Baby care tips for every new moms – Natural baby tips for infant care

With the arrival of baby, not only an offspring but a mom is born. If you are a new mother, someone has come to this earth who will call you mom. This feeling is really fascinating for the first time mother. But, you responsibility increases as a mother. You need to take good care of your new born baby. They are the most sensitive being on earth that requires extra care without any adulteration. Starting from the food they eat till the clothing they wear must be check from beforehand.

It is a wonderful, terrifying and life challenging experience when one becomes a mum for the first time and brings home the newborn. There is no special or one manual for this work because each new born is different. The mother has to make her own final judgments. The new born is dependent on the mother from nappy changing to breast feeding. A few tips are given below as a guide to take care of the baby,

Tips on different aspects of the baby

Baby skin care tips in winter

Holding the baby The limbs back and neck of the baby are not sturdy. The mother must learn the proper way to hold the baby by giving support on the neck.  The best method to carry a newborn is in a carry bag or tightly wrapped in a small blanket to avoid movements of the hands and limbs.

Feeding the baby is the first and foremost care of the baby.  The baby should be fed at regular intervals on breast feed or formula food. The right feeding ways must be learnt from the doctor or from an experienced elderly lady. If the baby is fed well it will be alert when awake. It will wet diapers four to six times a day and will gain weight weekly.

Swaddle it is nothing but wrapping a baby in blanket which helps to keep your baby warmth and secured. Your newborn baby will sleep better and sleep longer if you put them to sleep swaddled. Swaddling stimulates sleep continuity.

Sleeping arrangements for the baby It is advisable to have a special bed for the baby to relax and sleep on. A new keeps born baby can sleep up to eighteen hours a day. There is no particular pattern of sleep. After six weeks the time of sleep reduces.  A baby normally sleeps after a good bath and massage. The baby must be forcibly kept woken up during feed timings.

Skin care products for the baby the skin of the newborn baby is very soft and delicate. Harsh creams or lotions can cause rashes. All lotions, creams and powders that are specially made for babies should be used. Any rashes coming up should be immediately reported to the doctor.

Baby feeding tips

Bathing the baby Depending on the weather, the baby should be kept clean and healthy by bathing it daily or on alternate days. A towel needs to be spread on the baby bath tub to prevent it from slipping. The baby should be given a bath with lukewarm water and mild baby soap. Never expose the baby after a bath.  Dress quickly and keep it warm.

Massage- Dailymassage is the great way to bond with baby. Massage may promote better sleep for babies. It also helps ease the baby tummy troubles and teething pains, calms when the baby is fussy and boosts the muscles development.

Nutrition of the baby Babies is fragile and weak and need proper nutrition and cares to stay safe and healthy. As their immune systems are very weak it is necessary that proper hygiene need to be maintained around the house. Breast fed babies get the complete nutrition as well as anti-bodies to fight mild illnesses.

Clothing Newborn babies have a very soft skin; hence they require soft this clothing. Temperature judgment should be done in the way the mother feels. A baby does not require heavy or clothes.  The diapers of the baby need to be changed at short intervals.

Prevent infection— Children must be kept away from newborns as they cannot realize the dangers that can take place on handling the baby. Not many people or outsiders should be allowed to pick up the baby. One must wash hands after coming from outside before picking the baby to avoid infection and dirt.

Natural baby tips infant care

Burping your baby

At the time of feeding your baby with milk, they have a tendency of in taking air while they swallow. Thus, burping is one of the best techniques which will protect the baby to become fussy. They will spit if regular burping is not done. Use one of your hand and make the baby position uprights then use your another hand to pat his back. There are other ways of burping a baby. You can adopt any technique that suites your requirement.

Calming a baby

You must have observed baby crying now and then. The reason can be many. Since they are tiny and cannot speak, even expressing their discomfort becomes difficult. They only can cry and express their frustration. But, you also should know the techniques that will help your baby calm down. Mostly babies cry for hunger. Mother must understand the problem of her baby and calm down. If your baby is not calming down in any ways, it’s time for you to show her a doctor concerned about child.

Raise your baby

Along with basic caring element, you should also check whether your baby is happy. It is only possible if you proceed with some activities. Most of the mothers practice raising baby to little high position so that she/he gets enjoyment. This attempt might be risky at times but creates a wonderful bond. You need to be really careful with regards to your hand grip while raising your bay to height.