Changes in your body during second trimester

As a woman enters in her second trimester (three months) of pregnancy which is offend defined as weeks 14 through 27. During the second trimester, your belly grows daily because your baby grows daily.

There are other changes also that you will notice during the second trimester like you would regain your energy while lagging behind the morning sickness and lethargic feeling which was annoying you in your first trimester (three months). The second trimester of pregnancy you can experience the easiest period of your pregnancy while enjoying the movements of your baby.

Feel energetic

Changes in your body during third trimester

The second trimester (three months) of pregnancy is the period that brings back the energy that you have lost in your first trimester of pregnancy. These changes make you feel better and allow you enjoying your pregnancy.

You are going to notice the decreased nausea and vomiting, mood swings as well as the morning sickness.

The second three months of pregnancy is the beautiful period that promotes you to get all the necessary work and preparation done for your baby. During the second trimester, you gain weight more because your baby grows everyday. You also get a new look while with maternity wears.

Stripy stretch marks

During pregnancy, stretch marks are quite common not in every woman but in most of the women. The second trimester is the period of pregnancy when you start gaining weight as your baby grows. This weight gaining process leads to torn elastic fibers that appear on your breasts and belly.

If you ask for the solution, how to prevent the stretch marks. Unfortunately, we have to say there is no solution to prevent the stretch marks completely. You can decrease the appearance of stretch marks while managing your weight with the help of your doctor’s suggestion. You also need to moisturize your belly to get rid of itchiness.

Enlarging breasts

During the second trimester, you will notice the continued growth in your breasts. These changes take place due to the fat and milk glands which make you ready for the breastfeeding. You will also see the changes in your nipple while noticing the skin around it.

You will also notice the small bumps around your nipple that prevent dryness in your nipple while making an oily substance. You may experience the breast leakage in the form of a yellowish liquid which is called the colostrum the first food of your baby.

Dry skin? Oily skin? Or something else

Body changes occur in first trimester

Pregnancy is found different in all the different women. This is only the reason for not being sure for the changes in your skin texture during the second trimester of pregnancy.

There are some common changes in the skin that you may face like dry and itchy skin, sensitive skin, and linea nigra which is a dark line down the middle of your belly. These changes usually disappear after the delivery.

Cramps and pain

As your baby grows the pressure on nerves and blood vessels also increases that make you uncomfortable especially on sleeping time you may feel leg cramps and pain. You can decrease it avoid sleep on your back. Make sure you are sleeping on the left side this sleeping position balance the blood circulation in your body.

Aches and pain

It is a common problem to have aches and pain in your back, hips, and pelvis. The growth of your baby grows your belly that puts pressure on your back. You may feel the aches in your hips and pelvis due to the pregnancy hormones that give the relaxation to your ligament while holding your bones together in order to prepare for childbirth.

You can experience mild abdominal pain or cramping due to the stretch of your uterus.


The second trimester of pregnancy does not begin alone it also brings the problem of heartburn. Your stomach gets pressed by growing uterus which causes the heartburn.


You may go through the UTIs which is called urinary tract infections in your second three months of pregnancy. This is caused by hormonal changes. If you have urinary tract infections then you will need to urinate more, you will feel a burning sensation OR the presence of blood OR strong odor when you urinate. It is must consult with the doctor OR health care provider to prevent the preterm labor.


How to look good during pregnancy

The second trimester can make you experience the swelling in your face, ankles, and hands. This occurs due to the requirement of fluids for your baby that your body retains and causes the swelling.

Dental problem

Pregnancy hormones bring changes in your whole body that includes teeth and gums also. You may experience loosen teeth that gets normal after delivery but if you find bleeding and swelling in your gums then frequently consult with your dentist.  Bleeding and swelling gums are the symptom of the periodontal disease that can lead to preterm delivery as well as low birth weight.