified butter can be added for flavor.

Paracetamol elixir for mumps

Paracetamol elixir brings down the temperature down and also gives relief from headache. But, make sure that it should be given under the doctors prescription only.

Use a compress best home remedy

Use a cold or warm compress to lull the pain from swollen glands. You can also rub the affected area with the help of ice cubes. Simply apply an ice pack or a heating pad on the swollen glands. Repeat it several times a day that helps to treat the inflammation. Hot and cold compression helps to treat swelling associated with mumps. You can repeat it up to 15 – 20 minutes.

Cold drinks without acidic soda for mumps

Offer them a lot of cold drinks amidst avoid the acidic soda and acidic fluids. You can give plenty of cold drinks like fruit juices that are not acidic. If they are able to swallow it, let them drink with the help of straw. You can also give them semi liquid foods like soups and ice creams for better relief.

How to prevent mumps and foods to avoid?

The foods which stimulate the saliva growth need to be kept for, such as citrus fruits and citrus juices. Offer a soft and simple food and avoid the foods which are needed to chew for a long time like smashed potatoes and nuts.

How to use ginger to recover from mumps?

Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property that builds immunity infections. Dry some fresh ginger root in the sunlight and later make it into fine powder or buy dry ginger powder that is available in the market. Take 1 tablespoon of ginger powder and mix it with water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the cheeks or under the jaw line. Clean it with a wet cloth after it dries. Apply this paste for 2 – 3 times daily for a week to get relief from pain and swelling. Alternatively, grind the dry ginger and make it into a paste, add a few drops of water and apply around the swollen area. It minimizes the swelling and its associated pain in that area.

Ways to reduce mumps with Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic property that can reduce the pain and inflammation. Take some fresh aloe vera gel and mix it with a pinch of turmeric with it. Massage it on the swollen area of the throat. Leave it for 30 minutes and then clean it off with a warm washcloth. Repeat it thrice a day for at least a week.

Cover the neck for relief from mumps

It is recommended to cover the neck with a scarf, to not let the cold winds touch. It protects your kid from cold winds. Maintain proper cleanliness around mumps to protect from more infections.

Get rest to decrease mumps

Don’t go for any works that are bound with stress, stress may not decrease the fever and mumps symptoms. So, take good rest and manage to take naps for faster recovery.

Meet the hydration home remedy

Staying hydrated is necessary to worse the mumps disease, try to drink plenty of water and other fluids to meet the precise hydration levels. It is also recommended to drink the electrolytes filled drinks if the child is vomiting.

Go with beans and cold water fish

Cold water fish and beans are the best sources of proteins and they help to decrease the suffering from mumps.

Prefer fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very necessary to boost the immune system as well to reduce the symptoms. If you are looking for antioxidant comprised foods go with leafy dark green vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, cherries and blueberries.

Liquid oatmeal to slow down digestion

Liquid oatmeal is the best solid food when your child becomes difficult to chew the solid food due to pain and swelling in the jaw. Oatmeal is high in protein and contains soluble fibers that can slow down the process of digestion, thus, satiate your appetite for longer.

How to get rid of mumps with fenugreek seeds?

Fenugreek seeds help to treat mumps due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Grind one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds into a fine powder. Add a little warm water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Leave it for about 30 minutes and clean the area with a wet washcloth. Repeat it two times a day for a week. Alternatively, you can add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it twice a day.