Is it good to apply black kajal/surma for my baby eyes?

When it is the question of your baby, you must keep every step after thinking twice. A wrong step can affect your baby in numerous ways. Some ladies have a tendency of applying black kajal/ surma on baby eyes. But, now it is a question for whether it is safe or not.  In some houses it is a tradition. The ancestors have applied kajal over the new born’s eyes. Normally girl child are applied with such surma or kajal as this makes their eyes shape prominent and beautiful after they grow up. Now, it is important to know whether this is good for your child. According to most of the pediatrician, applying kohl or kajal is not safe for baby eyes.

Effect of kajal/ surma on baby eyes

Your baby can suffer from variety of ill effects after applying kajal. Let us find out some of the effects of applying surma or Kajal on little one’s eyes.

Irritation and watery eyes

You must have seen your baby eyes getting filled with water after applying surma. Also this can lead to allergic reaction and infection. It is quite natural that baby will move his/her head while applying Kajal. There is a good chance of getting the kajal getting inside the eye and give rise to eye infection. When you take your baby to bath, kajal gets diluted in water and gets inside the opening of eyes. This can also block the narrow opening.

High level of lead

Previously Kajal was made at home in a natural way. But today it is no more made at home. Thousands of such products are readily available in the market. People picks up an appropriate variety from local market and applies it over their baby’s eye. But, most of the commercial brands contains good amount of lead which is very harmful for your baby. This can even take away the eye sight of your baby.

Effects to brain and other organ

Since the lead present in Kajal/ Surma is harmful, many people may not know the extent of harm it can cause. Along with the eyesight of your baby, this lead product can lead to damage of brain and other important organs of your baby’s body. This will also disrupt the bone marrow formation in the baby’s body. According to some of the experts, the poison present in lead can lead to Anemia and convulsion to your child.

Effect in cornea

One of the vital eye organs of human body is cornea. This lies in the central part of the eye. This sensitive portion of the eye can be violated by dirt and sweat from the fingers while applying Kajal or surma over the eyes. Even if you have nails grown over your fingers, the sharp edges of your fingers can affect baby eyes.  If this practice is carried on number of times, it can even lead to vision problem in a long run.

Myth behind applying kajal or surma over baby eyes

Application of Kajal is a symbol of saving the child from bad luck or cunning vision which is mostly known as ‘ Buri Nazar.’ They want to keep their baby away from the evil eye. This is very well found in old wives tale. But there is still no evidence. Yet people abide with the myth. Alternatively you can put a black fingertip mole over your baby’s forehead or just beside the forehead hair. This is known as nazar tikka and can help people abide with this myth and safe the baby from eye problems.

Common beliefs of applying kajal

Eye attractiveness

According to a group of people who beliefs in beautification, applying Kajal can help baby eyes look attractive, bright and large.

Saving from evil eye

There is a belief among Indian families that babies are affected with evil eye. But if Kajal or surma is applied on baby eyes, this can help the baby get rid of evil eye.

Protecting eye infections

Some people have a strong belief that Kajal protects human eye from infection. It cleanses the dirt and creates soothing effect. Even this protects from the sharp sun glares.

Making kajal at home

Some of the mothers still have fascination for Kajal. Yet, they can go for an alternative way. Instead of getting kajal from the market, it is better to make Kajal at home. Since this will be done naturally at home, lead and harmful chemicals will be absent. This way they can abide with their tradition and keep their baby safe.


To make Kajal at home, you would require the ingredients as:

  • Muslin cloth which is white and muslin (4 x 4 size)
  • Sandalwood paste- 2 teaspoon
  • Water as required
  • Castor oil
  • Mud lamp
  • Garlic juice
  • Brass plate
  • Clean dry box


Take a separator and add sandalwood powder with water to create a paste. Now soak a clean muslin cloth in it. After soaking it in sandalwood paste dry it in shade. Once it is dry, you have to roll the cloth in a thin wick. Now take a mud lamp with castor oil inside it. Lid the lamp. Now keep a brass plate over this burning lamp. Add garlic juice in it. Keep the flame in simmer. Now hold the dried cloth over the flame leaving some space in between for oxygen to pass. Once it has totally turned black in color it is done. Now scrape off the carbon deposit and get them in a clean box. Add few drops of ghee or castor oil to make a nice paste. Store it and apply it over your baby eye lines whenever needed.

This is the natural and alternative way to get Kajal or surma. You prepared it right at your home with no chemicals involved and within your supervision. Thus, there won’t be any adulteration like the one available in the market. But, at the time of applying on your baby eyes, be careful as your hand getting inside baby’s eyes can still hurt.