Safety tips to be followed while providing bath to new born

New mothers are scared to pour water over their new born baby’s body for the first time of baby bath. Since their immune system and body is not fully prepared to fight with the outer world, mothers like to provide every comfort and coziness to their baby. They do not want their baby getting hurt or trouble in any ways. Since babies also gets frightened while they are put it water for the first time, it makes their mother’s heart to beat quite fast. You can now avail some precautionary measures while bathing your baby in water.

Stay easy and calm while bathing the baby

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You must be the leader and guide for your baby in this world. If you are getting scared, your facial expression will affect your baby. Thus, it is better to keep yourself calm by taking the activity an easy task, your baby will also keep quiet and try to adapt the activity. Rather, it will become a perfect time for you with your baby to establish happy bonding.

Perfect bathing posture

If you are willing to take your baby bath personally, you must adopt an appropriate posture that creates ease to your baby. You must keep your baby in a sterilized bold holding him and keep your kneel down towards your baby.

Divert your baby’s mind

Not all children will react in the same way to bathing activity. Some may be happy to take bath and play with water whereas other may be frightened and scared. If your child belong to the next category, it will be important for you to divert his mind while taking him for bath. Choose the best toy or best activity which he likes. Hand over the best water toy that will float in water and accomplish the task of getting him bath in the other hand.

Support for the baby

Since your baby is very new to this world, his bones and muscles are not yet very strong. Thus, in taking him for any activity, you need to provide proper support. You may place a soft sponge at the back side of the baby in order to provide him with a support while bathing.

Make everything ready

Collect all the tools and get it in order before bringing the baby in front of the bath tub. You should not waste time by keeping the baby beside and making all arrangements for his bath. Some people have a habit of taking out clothes of the baby and then making other arrangements. This might give rise to common cold in the baby’s chest due to the exposure.

Other safety tips for the new born baby

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  • It is better to use baby products that are reputed in the market. Mild shampoo and soap will be ideal for the new born baby
  • You must give support with your hands over the back side of the baby’s head and bumps while lifting the baby from the tub
  • After completing bath, slowly wipe your baby’s body with very soft cotton cloth. It is better to use old and soft cloth that has been washed by antiseptic solution rather than using new cloth as now cloth might be a reason for your child’s irritation.
  • It is better to put the feet of the baby in water while taking him for bath as through the feet he will be adapted in water. Dipping the body at the first place might be unsafe.
  • It is better to clean water and soaps over the folds of baby skin as this might cause fever to the baby if kept unwiped.
  • Do keep in mind about the temperature of the water. You should not allot very cold or very hot water for your child’s bath. It will be better to measure the temperature of water with the help of thermometer before putting your baby in it. It is better to keep the water temperature as 100.3 degree Fahrenhiet or 38 degree centigrade.
  • Never keep your baby unattended dipped in water inside the tub as he is very young and might fall and catch up with accident. You must hold the baby all the time for the safety.