Tips to newborn baby care that every mother should follow

So, 9 months of pregnancy is over and you are waiting for your bundle of joy. The birth of a baby in any home opens up world of excitement for any mom and family members. It is the time to celebrate, enjoy and welcome the baby. However, with the joys of welcoming a baby at home, there comes a huge responsibility of taking care of the baby. As a mum, it is your responsibility to take the best care of your infant. If it is your first child, then taking care of the baby might be challenging. If you want to nurture baby to the best way, follow the tips to newborn baby care given here.

It is important to stay hygienic

Before you take your baby in your arms, it is necessary to maintain personal hygiene. The immunity system of the baby is not developed and so you need to be very careful. A newborn baby is most vulnerable to allergies and infection and so you should wash your hands before holding the baby. At least, you may use hand sanitizer. Anyone who is handling your baby must also maintain hygiene. Ask him/her to wash the hands properly before picking the baby.

Learn how to hold the baby

As the baby is very delicate and tender, you must learn how to handle him. Before you carry your baby along with you, learn how to hold him right. Carry your child comfortably and safely for that is very important. The baby head and his neck needs special support

Feed your baby timely

If you aren’t sure of how to take care of the baby, you may contact a nurse for home in the initial days. She can teach you the right ways to feeding and taking care of the baby. Know one thing that a baby needs enough of sleep and milk in the initial days. Feed your child on demand. Before even the baby starts to cry, you should feed him timely. Use proper nursing cover when feeding your baby.

The need to burp him

Burping a child may seem a bit funny but it is essential. When infants feed, they tend to swallow air that leads to gassiness. This has to be burped out. Pat your child’s back to initiate burping.

Change the diaper

Never be lazy when it comes to changing the diaper. You must always check the diaper from time to time. If the diaper is soiled and left like that for a long time, it might lead to severe rashes. While you change a wet diaper, make sure you leave the baby naked for a few minutes.

The perfect sleep environment

After feeding, sleeping is the most important aspect for a newborn. The environment for sleeping should be safe and secured. Buy the best quality baby mattress to give the needed comfort.

Babywearing is essential

Several moms neglect baby wearing but it is essential. It can strengthen the bond between you and the child. It can also solve reflux problem. No matter how fussy the child is, he will find comfort in you.

Get information from your doctor

You may ask any question from your doctor regarding breastfeeding, lactation whenever you want. Don’t refrain from asking any question.

Baby care at home service may be taken. Full body checkup can also be scheduled for baby from time to time.