Is my baby having enough sleep?

One of the most important questions which arises in the mind of every young mother, that whether her baby is getting enough sleep or not. Though there are various reasons considered for babies’ inadequate sleep, or sleeping disorders. But first of all you need to make it sure that how can you make your baby sleep for the adequate time. Doctors and pediatricians do suggest different methods for babies sleep and eating habits, but there are some of the questions you should keep in mind, before jumping on to the conclusion or consulting with the doctor.

It is always advisable to take the advice of doctors in any matter relating to your baby, as they are the best persons to suggest you the techniques which is suitable for your baby either it is food habit or sleep. Sleep for babies should be importantly taken care of as your baby needs adequate amount of sleep for his growth and development. So you need to know some of the very essential factors which are important for your babies sleep. Here are few points to guide you through about babies sleep and factors responsible for it. Some of the basic questions which you should keep in your mid are mentioned here.

Whether your baby is having enough sleep or not can be only understood only when you know what is the demarcation of the baby sleep. Rather, how many hours in a day should your baby sleep. You must be hearing from your relatives that their babies do sleep 17 hours in a day whereas your toddler sleeps 12 hours. You must be thinking that your child is getting less sleep. But, what is the actual period and time duration to sleep is an important consideration. Let us find out such facts in this article today.

How much time should babies sleep?

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When it comes to babies sleep it is important to keep in mind some of the major points. As good sleep is necessary for your babies’ total growth and development, therefore it is necessary to know these points. Many parents do know that their babies need good amount of sleep, but some who do not. Basically those babies who are 3 months old they should sleep at least 10-11 hours during night and 4-5 hours during day time. Similarly babies who are 5months old they need sleep of at least 10-12 hours during night time and 2-4 hours during day time. And those who are more than 12 months old they need to sleep for 11-12 hours during night time and 2-3 hours during day time. It is to be noted that these are the average amount of sleep which every baby needs. But as each baby is different, therefore their sleeping pattern will also be different.

How to keep a record of your baby’s sleep?

Second thing which comes to young mothers mind is that how can they keep a track or record of their babies sleep to understand whether her baby is getting the adequate sleep or not. You can consult with your pediatrician too on this matter. But before this you should yourself take some initiative to give your baby the proper of sleep he needs. For this you need to check out these points mentioned below. They are:-

Change your lifestyle habits

This is the most important thing which every parent should keep in mind before starting the initiative to make your baby sleep. You can make this changes from the very thought of the initiative. Get rid of your sleeping habits as early as possible as this will affect your babies sleep. Try to put off the TV before you go to sleep, or else your babies sleep will get interrupted by the sound of it.

Have expectations from your baby

Do not feel bad if your baby does not respond to your initiatives, as every baby is different from one another so it may take time for your baby to adopt with the initiatives taken by you. Do not lose hope and keep on trying with your initiative, because if you lose hope you will be frustrated and this will lead you to failure. So keep expectations from your baby if he is taking time to adopt with your initiatives.

Do not compare your baby with other babies around

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Do not ever compare your baby with other babies. Each baby is different and so their sleeping pattern is. If you found your neighbor baby sleep for hours and your baby wakes up in the middle, do not get disturbed. It might happen that your baby having problem in his sleep now but later it might be all right. All babies have different sort of issues in the early stage of their two years either it is sleep or eating habits.

Do start at the right time

There are good times when you can train your baby to sleep, but there are some bad times too. Even a good time to train your baby can be disrupted if your baby is not ready to sleep or wants to learn the new habits. It becomes very difficult during times to make your baby sleep. Therefore do not rush to train your baby, instead wait for the right time and then start the training.

Always take the first step

Be always the first one to take any initiative for your baby. Once you have the plan for your baby try to execute it. You may also look out for some symptoms in your baby, like when he is yawning or just sitting quietly, or feeling tired. These are the indications that your baby wants to sleep and you can guide him too. There are many other ways also by which you can guide your baby to sleep, like when your baby is more than 6 months old, you can tell him what is the right time to sleep. You can also train your baby by making a timetable of his sleeping time. Other initiatives which you can take than these methods are by involving in some kind of movement by singing some phrase or any song which your baby likes to hear. You can also give your baby to play with some toy, when he feels tired playing with he himself will fall asleep.

So if you have any problems or queries relating to your babies sleep just check out these points and apply these in your daily routine and get sorted. Always remember one thing that every baby is different from one another and so their behavior is also different in every aspect of eating and sleeping.

Baby’s sleep in different age range

0-3 months

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It is better to keep the new born in rest for maximum time. They only have two things to do. One is having food and the other one is sleeping. The doctors suggest that the new born baby till 3 months of age must have a good long sleep of 10-11 hours at night. Apart from it they can have 4- 5 hours of short nap throughout the day.

4-5 months

When your baby has stepped in to 4 months of age, he would be little bigger. Thus, the sleep hours can be reduced. The night sleep is really important to keep the baby healthy. Thus, 10-12 hours of sleep at night will be a must. Apart from this, they can have several naps amounting to3-4 in a day with duration of 2-4 hours.

6-8 months

Your kid is now big to have solid food. Thus, it will remain for a long time in his stomach. The night sleep must be 11-12 hours. But, there can be minimizing of day naps. 2-3 hours in all would be fine for the day naps.

9-12 months

Your baby is not capable to tasting some spices like elders. But do not give too much of spices. His night sleep should not be reduced. Rather it should stay intact for 11-12 hours in a day. But, the day naps can be reduced to 1-2 hours. This routine can also be carried on till the 17 months time of your baby. Try this and see your baby healthy.