Newborn and toddlers skin care tips during winter

Your baby will be the most precious creature for you who come first in your life. Since they are very delicate, proper nurturing, care and maintenance of their skin is an important consideration.

During winter since the skin of every human being becomes dry and unattractive, your baby will be much more sensitive. You need to provide proper nourishment to your baby skin so that there are no dryness of flaky skin all over their skin.

It is not advisable for parents to apply the products that they have been using to their babies. There are special manufacturing companies that make only baby products.

You must read the ingredients at the back side and then apply those products after having assurance about the reputation of the company. Let us discuss some of the effective baby skin care for winter

The harsh winter climate can really be a tough thing for your baby to tolerate. However, there are a number of ways by which you can provide the little angel with the tender care that his/her skin deserves. Here’s lowdown on how you can protect your baby’s skin during this winter.

Switch to a humidifier

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Keeping the body moisture is an important part to care your baby’s or toddlers skin during the winter season.

Cold wind steals the moisture of your child and plugging a humidifier in your baby’s room is a great idea to give some moisture to the skin for your baby care.

Give your baby breastfeeding

Mother’s milk is the blessing to a baby that contains essential nutrients and other elements that boost the immunity of your baby that results in the protection from the disease that is unusual.

Mother’s milk is quite relaxing to the baby that helps your baby to stay comfortable and strong to fight off the health issues including good skin care of your baby.

Stay hygienic

Keeping yourself hygienic is the first step that you should take care when it comes to caring for your baby’s or toddlers skin in the winter. Make sure; you are washing your hand or using the sanitizer whenever you are attending your baby.

Ensure that the visitors are also aware of hygiene before attending the child so that no germ can reach your baby for harming their health and skin.

Avoid heavy blankets

You might be finding a heavy blanket better for your child to keep him/her warm. But the way you are choosing is not safe for your child.

Heavy blankets can make your child disable to move it back that can even result in the hurdles in breathing which can cause sudden death also. Using a light blanket is an excellent choice while keeping the room temperature optimal.

Avoid using a lot of products

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Many parents usually overdo when it comes to caring babies’ skin.

Well if you are
moisturizing with creams and lotions, then it will be fine, but if you give several baths to
your baby for keeping them safe from the infection, then it can be harmful due to the
excess exposure of soaps and shampoos.

Using soap one time a week during winter is
more than enough for your baby’s skin.

Manage the frostbites

Mamas are often under the notion that the baby fats would help to retain the warmth in their angel’s skin. However, the fact is, your infant might lose body heat more quickly than what we adults do.

Consequently, their tiny fingers, ears, toes, nose and cheek become more prone to develop frostbites. To check if your child has really got them, see if the skin of your baby appears yellowish-gray or white in certain patches and check if they feel cold.

Frost bite is a type of tissue damage that is caused due to harsh cold. So if your baby shows any signs of developing them, then waste no time and tuck your child near you to give bodily warmth.

Next, put the emergency stat on and call a doctor. If you are unable to do either of them, then at least take your body indoors and start warming your baby’s body slowly. There are some more things that you should note:

  • Never put him/her next to a heater, stove or radiator.
  • You can consider soaking the affected areas with lukewarm water or a wet and warm washcloth. Continue this until the skin warms up. It might take about 30-60 minutes.
  • Expect red, swollen skin or blisters to appear while your child’s skin warms. So after you have provided your child with this ‘first aid’, make sure to call a pediatrician.
  • To prevent its occurrence, make certain that your child wears his/her mitten, socks, boots, hats and snow coat whenever taken out.
  • Also, considering that air is a good insulator, you can dress your child like an ‘onion’, which means, dress him/her in different layers of light to medium weight outfits.

Caring for chapped cheeks and lips

Do not forget caring for those chubby cheeks and rosy lips in winter. The dry, heavy and chilly air can wreak havoc on your wee one’s exposed skin, thus making them appear dry, dull and chapped.

  • The ‘mantra’ to take care of this situation is simple – use moisturizer, use moisturizer and use moisturizer. Make sure to moisturize your baby’s skin two times a day at least.
  • Choose from fragrance free, hypoallergenic and pediatricians certified products. You will also find baby-friendly lips balms and ointments, which you can apply on the little soul’s lips.
  • Make sure to moisturize the skin particularly when you are taking your child outside.
  • On a blowy day, use plastic rain covers to keep the wind out of your child’s stroller.

Managing snow burns

It might be biting cold outside, but the sun will still play significantly to affect your baby’s skin. Given that the snow reflects about 85% of the harmful rays of the sun, your baby can develop ‘snow burns’ in winter.

