Baby foods from 6th month

Are you confident enough that your baby is having proper nutrition at the sixth month’s stage? Well it is quite tough to know that the foods you are feeding your baby, are giving him or her absolute nutrition they need. Sixth moths’ stage is the platform when you can give your baby semi solid foods along with the liquid foods. The foods are introduced to your baby should be digestible and contains a lot of nutrition values. Before six months, baby feeds only breast milk and diluted foods as your pediatrician suggest. After sixth months the digestive track of your baby is ready to have solid foods in semi solid conditions. Your baby’s teeth are coming from the 4th month’s stage, so your baby can bite or chew soft solid foods from sixth months. So, it is the perfect time to change the diet for you little once.

Perfect purees for proper development

A baby cannot digest hard food before sixth moths. So, never try to feed any kind of foods apart from your pediatrician’s suggested food. The first stage of six months is the most important time as you are going to introduce your baby with some new foods. Since your baby born he or she is used to feed milk proteins along with other nutritional food supplements but now the time is to introduce with different foods. Here are some purees you can feed your baby at the first stage of sixth months.

  • Purees of fruits like pear, apple or a smashed banana you can begin with.
  • Vegetable purees like potato, carrot, pumpkin or gourd is very much suitable for your baby.
  • With baby’s usual drinking milk you can add some iron-fortified rice cereals which will give the proper nutrition to your baby.
  • You can also give simple poultry purees or meat purees for change the taste as the test buds are already developing.
  • After some days you can try to give simple and pale potato and rice mixed (khichdi).
  • Leafy green vegetable purees are also very much healthy and nutritionals for your baby. You can make spinach, cabbage, pea or broccoli purees differently or can also feed a mixed puree of these vegetables.

Super foods to be introduced from six months

As your baby in the stage of sixth months you can feed him or her some super foods which will easy to digest and also packed with huge nutritional sources. Your baby can feed lumpy and soft solid foods at this stage. Here are the foods which can be easier to eat and digest for your baby. You can give your baby soft flesh of shell fish as well as normal fish. It is the time to introduce your baby with citrus foods like orange. Soya bean is full of protein supplements so you can feed your baby smashed soya bean with soft vegetables or with rice too. Papaya, peaches, blueberries are the fruits you can add to your baby’s diet. Iron contain foods are very much essential for your baby at the sixth months stage. So, try to feed red meat like beef, lamb or pork, egg, all kind of green leafy vegetables, peanut butter to your baby.

Foods you should not feed at this stage

It is normal phenomena that while your baby is growing up his or her digestive track are also getting changes. If your little one is getting fussy or hungry very often then you should feed your baby the same foods you are feeding him or her little amount of foods after an every intervals. Never try to introduce new foods or give a huge amount of foods at once. There are some foods which are not suitable for your baby’s digestive track. Your baby’s health cannot produce the enzymes require for this foods to digest. Here are the lists of foods which are not for your baby’s nutrition. Just go through the valuable points discussed below to know it well.

  • Your baby can have tummy upset for having foods like egg whites or cow milk. These also can cause of eczema to your baby too.
  • Canned food or raw foods like carrot or grape can also produce choking hazard to your baby.
  • Never give your baby fishes which contain more mercury. Fishes like shark, king mackerel, swordfish or tilefish contains high amount of mercury. Keep in mind that lobster, shrimps, crabs, scallops has a high chances to causes different kinds of kid’s allergies.
  • Gluten contains foods like flour, bread pasta, rusks or some breakfast cereals can cause coeliac disease to your baby.
  • If nuts allergy is in your heredity then never add nuts on your baby’s diet.
  • Never add sugar, salt or soya sauce on your baby’s meal. Honey sometimes causes infant botulism, so try to avoid honey as much as you can.
  • Never try to introduce any kinds of fast foods or outside foods to your kids at this stage. Sausage rolls, custards, chicken nuggets are not the foods for your baby. These foods are harmful so much that they can cause tummy problems of your little one.
  • No caffeine contains foods should you add to your baby’s diet chart when your baby is only sixth month’s stage of life.

Different homemade foods for your baby

Sixth month old baby can eat; chew or cut soft solid foods as the teeth are developing inside. So apart from the stew, purees or simple foods you can also provide some homemade pale yet testy foods for your baby. Here are some items you can feed your baby at the late stage of sixth months.

  • You can cook halwas like atta halwa, suji halwa or apple ragi halwa for your baby.
  • Sweet potato kheer, sapodilla (cheeku) smoothie or banana smoothie is also good for your baby.
  • Pumpkin and potato smash, mixed dal soups, apple sauce are also enjoyable for your baby at this stage.

Always keep in your mind that whenever you are going to introduce a new item to your baby it is quite hard for them to accept it at the first time. Never get concerned for this. All above mentioned food items are absolutely perfect for your baby. So, without having any doubt, you can introduce your baby with the new world of foods.