Changes in your body in first trimester

During the first trimester of pregnancy your experience will be full of different feelings. You will be excited some time and scary also you can even go through the anxiety and stress.

There are some obvious changes during the first trimester like your periods stop that let you know whether you are pregnant. You will notice the changes in your breast like darken area around your nipples. You will experience the unexpected mood swings which are quite normal.

Make sure the better care of your self during the first trimester. This is the time when you need to be fit emotionally and physically both. Talk to your friends and the member of the family to be emotionally fit and for the physical fitness intake healthy diet and try to be active. You should engage yourself in all those activities that make you happy.

There is a great need of support when you undergo the first trimester of pregnancy. Share your feelings and emotions with your friends, partner, and pregnancy support group.

Are you pregnant?

Body changes occur in first trimester

The first task of your pregnancy starts by knowing whether you are pregnant or not. There is a common sign of pregnancy is missed period but you can also experience mild cramping in your uterus. You can confirm your pregnancy by using pregnancy test kit which can make you sure about your pregnancy OR you can visit to your health care provider or doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

Do you feel tired?

Pregnancy brings several hormonal changes and your body gets tired to adjust with all these changes in the beginning of your first trimester that causes fatigue. During the first trimester of your pregnancy you need to take more sleep rather than previous time you can also prefer the short naps during the day. You can continue to feel tired throughout the first trimester but your second trimester of pregnancy will bring the relaxation from your problem.

Nausea and vomiting

During the first trimester, your pregnancy hormones will make you feel the morning sickness that consist vomiting and nausea. Nausea and vomiting can occur at any time of day. Pregnancy hormones do not adjust with every food and smell; therefore, some certain foods and smell can make you uneasy and feel nausea. The second trimester gives you relief from nausea and vomiting.

There are some other changes that you may experience during the first trimester of pregnancy

More urinating

During the first trimester your uterus starts growing and push your bladder that make you feel the more urinating. It goes on throughout your first trimester.


Your pregnancy hormones make the muscles relax the break down the food which cause the slow process. Your baby needs extra nutrients, therefore, your takes time to absorb the nutrients from food that cause the heartburn.


Changes in your body during third trimester

This is the common problem in the most of pregnant women. There are some reasons that cause the constipation such as intake of prenatal iron and vitamins, the slow process of breaking down food. You should drink plenty of water to avoid this problem. Consult with your doctor if you have the sever problems so that they can prescribe you alter prenatal vitamins.

Skin changes

There will be different experience for skin changing in different pregnant women. You may notice the glowing and healthy skin which is called a pregnancy glow. During pregnancy, your blood circulation increases that gives you a glowing skin but on other hand some women may experience the dull and mundane skin.

Vaginal changes

There are some common and worry less symptom you may face during pregnancy like thin white discharge, less sensitive but more thicker vagina, and mild vaginal spotting. Make sure your vaginal spotting (bleeding) is neither heavy nor painful if it is then frequently contact your doctor.

A larger belly

During the first trimester, you will notice that your belly is growing because your baby grows. It also depends upon the size you had before pregnancy you may observe the changes in your belly in your second trimester.

Do not forget the things must be considered

You should not forget that every pregnancy is different, therefore, the symptoms can be different in different pregnant women even a single woman may experience the different changes and symptoms in her multiple pregnancy. The changes and symptoms you experience during pregnancy can be mild OR sever.

You should contact your doctor to make the appointments. Your doctor will talk to you about prenatal care and if you have any concern then you should talk to your doctor.