Changes in your body during third trimester

third trimester

In every stage of pregnancy, you will probably face the changes. Since, you are going to get world’s most beautiful title, “mother”, you need to make yourself prepared for welcoming the new guest. Third trimester is the stage when you are approaching the delivery of your child. After getting up from bed every morning you need to give extra effort. You must have felt the tiredness in the first trimester which will once again come back in the third trimester. The change in the third trimester will include the enjoyment of feeling the baby movement. The baby kick will be really wonderful to feel and realize with zeal.

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Difficulty in sleeping

Body changes occur in first trimester

Since your baby grows in the third trimester, your belly becomes big and you face difficulty in sleeping. Since the person will not be in a state to get a comfortable sleeping position as soon as the baby grow up, this would also be a change for her in the third trimester. There will be good pressure on the nerve and vein of the individual pregnant lady once the baby grow large in the third trimester. It will be really difficult for individual who tries sleeping in stomach. You will feel comfortable if a pillow can be kept between your knees. While sitting also, if you can keep pillow right at your back, it will be really wonderful.

Some painful changes

You may develop leg cramp due to the pressure on your uterus in the third trimester of the pregnancy period. You may also have an unpleasant feeling due to which you will consistently move your legs. Another effect of the trimester pregnancy is burning feeling in the lower chest. You may also feel acidity due to this. Taking a normal gastro medicine will not be advisable during the pregnancy. Rather, it will be really important to consult your doctor and know whether a chewable antacid can be taken.

Baby position and urination

The movement of the baby inside your womb is also directly proportional to your time of urination. As soon as baby grows, frequency for urination will also increase. You have to stay in a room which is very close to the bathroom as the pregnant lady will really feel difficulty to walk far and urinate. Some women also have habit of controlling urination as it is irritating to get the feeling all the time. But, this would not be a very good sign. You may also have kidney problem s if you control your urine.

Nightmare and dreams

Body changes occur in second trimester

Since you are very concerned about your baby, you may think about the safety of your child throughout the day. Even there will be fear of accident during the delivery time. These facts are already present in your subconscious mind which will in turn present the picture of nightmare during the night time. This situation is not faced by ladies before their pregnancy period. Even during the first and second trimester, these thoughts are not gathered. But, as soon as the lady steps in the third trimester, the dates of delivery come forward. The pregnant lady will start panicking and think about all types of mishaps. Another reasons behind the nightmare during the pregnancy period is hearing horror stories of child delivery of another lady who herself has experienced it before.

Change in sex life

Every married couple needs to have sex regularly throughout their life in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Just as we eat and sleep everyday sex is also a major part of the life. But, after being pregnant, is it possible to have sex on a regular basis? You may also have changes in your sex life. Losing desire to sex will be one of the important factors for every pregnant lady when she is in the third trimester. The lady lose interest in having sex as she is facing difficulty in carrying a baby and preparing for him or her to welcome in this world. But, till certain phase of pregnancy, sex can be carried on. You must ask your doctor about whether you can have sex during the pregnancy period that too in the third trimester. The answer will be absolutely no.


Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the rectum. Hemorrhoids may stick out of the anus and cause itching, pain and sometimes bleeding. It is better to consult your doctor. There are several causes for this, some of them are during third trimester cycle pressure that your growing uterus puts on the large veins behind it, which slows blood circulation.

Pregnancy hormones which cause the walls of veins to relax and possibly swell. Constipation is also one of the cause which makes you strain to pass hard bowel movements. It also increases fluid retention.


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Bleeding is also one of the spotting sign during third trimester. It includes placenta previa is he placenta grows low and covers the cervix, placental abruption or preterm labor is the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.

Braxton hicks contractions

You may feel that mild contractions, which are warm-ups to prepare your uterus for the real labor to come. It is often aren’t as intense as real labor contractions. But they may feel a lot like labor and can eventually progress to it. Real contractions gradually get closer and closer together and are more intense.


Baby is continuously growing, due to this there is a gain in weight. Pregnancy hormones relax the joints between the bones in your pelvic area as your baby gains weight. This pressurizes the changes can be tough on your back. So, it is better to check with the chairs that are good and back support. Apply a heating pad or ice pack to the painful area, you may feel relax. Try to wear low flat shoes which can also help you in lowering back pain. It can be accompanied by other signs and symptoms, and you need to consult doctor.

Some other changes in the body of mother during third trimester

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  • Increase in skin temperature as the fetus radiates body heat. It causes the mother to feel hot.
  • Blood pressure decrease as the fetus presses on the main vein that returns blood to the heart.
  • Hair may start to grow on your arms, legs, and face due to increased hormone stimulation of hair follicles. Hair may also feel coarser.
  • Colostrum or milk may begin to leak from the nipples.
  • Dark patches of skin on the face and also skin pigmentation become more apparent.
  • The increased urinary frequency returns due to increased pressure and placed on the bladder.
  • Swelling of the ankles, hands, and face may happen, as the mother continues to retain fluids.
  • Stretch marks may appear on the stomach, thighs, buttocks, and breast.
  • Dry, itchy skin may persist, particularly on the stomach, as the skin continues to grow and stretch.
  • Increase in vaginal discharge that contain more mucus.

[Hindi health care tips for pregnancy]