Treating snow burn is simple- use a quality sunscreen that has especially been recommended for young children.

Treating scaly skin

Scaly skin is a skin condition which your baby is quite likely to face during winter as they have a tendency of losing heat much faster than we adults. They can get frost bites in their cheeks, toes, nose and ears.

You need to prevent scaly skin due to frost in them. Mothers can do them really well by placing the baby just on their chest and covering him/her with winter garment. The warmth of mother’s body will easily save the baby from frost bite.

Right winter clothing for baby

Another way to product your baby’s skin during winter is the right selection of clothing that will protect your baby from the colder wind.  You need to make your baby wear cotton cloth which is really soft and suitable for your baby’s skin.

Also make your baby wear the woolen garments protection all the parts of baby such as hair, hands, body and feet. But do not overburden your baby with woolen cloth as this can make them feel suffocating.

Baby oil for nourishment

You must apply baby oil to your baby more than one time during winter as during winter their skin tends to crack.

After applying the oil throughout his body you need to slowly move your fingertips and hands throughout the body such that the oil gets absorbed totally.

This oil penetrates inside your baby’s skin and provide his skin enough health so that you can prevent it from cracks.

Baby creams and moisturizer

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The market is flooded with variety of baby creams and moisturizer. You need to choose the right product by having a look on the reputation of the company and apply it on your baby’s skin.

This will work really well in getting free from chapped skin, cracks, frost bites and also bleeding in severe cases. But, you need to be very careful about your baby’s skin and keep on applying baby’s winter care lotion and creams over their skin.

This is a very simple but effective remedy for you to safe your baby from severe skin conditions throughout the winter season. Check it out and proceed.

Protection from frostbite

You need to make arrangement for your baby’s skin protection in wide number of ways. One of the ways is through the winter garments.

The first thing which you should do is the covering of head with hood. If you are staying in such a part of nation where the snowfall is max, frostbite can be a happening you can observe.

If you are taking your baby out in a stroller, cover the top portion of the same with a thick or strong cloth.

You can also use windcheater material of coverings. Sometimes your baby’s body can be red due to frostbite. You can let it go with the lukewarm water bath.

Protection against skin cancer

You must be hearing about different types of cancer. This can happen to people belonging to any age range. The disease can spread to such an extent that it can even damage your skin layer.

Even your kid is not safe. Researchers say that, over exposure of child’s skin in front of sunlight can give rise to skin cancer. The rays coming out from the sunlight have some harmful radiation.

This will give rise to the skin cancer of your child in future. Application of sunscreen to your child’s skin is important. It is done to defend his skin from skin cancer in winter.

Avoid too warm water

Your baby’s skin is really sensitive. During winter there is a tendency that your baby’s skin becomes too dry. But due to extreme cold climate, you will use hot water to wash your baby’s body.

But, some parents make a mistake of using the temperature of water which is little hotter than the lukewarm water. It is the time for you to rectify this mistake as this can give rise to excessive dry skin. The skin of your child is very sensitive.

Thus, there will be a tendency of forming wrinkles. Always use lukewarm water in such a situation.

Treating flaky scalp

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During chill weather, you can observe your hair grab good amount of dandruff.

The reason behind it can be due to flaky scalp. Now this does not remain an exception to babies. Your baby also develops flaky scalp over the head layer.

All you have to do is apply the olive oil all over your babies scalp. Massage slowly with your hand so that your child don’t get any type of damage on head while massaging. This will remove dandruff from the scalp.

Additional tips

Here are the bonus tips to get the most from baby skin care in winter.

  • Bathe your little cherub every 2-3 days. Make certain that the bating time is not prolonged.
  • Use lukewarm water to bathe your baby, and moisturize his/ her skin immediately after the bath is over. This will prevent your baby’s skin from getting over dried.
  • Massage your baby’s skin 2-3 times a day. This will help the oil and the moisturizer to penetrate into your baby’s skin better. This will also help to keep your child’s skin soft and supple.
  • Use a good quality petroleum jelly inside the nose of your baby. This is important because in most cases, nose gets extremely dry, thus making the baby very uncomfortable. And if you keep it untreated for a long time, then it can worsen the condition, leading to bleeding.
  • While hydrating your baby, make him/her drink lukewarm water, as per his/ her age. This will also keep the skin plump.
  • If you live in a very cold area, then consider putting the room heater on round the clock for your child’s sake. Also, keep a humidifier to lessen the dryness in the air around you.