Changes in your body during third trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy makes your routine more difficult. Your body begins to feel heavier than the previous time. During the third trimester, you need to give extra efforts for doing everything even you can experience the difficulties in standing up from sitting and getting out of the bed as well in walking.

You might get more lethargic due to your tiredness that is quite same as you experienced early in your pregnancy. As you approach near to the delivery and labor you may find your self more emotional. You would engage your self in enjoying the feeling of your baby’s movements while doing the final preparation to welcome your baby at home.

Sentimental changes

Body changes occur in first trimester

During the third trimester, you get more sentimental regard your baby’s birth. You will have excitement, fear, and worries about your labor and delivery. You can decrease the childbirth anxiety if you choose the option of childbirth classes. Educating your self is also a good idea to stay calm and relaxed in the third trimester and throughout the pregnancy period, you can read and research about the birth and parenting and practice the relaxation techniques that will lead to the ease and comfortable third trimester and delivery.

Low sex drive

You may experience the low sex drive in the third trimester because you get more focused to be prepared for delivery and labor. Usually, one question arises in the third trimester of your pregnancy whether the intercourse is safe? The answer is quite simple you can still have sex and it is safe until your doctor says you not to.

Sleeping disorder

The third trimester may snatch your comfort level and will give difficulty in sleeping position. As the baby grows you go through the different body changes and your womb gets bigger that cause the problems to choose the right sleeping position. You need to ensure the blood circulation should be proper for the better development of your baby.

Make sure your sleeping position should be comfortable for you and your baby. A sleeping left side is recommended this sleeping position balance the blood circulation in your baby. You should avoid sleeping on the back because it will be uncomfortable to you due to the weight of your baby that will press the veins of your lower back which can slow the blood flow. Pillows become your good friends in the third trimester while making you feel more comfortable. You can put the pillows behind your back and between your knees to increase the comfort level of your sleeping.

There are other reasons also that promote the sleeping disorder like heartburn, fidgety legs syndrome, Nasal congestion, excess urinate, leg cramps, and your baby’s movements.

Other changes that you may experience in the third trimester

Knotty and swollen veins

That are called varicose too it can be painful that may interrupt your sleeping easily.


Body changes occur in second trimester

This is the dangerous condition which needs the frequent assistance of your doctor OR healthcare provider. It causes the swelling on your face and hand while including headache, dizziness, and stomach pain.


These are swollen and knotty veins in the rectum that can cause sometimes bleeding, itching, and pain. Your doctor may suggest you a stool softener.


As your uterus gets bigger needs extra room that leads the lack of room to your lungs for breathing. You may also experience your self-panting.

Breast growth

You will notice more growth in your breast, you may also find leak yellowish liquid from your nipples this liquid is called colostrum.

Colostrum is the first food for your baby that is rich in the nutrients.

Decreased movements of your baby

as your baby keeps growing so the uterus keeps running out of room to make your baby does the movements. But if you notice too fewer movements, consult with your doctor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

You might experience tingling in your body and sometimes numbness also that is caused by carpal tunnel. You may feel numbness and tingle in the different parts of your body like hands, legs, arms, and most of the time on your belly. This problem usually ends after the birth of your baby.

Aches and pain

How to look good during pregnancy

The third trimester can increase the problems with aching pelvis, hips, and backs even you may undergo the abdominal pain that might have started in the second three months (trimester) but now has increased.